TVB Launches “Asia Super Young” Talent Competition

Above: Chen Xinhao, Ollie, and Akilyar are top favorites in the competition.

TVB and Youku announced new male idol talent competition show, Asia Super Young <亞洲超星團>.  After releasing official photos of the 65 contestants, the show immediately started trending on Weibo.

The contestants hail from all over Asia and each has his own distinct style ranging from pretty boy, gentle, elegant, or masculine images. However, many netizens cry out that many contestants are not good looking enough. Only three contestants stand out for their looks and charisma.

The first is 21-year-old Chen Xinhao (陳鑫昊), a member of Yuehua Entertainment’s boyband BOYHOOD. Netizens were drawn to his aegyo sal, flirtatious eyes, and youthful energy. Also a trainee from Yuehua Entertainment, Ollie (奧利) resembles Wang Yibo (王一博) from certain angles. The third eye-catching contestant is Xinjiang’s Akilyar (艾克力亞), who has deep set, elegant features and is regarded as the male version of Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴).

On TVB’s side, one of the most well known contestants is 26-year-old Karl Ting (丁子朗). The news of his participation was met with harsh criticism as netizens felt that his looks were not on par with others and could not see any youthful idol traits or charisma. They felt that Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) would have been a better choice. Comments included, “[Karl] doesn’t look like he was born in 1997;” “Hong Kong really doesn’t have any more good looking men;” and “His looks are really not good.”

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  1. I wonder how many have gone under the knife for nose job, etc… If this was a competition run in mainland China, I bet the sign ups will be more… But i have to say TVB’s “good looking” males do look different from Mainland. At least, they male actors in TVB are not so fair and skinny.

  2. Didn’t Ollie also participate in SK Boys Planet?
    Not sure if it’s admirable for them not to give up and keep trying to debut.
    Hopefully fans in this survival program are more rational and not go into malicious, senseless, unreasonable attacks on the participants.

  3. Did China ban idol survival shows? I would love to see those shows coming back. Karl ting is ok in terms of looks. He might not be as good looking but definitely got charisma. Some of the other contestants are not too bad looking either.

    1. @m0m0
      I agree with you. I also like Karl Ting. He does have charisma and sometimes this is more important than good looks.

  4. HK did not have anymore good looking men? Harsh lol. Everyone’s tastes are different. Looking at the pics, I definitely have a different choice of top 3. Alot of these guys could also do with better haircuts imo.

  5. My top 3 are Bobo, Gemini, and Cheng Li Yu and maybe Service. I also like Karl but that is not a good pic of him. Everyone else looks too feminine but I guess that is the trend… making all the guys look Korean and feminine with makeup and all.

  6. Some of them might not be good looking, but perhaps have a lot of talent. Often these initial introduction photos aren’t very good. I still will not be watching though. I am scarred from Youth With You 3. Never watching another “talent” show again. Although with the old survival shows, many times there are not so talented people that make the cut…

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