Karl Ting Shares Attitudes on Sex in Grace’s Talk Show

In the latest episode of Grace Chan’s (陳凱琳) English talk show Love Matters with Grace, the topic centered around sex and sex education in school. Appearing as guests on the show, Karl Ting (丁子朗), Anna Wang (王嫿嫿), and Shaopin Tsui (徐肇平) revealed that their families did not discuss sex with them.

Due to his innocence, Karl reminisced he had asked a classmate if she wanted to see his private parts when he was in kindergarten. When his mother heard the story, she yelled at him for his actions. Karl hopes that family and teachers can provide the right factual information to children, because they may find sources online that give distorted views. Remaining supportive when discussing sex with friends, Karl said his female friend once called with worries that she had gotten STDs from unprotected sex.

Shaopin agreed that children should start learning about sex education from ages 10 to 15, and safety should be the most important lesson. While studying in Canada, Anna already had sex education class at the age of 10.

Grace disclosed that her husband, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), plans to discuss sex with their sons because he believes this is a parent’s responsibility. As public figures, Grace feels they have the responsibility to educate the public that sex is a very normal topic. On the other hand, she is concerned about how some more conservative parents would react.

Wrapping up the episode with a fun game of Truth or Dare, the guests received questions related to sex and chose dare instead. When Grace asked if they remember whom the first person they said “I love you” to was, Karl immediately replied his mother and Shaopin said his first girlfriend Lisa.

“Love Matters With Grace” Episode 11 Preview

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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