Eric Tsang’s Health Delays Broadcast of “Asia Super Young”

TVB General Manager, Eric Tsang (曾志偉), 70, is currently recovering from aneurysm surgery in Taipei after receiving a stent in his arteries. His hiatus fueled speculations that he is leaving the station, rumors which TVB firmly denied.

Eric explained that he visits Taiwan every year for his physical examination. Since his most recent test results showed signs of swelling arteries, Eric was advised to undergo a stent surgery to help with his condition.

The communications department at TVB also released an official statement regarding Eric’s health and  how it would impact his work schedule. TVB disclosed, “General Manager Eric Tsang had a very successful stent surgery last week in Taiwan. He is recovering well and currently under doctor’s orders  to continue resting and nurturing his health. We believe Eric will return to work very soon and be able to continue operations as usual. We thank everyone for their well wishes and concerns.”

The station also revealed that due to Eric’s recovery from surgery, he can not film for music survival show Asia Super Young <亞洲超星團>. The TVB-Youku production, which features male idol competitors from all across Asia, was originally scheduled to air starting September 3 but will now be postponed.” To accommodate the change, TVB has moved up their drama broadcast times.

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  1. Why can’t they just find a person to replace him instead of locking up all those boys longer? I don’t know how this program works, but in other survival shows, they lose access to the outside world, get their phones confiscated, and all crowd together in a dorm.

  2. Surprised Eric goes to Taiwan to get his medical treatment…isn’t he a big cccp supporter? And why Taiwan i would hk would have just as good medical access…I’m guessing not.

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