Hong Kong Celebrities Who Grew Up In Public Housing

In the TVB drama Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事>, Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) is forced out of her home and has to move in with her boyfriend and his family, in a small public housing unit approximately 500 ft. 

This scene speaks out to many viewers who had went through similar experiences with public housing. In fact, many Hong Kong artistes had come from poorer middle class families and grew up in public housing.

Such as Hong Kong Love Stories’ very own Venus Wong (黃敏奕), who grew up in a single household with two younger brothers in a public housing unit called Yue Wan Estate. She has been doing modeling on the side since she was 14 years old for some extra income, and recalled a time in her life when she had less than $100 Hong Kong dollars in her checking account.

Her costar, 20-year-old Kayan Yau (游嘉欣) also grew up in a public housing unit in Tsuen Wan. She still lived in that same public housing unit when she debuted, but was fortunate enough to have her own bedroom and a “normal-sized” bed. Often times the Wi-Fi connection and air conditioning unit at home would break down, which she shared in a recent Instagram live.

Also in Hong Kong Love Stories is Jumbo Tsang (曾淑雅), who grew up living in different public housing units across Sham Shui Po and Tsz Wan Shan. 

TV Queen Ali Lee (李佳芯) and her two older brothers grew up in a low income household in Chai Wan. Though her father is now wealthy, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and her family of seven originally lived in an old wooden home in Lam Tin and then moved to a public housing unit in Ma On Shan.

Born in Fuzhou, Jinny Ng (吳若希) moved to Hong Kong with her family when she was ten years old, and they lived in a 400 ft. apartment. Miss Hong Kong winner Toby Chan (陳庭欣) moved from government-provided housing to a public housing unit in Kowloon after her father retired from his government job. Toby’s pageant-mate Sammi Cheung (張秀文) grew up in Ma On Shan’s Yiu On Estate and only moved out after debuting in the industry. 2000 Miss Hong Kong winner Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) was known for her frugality due to her humble backgrounds of growing up in Sham Shui Po’s Tai Hang Sai Estate.

Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and her older sister Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜) both grew up in Ma On Shan’s Heng On Estate. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) also lived there for a period of time. Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and her siblings lived in a cramped unit in Tuen Mun’s Tai Hing Estate. At one point in her career, Janice Man (文詠珊) was dubbed “the publish house queen” for her known background of growing in in Tsuen Wan’s Lei Muk Shue Estate.

Cantopop queen Joey Yung (容祖兒) also came from humble beginnings, and grew up in a rural area known as Butterfly Valley prior to moving into Man On Shan’s Heng On Public Estate. Heavenly King Aaron Kwok (郭富城) used to live on the 18th floor of a public estate in Shau Kei Wan, and had to climb up all 18 floors to go home due to the lack of elevators. Andy Lau (劉德華) grew up in living on the 15th unit of the 14th floor of Lam Tin Estate. Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) said he grew up in To Kwa Wan’s  Lok Man Estate. To help out his parents, he would be in charge of doing the grocery shopping almost every day.

Sam Hui (許冠傑), the late Wong Ka Kui (黃家駒) and his younger brother and fellow Beyond member, Wong Ka Keung (黃家強), all grew up in the So Uk Estate.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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