Crystal Fung Earns Master’s Degree in Food Management and Marketing

Despite being known as one of the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong winners in recent years, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) was speculated to have lost favor at TVB and lost many filming opportunities due to her outspokenness. Her image continued to plummet as a result of incessant negative news about her rivalries with colleagues and romantic rumors. Although she signed another 10-year contract with TVB in 2021, she decided to return to her alma mater, Hong Kong University, in 2023 to pursue higher education.

Balancing work and graduate school were strenuous, but Crystal can now taste the fruits of her labor. Ready to graduate with a master’s degree of Food Industry Management and Marketing, Crystal expressed, “My last class at Hong Kong University has finally come to an end. I’ve been extremely busy working and being a student. However, every step of the way has been full of purpose. As the quote saying goes, ‘There is no end to learning.’ Integrate learning into life and allow yourself to continue growing.”

With Crystal’s reduced public appearances, decrease in entertainment work, and return to graduate school, many wondered whether she was paving the way for a secondary career away from the entertainment industry. However, Crystal denied any intention of stepping away from the limelight. However, netizens noticed the actress has now gained increased sophisticated charm and broke away from her previous opinionated demeanor.

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  1. Pretty, educated, investment savvy, and hard working. I like the fact that she’s outspoken. It’s gonna take a confident, accomplished, and good looking man to match.

  2. Well Done Crystal!!! There are so much to experience in life. Dont stop at first hurdle.

  3. Go be a chef instead………This master’s degree she just got is the same thing.

    1. As a chef of over 35yrs….I will say her degree is not the same as being a Chef.

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