Crystal Fung Takes Harvard Business Classes

After winning Miss Hong Kong 2016, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) was hotly promoted but has also gone through some highs and lows in her career. She initially hosted variety show Sidewalk Scientist <學是學非> and Young and Restless <後生仔傾吓偈> before leading in drama You’re Just Not Her <妳不是她>. When Crystal returned to school for her Masters in Food Management and Marketing,  many thought she planned to leave TVB like Louisa Mak (麥明詩). However, Crystal clarified she will continue to grow her career in the entertainment industry.

“I joined the pageant in the same year I had graduated from university. My original plan was to go to England for my master’s degree. Now that I’m 30, I wan to return to school while I still have the energy and the brain power. If I have the chance, I also want to earn my PhD. I’m currently taking Harvard University’s online business management courses to gain new knowledge,” Crystal said.

Seeing the next two years as “a golden period to invest in herself,” Crystal said, “Speaking of dating and romance, I already have a plan to not date for the next two years. Even if I have romantic pursuers or suitable love interests, I won’t develop any relationships because I want to grow my career and study during this time.”

Currently seen in Sinister Beings 2 <逆天奇案2>, Crystal had paid for lessons with Tyson Chak (泰臣) to prep for each scene. With all the hard work and the self imposed dating ban, it seems Crystal has high ambitions in her acting career. Unlike her former bluntness, Crystal is more restrained in her reply, “I want to upgrade my acting skills and do better than the first series. I’m also turning 30 soon. Although that doesn’t mean anything, it is still an age which deserves to be commemorated. I want to push myself during these two years. I’m very happy with my life right now–it’s very fulfilling and I have work and my studies. Life is already so busy that I don’t have time to socialize and meet new friends, let alone date.”

Emphasizing TVB did not pressure her to stay single, Crystal joked she is getting old and is pursuing inner peace. She will avoid unneeded social engagements. “When I made my debut in Sidewalk Scientist, I needed to be happy, excited, and extroverted. As my experience grew, I became more confident and can be myself now. I’m actually quieter after work and I can comfortably show this side of me now.”

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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again. This girl is book smart, street smart, pretty, and hardworking. Yes, she comes from a privileged background but works hard. I also like the fact that she is self-aware and does not think you have to get married to be happy by a certain age.

    1. I’m also a fan of her too, she was very straight forward in her early career and that got her into hot water with TVB.

      She is more restrained now, but she is very intelligent and quite pretty.

      Hope her studies & career is smooth sailing now