Eric Tsang Hospitalized for Aneurysm

Already 70 years old, Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) health has been in decline. Recently, he was hospitalized in Taiwan for an aneurysm.

Although his daughter, Bowie Tsang (曾寶儀), did not directly confirm the reports, she admitted that Eric had undergone surgery. Through her management company, Bowie released a short statement and shared that Eric “had a stent placed in. Surgery went well.” When probed for additional details, Bowie expressed that it was inconvenient to disclose further information at this time.

When prompted whether Eric’s failing health has been a cause of concern as of late, Bowie appeared obviously distraught and choked up on camera. Due to the pandemic, Bowie had not seen her father in nearly two years. His declining health and advancing age caused much concern for Bowie at the time, who was unable to visit her father due to the traveling restrictions. She did confirm that Eric had gout at the time.

TVB’s communications department also responded on Eric’s behalf regarding his state of health. Eric would get a physical exam in Taiwan every year. When the results revealed he had abnormal swelling in his artery, a stent was inserted according to the doctor’s suggestion. Recovering from the surgery, Eric said, “Everything is going very well, so I want to thank everyone for their concern. I’ll be back to work soon, please rest assured. Thank you again.”

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