Karl Ting Calls Crystal Fung His “Ideal Girlfriend” Type

In the industry for 7 years, actor Karl Ting (丁子朗) is grateful for the many chances he has received and promises to keep improving! Recently debuting as part of a performing group in “Asia Super Young” <亞洲超星團>, he also appears in the drama he leads with Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), You’re Just Not Her <妳不是她>. Praising Crystal for being “intelligent and thoughtful”, Karl says he will “not hold back”, and take every initiative should he meet someone ideal!

Does Not Mind Girlfriend Being Smarter Than Him

Playing a sweet couple in “You Are Not Her”.

Reflecting on three months of working on set with Crystal Fung, Karl generously praised the 29-year-old actress for her thoughtful personality. “She helped me get coffee, and specially ordered a vegetarian meal for me as she knows I don’t eat meat. She even prepared a toothbrush and chewing gum for me for our kissing scene,” shared Karl about what Crystal did when the two did “coupley things” in preparation for their onscreen roles. Expressing that she must be a “really awesome girlfriend”, Karl added, “But what I admire most about her is her intelligence, she’s really smart, a trait that I hope my other half has, I totally don’t mind my girlfriend being smarter than me, (a relationship) should be about both parties spurring each other towards becoming better,”

Describing himself as someone who is proactive in relationships, Karl would not mind dating even if his career was on the upswing. “I’m ready, but am just too busy,” When asked about rumored girlfriend, actress Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍), he skirted the issue and simply said, “Haven’t we filmed a drama together!”

First Love Ended After He Returned to HK
Recalling his first love back in Toronto when he was 17 or 18, Karl shared the now seemingly insane things he did, such as holding her hand when crossing the snow-filled roads, and standing one staircase step above his girlfriend to whisper, “I want you to hear my heartbeat!” After dating for about a year, the long-distance relationship eventually ended as Karl returned to Hong Kong to take part in the 2016 Mr Hong Kong pageant, and found it hard to maintain the passion.

Taking just 4 days to make his decision and head back to Hong Kong, Karl jeopardized not only his relationship, but also faced strong opposition from his family, as he had just completed his first year at university, in a course which was notoriously hard to enter. Telling his parents to simply give up on him, he had made them sick with worry back then, though his parents now understand their son, and now even encourages Karl to chase his dreams. “It’s because I’ve loved performing since I was young, and felt that studying was a means to gain more chances, (now) that I got into the industry, I’d have plenty of opportunities,” Karl said that it seems to be déjà vu when he wanted to join the Asia Super Young reality contest, revealing that many at the company were opposed. “But I insisted, as I feel that it is a second chance for me to be ‘reborn’”, he explains.

Source: On.CC

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