Gordon Lam Wants to Produce a TVB Drama and Promote Rookies

With the resurgence of former TVB actors returning to star in television dramas for the network, Gordon Lam Ka-tung (林家棟) was asked if he too would be interested in returning to TVB. The Country Spirit <酒是故鄉醇> star said that while he would be interested in collaborating with his mother station again, he’d rather produce a TVB drama than star in one.

It took Gordon nearly ten years to find fame as a TVB actor in the 90’s. The actor, who made his debut in 1988, struggled for years as a supporting actor in television. It was 1995’s From Act to Act <娛樂插班生> that propelled Gordon from an unnamed familiar face to a bankable siu sang. But just after Gordon had finally established himself as one of TVB’s most popular leading actors, he decided to leave and pursue a career in film instead.

“A few years ago some friends did ask me if I was interested in a comeback,” said Gordon when he was asked if he would be interested in shooting another TVB drama. “But I really have no time. Also, besides enjoying my job as an actor, I also enjoy my job as a producer. Rather than shooting a drama for three months, I rather TVB give me half a year so I can produce a drama for them. I’d be happier.”

Gordon’s first movie as producer, the action film Gallants <打擂台>, was one of the highest-grossing films in Hong Kong of 2010. It also won Best Film at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.

On why he was more inclined towards producing, Gordon explained, “[TVB] has a lot of rookie artists who have great potential, but they do not know how to use them. If I were to ask people which TVB newcomer they find to have the most charm, I don’t think they’d be able to answer that.”

Gordon said he could tell that TVB is struggling to come up with good dramas and characters to help these rookie artists stand out. “My experience tells me that, besides working hard in your performance, the producer and director also need to spend time in cultivating that person to a star. I understand that television companies have their time constraints, but if the training is not enough, everything gets less effective.”

The 48-year-old actor said he actually sees potential in many TVB artists, and even once recommended a TVB actor to play a role in a big-budget film. “Two years ago, while I was shooting a movie in Shanghai, someone asked me if I knew anybody who would fit this role in his new movie. I randomly recommended [a TVB actor] because the description fit. That person played a lawyer in a sitcom. I don’t know the actor personally, but I’ve been noticing him a lot on television. In the end, their collaboration fell through because of a schedule clash. In fact, TVB artists have always been on my radar and I’m always looking at who I want to cast, but usually these plans never work out because it’s hard for the television station to release them.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I thought Gordon left on bad terms with TVB?

    I didn’t know he’s a producer. I guess many have transitioned to producing later in their careers.

  2. Gordon Lam is a good producer. Both the movies he produced I also like. Both’s themes are pretty unusual. You guys can check it out.

    His movies
    – Gallants 打擂台
    – Get Outta Here 死開啲啦

    If TVB really let Gordon produces a series for them, I think the series will be good. I wonder which artists of potential he will cast.

    “That person played a lawyer in a sitcom.”

    Who? John Ma? Richard? Alex?

    1. @kidd

      “If TVB really let Gordon produces a series for them, I think the series will be good. I wonder which artists of potential he will cast.”

      I doubt it because he will be controlled, shackled by TVB’s inner management rules. If he is given free reign, perhaps. If T VB’s current producers are given free reign, the series won’t be as cr*ppy as they are now.

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