Alex Fong Doesn’t Plan on Getting Back Together with Stephy Tang

Hosting TVB’s coverage of the Summer Olympics, Alex Fong (方力申) is heading to Japan. Although he had thought about staying for a few extra days after work was completed, but he was worried that there will be changes in Hong Kong’s quarantine policy during his absence so he changed his mind.

“We’ll be travelling as a team of more than 10 people. I do feel a lot of pressure, because we have to come up with our own interview ideas. Maybe I’ll go on the Internet to research some interesting interview questions. I also hope that we can be present for the opening ceremony.”

Many netizens have been calling on Alex to reignite his relationship with former love Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) since her split from Taiwanese artiste Prince Chiu (邱勝翊). Alex clarified that he has “no intentions of getting back together with her” but would be happy to if there are  “opportunities to work together.” He added that they are no longer in contact, “We aren’t good friends, but I am her super fan. She doesn’t follow me on social media, but I follow her. She follows very few people though.”

Source: Sing Tao

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Stephy Tang and Prince Chiu Break Up After 3-Year Long Distance Relationship

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  1. I think people romanticize getting back together with an ex a lot. It was a 10 year relationship, she saw everything she needed to make her decision and so did he. They probably broke up a lot of times before calling it quits for good. I can see her getting back with Prince more because their situation was due to his circumstances and she took to social media to defend him right away to say there was no 3rd party but she didn’t do that for Alex Fong. No one is saying Alex Fong cheated but her response to ending things with Alex Fong is simply “No comment” no matter how many people said Alex Fong was flirty. Let it go peeps.

    1. Agree. I wish they would just let this move on. It’s getting old, but then on the other side, if they don’t pop the question, they have nothing to write lol

    2. Agreed. I think I also held some hope they would get back together, but they don’t seem interested anymore. They have both moved on. Sad, but it is what it is.

  2. Idk where this idea of them getting back together came from because from the comments I see online everyone is saying do not get back together and that Stephy deserves better, which I think so too. Honestly just a dumb question from the reporter trying to get a soundbite.

  3. Are they expecting another Sammi Cheng and Andy reunion?
    Sometimes ex couple are better off moving on.

  4. They had a relation for something like 10 years, had multiple golden duets probably the best of the 2000’s… of course some fans would like to see them back together. But they must had a very rough relation to the point of no more contact and even claiming a no longer friends.

  5. I think they had enough time together to figure out that they were not the right person for each other. Let all their fans move on.

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