Joey Thye and Karl Ting Address Dating Rumors

Joey Thye (戴祖兒) and Karl Ting‘s (丁子朗) intimate scenes lit up Freedom Memories <青春不要臉>, convincing many that such natural chemistry may be indicative of the pair’s secret dating relationship off screen.

At a recent promotional event for the drama, Joey and Karl were supposed to leave in their separate cars. However, Karl was seen parking at a nearby housing complex and then getting into Joey’s car and staying there for 15 minutes. Afterward, he left and got into a seven-seater van, and the two cars then drove towards a friend’s home in Sai Kung.

It is suspected that their relationship is still very new, and not many people know about it so they made sure to arrive one after another.

As Joey received too many questions, she decided to publicly respond to everyone via Instagram. She explained that due to the pandemic, they had decided not to go out to eat after promotions. Instead they decided to go to a colleague’s home to eat, discuss future work, and the reception to their performances.

Originally, Karl was supposed to be driven by his manager. However, his manager had not arrived yet so he got into Joey’s car to wait. “That led to all the photos on the news. His manager arrived about five minutes later, and he got into that car instead. I would still have done the same thing that day, because it was really cold. It would have been inhumane if I made Karl wait in the cold while I was comfortable in the car,” Joey explained. S

Joey joked that she received many congratulatory messages from fans, who thought she was finally dating. Even Louisa Mak (麥明詩) teased that Karl and her were a good match.

Following Joey’s lead in posting their audio messages, Karl he also shared the same audio messages on his Instagram stories to explain they are only friends. “The whole issue stemmed from Joey waiting for a friend’s car to lead the way. I am very grateful for everyone’s love for our drama characters. Thank you for your love–this made me the cover on two different magazines! I will continue to work hard, and put my heart into filming every scene.”

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Karl Ting Doesn’t Mind Starting from the Bottom

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