Is Gordon Lam Returning to TVB?

On October 7, news swirled that actor and director Gordon Lam (林家棟) will be joining the ranks of TVB management after 22 years as production head! He was reportedly moved by investors who approached him personally.

Previously Declined Invitations to Return

Having worked his way up to one of the station’s leading actors in 13 years, Gordon later left to carve out a career in film and found success as a respected film producer. Establishing himself steadily in film circles, the former TVB siu sang had earlier turned down the station’s invites to return.

Gordon stars in 1998 rom-com drama “Old Time Buddy: To Catch a Thief”.

Investors were reportedly impressed by Gordon’s notable achievements in television and film, and approached the 56 year-old, hoping that he could drive the production of local HK dramas to reinstate the golden heydays of strong TVB viewership.

With unconfirmed talk and swirling rumors, local media tried to seek verification from former TVB manager Ting Kwan Ho (何定鈞), who is said to have confirmed the news, but was unwilling to reveal more when asked if he had contacted Gordon. The 79-year-old is also said to be considering a return to TVB himself.

A recent press release clarifying Eric Tsang’s role.

In response to rumors, TVB’s corporate communications department stated that its executive chairman Thomas Hui (許濤) had earlier replied to the media, during which he denied knowing Mr Ho and has never contacted him.

With 3 decades in showbiz and several accolades across film and TV, Gordon Lam is no stranger to behind-the-scenes production, and has also taken on scriptwriter roles for his productions. His most representative work, 2021 movie Time <殺出個黃昏> not only gave its male lead, veteran actor Patrick Tse (謝賢) his first-ever Best Male Actor accolade, but also won Gordon the prized “Best Scriptwriter” award, accorded by the HK Film Critic Society.

Source: HK01, TVB

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