Gordon Lam Bids Emotional Farewell to Godmother, Ha Ping

Bidding a final farewell to TVB veteran actress Ha Ping (夏萍), Gordon Lam (林家棟) sheds tears among many others during his late godmother’s funeral on the August 19.

Arriving at the funeral home in the afternoon, Gordon wore a face mask to cover his tired face and avoided reporters in the beginning. After finishing up the funeral preparations, he stepped out and spoke with the press to disclose details about his godmother’s passing.

Gordon revealed that Ha Ping will be receiving a burial instead of a cremation because of her fear of fire. When reporters mentioned that there seems to be some confusion about Ha Ping’s real age, Grodon confirmed that the actress was 81 years old at the time of her passing. He expressed, “She only increased her age on her identification card because it was easier to find a job in Hong Kong back then,  but I remember she was 81 years old. In reality, I don’t know too much about her personal details because she’s very stubborn and would rarely talk about herself.”

Recalling Ha Ping fondly, Gordon said, “We’ve worked together at [TVB] for over 20 years. I really admire her straightforward and honest personality – she would always swear and yell at me. We always asked each other how we were doing. She cared a lot about me – even when I had mosquito bites, she would help me scratch them. She was like a mother taking care of her son.”

After Ha Ping suffered a stroke in July, Gordon knew that her health would continue deteriorating as she was simultaneously fighting high blood pressure and diabetes. Hoping to see her one last time, he asked the doctor if she could at least wait until he returned back from his work in Mainland China. Fortunately, Ha Ping continued to live for another two weeks, allowing Gordon to bid her a final farewell.

Reminiscing the time when he decided to call her Mom, Gordon cried, “She was worried about what would happen if I left, and I told her not to worry and I’ll stay by her side at all times. I wanted to send her to a senior home over ten years ago but she refused to go. When she slipped and fell at home and was alone for over 10 hours before being found, Johnnie To (杜琪峯) and I finally decided to send her to one. She always said she doesn’t know what will happen next, so I told her that because I call you Mom and you call me son – I promise to take care of you until the end.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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