Eric Tsang is Back at Work After Surgery

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) underwent a minimally invasive aneurysm repair and stent implantation surgery in Taiwan in August. He has been recovering well and returned back to work in September. Last week, he even filmed for Super Trio <獎門人台慶感謝祭> hoping to boost the station’s ratings. Eric denied rumors that he was resigning and joked, “I’ve sent in a couple resignation letters, but they were all rejected.”

Discussing his health condition earlier, Eric revealed, “The doctor  had observed my blood vessel for over ten years. It had expanded to a point where there was a chance that it could rupture so surgery was mandatory. It’s located in the aorta below the navel and three stents were placed in it. In the past, you would need to cut open the stomach to place the stent. Now, you can just cut two holes in the thigh and place it through there. I’ll go for another follow up appointment next year.”

After his surgery, Eric has to change all his bad habits. He joked that he needs to sleep earlier, drink less, be more polite, not look at pretty women too much, and not get angry. As for soccer, Eric said he can match with Alan Tam (譚詠麟) who does not have too much footwork, but he needs to be careful when playing with younger players.

Eric denied t he was unable to host Miss Hong Kong 2023 due to his surgery, and clarified it was decided early on that Joel Chan (陳山聰), Moses Chan (陳豪), Rico Chan (陳展鵬), and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) would be the hosts. Despite the criticism for the actors’ poor hosting skills, Eric commented, “I don’t think we can blame them as they were too busy to prepare. I did tell them to add oil.”

Eric was recently  implicated in a Northern Myanmar investment scam. Although this was fake news, he had to address it as the General Manager of TVB. Many friends in China reached out asking him about it. “I said it’s not me–that would be something my character in Infernal Affairs <無間道> would do. I hate cheating seniors of their money. I was in Taiwan at the time recovering from my surgery, so I don’t understand how the news could claim  I was arrested. There’s a lot of fake news nowadays. It doesn’t have too much impact on the more senior artistes, but it’s sad for the younger ones to lose  job opportunities due to fake news.” Noting that fake news can destroy people’s lives, Eric vowed to sue the person behind the rumors.

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