TVB Seals the Deal to Air Shawn Yue’s “The Great Adventurer Wesley” in Hong Kong

Shawn Yue (余文樂) will be making his first appearance in a “TVB drama” this April.

It was announced earlier this week that TVB has purchased the broadcasting rights for action-adventure web drama The Great Adventurer Wesley <冒險王衛斯理>, produced by Wong Jing (王晶) and directed by Billy Chung (鍾少雄). The Great Adventurer stars Shawn Yue as the titular character Wesley, co-starring Simon Yam (任達華), Gordon Lam (林家棟), Michelle Hu (胡然), and Connie Man (文凱玲).

The drama also features the guest appearances of familiar faces in TVB dramas, such as Philip Ng (伍允龍), Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), and Fala Chen (陳法拉).

iQIYI will premiere the drama in Mainland China on April 9, 2018. It will air in three separate seasons, the first being The Fragment Man <支離人>.

It’s been reported that TVB plans to air The Great Adventurer in Hong Kong in April as well, but because April weekday’s time slots would be taken by TVB’s own in-house series Daddy Cool <逆緣> and Stealing Seconds <棟仁的時光>, it is possible that The Great Adventurer would air on Sundays instead.

The Great Adventurer is based on the sci-fi franchise The Wesley Series <衛斯理> written by Hong Kong novelist Ni Kuang (倪匡). TVB adapted the series in 2003, with Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) starring as Wesley.


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  1. i was excited when i saw tvb to produce drama on a wesley story then i clicked into the article and saw wong jing as the director…. what a disappointment. it will be another rubbish drama…

  2. After 2017’s 賭城群英會, I wonder why TVB does not cut the tie with Mr. Wong Jing. If Wong’s deceased father watches the quality of his produced dramas, his father may become so agitated to jump out from the coffin.

    1. @lewismcchan They not only didn’t cut ties with Wong Jing, they actually INCREASED ties with him, as they aren’t just collaborating with him on TV series now, they’re also collaborating on movies. According to Wong Jing, TVB’s chairman Charles Chan actually tasked him with turning TVB’s artists into movie superstars, so their collaborations will be closer than ever.

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