Wong Cho Lam Denies Talk of Conflict with TVB Management

Rumored to be an investor of a financially strapped Chinese firm which was recently chased after by anxious shareholders, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) did a disappearing act when sought for an interview by the press.
Hosting Super Trio Returns <開心無敵獎門人> on July 28, he fended off reporters by saying he was pressed for time, and reneged on his word to respond later that evening by once again disappearing into the studio after allowing the media to snap a few photos.

Wong Cho Lam: TVB Runs In My Blood
Rumored to be on bad terms with TVB, Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) skirted the question when asked whether he remains as Chief Creative Officer. Describing himself as someone who has “TVB in his blood”, he addressed the talk, “My position could be anything, I’m a “Chief” today, a husband on usual days, an “OL” in the office, I wouldn’t be back if my relationship with TVB was not okay, Eric is the most senior (at TVB), things’re fine so long as I’m ok with him,”

Also said to have knocked heads with TVB’s female senior management as well as Creative Director of Production Stephen Kwan (C君), Cho Lam avoided answering queries head-on and only replied that the former were all beauties. Emphasizing that he was not at odds with Stephen and adored him in fact, he said he had contacted the latter to pry who had been starting the false rumors, and implied humorously that he was getting attacked due to his high position.

On Bringing HK Artistes to China: It’s Not About the Money
Also denying rumors that he was bringing artistes to seek opportunities in mainland China due to brooding unhappiness at TVB, Cho-Lam said he had recently completed hosting duties for Infinity and Beyond <聲生不息> and Cho Lam Is My Sis <有個閨密叫祖藍> and is ready to take on any new projects with TVB.

Explaining his recent move to Changsha with his family, he said it was a temporary measure for three months while he filmed Infinity and Beyond. Asked if he was hosting the show for free, Cho-Lam said that monetary incentives were secondary to the intangible rewards from the show, such as attracting various generations of Hong Kong viewers to tune in, having different batches of artistes come together including singer Gigi Yim (炎明熹) and Mike Tsang (曾比特) who recently joined in. A Taiwanese version of the singing program is reportedly in the pipeline.

Cho-Lam and family will be based in Shanghai, where the kids are starting school in September.



Source: Singtao

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