Wong Cho Lam Cries Out in Pain From Childbirth Simulator

For the finale for variety program Mama’s Day <日日媽媽聲>, hosts Candice Yu (余安安), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), and Mimi Lo (羅敏莊) invited TVB Chief Creative Officer Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) to play hilarious games themed around parenthood.

Cho Lam was asked to answer truthfully on a series of difficult questions. When asked whom would he save if his wife Leanne Li (李亞男) and two daughters all fell into the water, he did not hesitate and replied that he would save his youngest daughter. When questioned why he would not save his wife first, he Lam joked, “It will be pitiful if the youngest drowns. My wife is older. If she can’t swim, she deserves it.”

In the next question, Cho Lam was asked what he would do if his daughters walked into his bedroom while he was being intimate with Leanne. He replied, “I will continue! My daughters are so young. They don’t know anything, so why should I stop?” However, Wong Cho Lam added that his elder daughter knows how to record videos with a cellphone, so he would have to be careful with his private life.

Wong Cho Lam Experiences Childbirth with a Simulator

The highlight of the program occurred when Cho Lam was hooked to a childbirth simulator and experienced the pain of going into labor. Since his pain tolerance was compared to other celebrity guests, the star proudly boasted that he can withstand the pain and aimed to set a new record.

However, Cho Lam quickly learned that childbirth is not a joking matter, and turned green from the simulated pain. As the pain intensified, he cried to the hosts for help, “You can increase the pain slowly–I can give you overtime pay.” It did not take long before he begged the hosts to stop the simulator completely, and the studio burst out in laughter.

Alex Fong’s Parents Want a Daughter-in-law

In the same episode, Alex Fong (方力申) bought his parents to the studio and they confessed to wanting to see him getting married. Although Alex turned red from the topic, his parents admitted that they tried to help him find a suitable partner and shared their criteria for an ideal daughter-in-law.

Alex’s father shocked everyone when he shared that Alex previously brought Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), and Crystal Fong (馮盈盈) home to meet them. Caught off-guard by the surprising revelation, Alex turned flabbergasted and quickly tried to explain himself.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. WCL sounds really bitter and resentful of Leanne? He said a few times he made her cry because her cooking sucked (but has since improved.) Idk, man, but he sounds a bit of a jerk right now

    1. @coralie That’s really awful. I hope he’s exaggerating to try to get laughs, but his sense of humor is abusive. There are ways to be a good comedian without putting down your spouse.

      1. @potatochip watched the video clip, actually if anything it’s the opposite of what it sounds. He is basically admitting that he was once a 大男人,and made her cry due to her cooking – not putting her down. And in the video he was joking around the whole time, but would answer seriously only a couple times.

        On a side note, I really can’t stand Graces acting, BUT she is actually good good as a host.

      2. @abcd
        Reading something is totally different from what it sounds when being said? Leanne should understand that her husband is comedian so maybe he did not mean it in that way? Plus, they are husband and wife so are very close so WCL thought it was ok to tease his wife. Maybe Leanne is extra sensitive so took it to heart. He should be more considerate of her if he knows she does not like it.

      3. @abcd I hope he was just fibbing about making her cry. I unfortunately don’t understand Cantonese so can’t go to the original source. I trust your interpretation.

        Grace seems like a much better host.

    2. @coralie I read that same article. But it sounded like Leanne was sensitive and cried too easily. Maybe because she put in a lot of effort and didn’t get the reaction she wanted.

      1. @tocar I watched the clip on YT and he said if between his daughter and wife and he had to save one, he would save his daughter. And when asked why, he said if his wife at this age doesn’t know how to swim, then she deserves to die (literally “dai say.”) And then when into details about how he said her cooking sucked and she bursted into tears. And that he asked her to go work, but she’s too lazy. He doesn’t mind being a soft rice king.

      2. @coralie In chinese culture its common to speak about those closest to you in a derogatory manner. Not a good habit but it doesn’t always mean they don’t care or even that they mean what they are saying.

      3. @megamiaow
        So true but sadly that is how some couples are. My cousin and his wife are like that… It is like when someone says something when angry, but it does not imply that they mean it.

    3. @coralie I watched the video clip, actually if anything it’s the opposite of what it sounds. He is basically admitting that he was once a 大男人,and made her cry due to her cooking – not putting her down.

      1. @abcd err did we watch the same clip? He said, verbatim, that he is very much a chauvinist and that he feels entitled to certain things, such as “cooking for him, etc.” Now, I only watched an edited clip of the episode and not the whole episode and if you’re saying he did say he was ONCE like that in the unedited version, then I stand corrected.

      2. @coralie on a side note, I do what to mention Wong Cho Lam is actually really good to his wife in real life. He jokes all the time, but every time after the wife gives birth he would take her somewhere so that she can relax . The reporter would even ask if he feels guilty leaving the children at home. He responds even if he feels guilty, nothing he can do of it. Leeanne has gone through so much she deserves time away to be pampered.

      3. @abcd I used to think and still hope he is a good hubby to Leanne. But his discussion of her here isn’t very good. And yes I know Asian culture, it’s considered funny to talk badly about one another because it’s endearing. But I’m not that fond of that type of talk.

      4. @abcd
        I have a feeling he is good to Leanne. If he is the one working and she is at home then it should be normal for her to cook and do things for him. I am sure he has a good heart and is a good husband to Leanne or else she would not have married him in the first place. I don’t Leanne has gone through much because the things she does are typical of what a wife and mother should do. Her husband is the breadwinner so she the housewife.

  2. What an interesting response. I’d definitely save my wife first lol. With his response, he seems to think his wife isn’t helpless. Well, he knows his wife best so meh.

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