Eric Tsang Invests in Vineyard

Swirling rumors of shake-ups in TVB management, including news that Gordon Lam (林家棟) will be taking over duties from Eric Tsang (曾志偉) as head of local drama production, has again thrown the station under the spotlight.

Although word about management changes has been shot down several times by TVB, Eric’s recent absences from filming of long-running game show Super Trio Series <獎門人> appeared to echo word going around. Meanwhile, the 70-year-old has been keeping himself busy after a health scare this year for his aneurysm.

Shells out 7-figure Sum for Vineyard
After recently attended an automotive publicity event, he was also spotted in the Chinese city of Shenzhen where he enjoyed wine appreciation on board a yacht together with a group of other men, who were introduced to the niche trend of “Aging Wine Under Water” alongside the showcase of several such wines.

A huge fan, the veteran host had sang huge praises of its qualities once when he graced an underwater wine aging festival once. He allegedly shelled out a seven-figure sum to sponsor an organic vineyard in Penglai, Shandong which was started in the year 2020, where his name is stated as its exclusive owner.








Source: HK01

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    1. I think the saying is, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… I doubt he’ll change when he’s gotten away with so much in his entire lifetime.

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