Alex Fong’s Girlfriend Exposes Cult Leader’s Sexual Abuse

Netflix’s new documentary In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal brought to light the horrific actions of Jung Myung Seok, founder of Christian Gospel Mission otherwise known as Providence or JMS. Since its founding in 1980, the church was widely viewed as a cult. Jung Myung Seok was sentenced to jail in 2008 for raping three Korean female followers while on overseas trips between 2003 and 2006. Completing his 10-year sentence, he was released in 2018. He continued to target victims by brainwashing them under the guise of “God’s love,” and was charged with quasi-rape and sexual assault on October 4, 2022. One of the victims was Alex Fong’s (方力申) new girlfriend, Maple Yip (葉萱).

South Korea defines quasi-rape as sexual intercourse that takes advantage of a person’s unconsciousness or inability to resist. Upon conviction, a prison sentence of at least three years is mandatory.

Jung Myung Seok was accused of sexually assaulting a woman from Hong Kong “A” 17 times between the periods of February 2018 to September 2022 at the Chungnam training center. This woman was Maple Yip. The cult leader also assaulted an Australian woman “B” five times within five months from July 2018. The two victims will be cross examined in court between March to early April.

Brainwashed Victims

When Maple met Jung Myung Seok, she was only 17 years old. As she had a poor relationship with her parents and felt lost in life, Maple was quickly drawn to his charismatic presence. Jung Myung Seok hailed himself as the Messiah, and interpreted the Bible from a scientific perspective. Due to Christian Gospel Mission’s more open approach, the church attracted a large number of college student followers.

Jung Myung Seok was accused of using reasons of “love education and “body examination” to have sex with followers. During intercourse, he would ask the women to call him “God” or “The Lord.” The women were brainwashed to believe they were “God’s brides” and did not realize they were actually sexually assaulted under manipulation.

After the women had physical relationships with Jung Myung Seok, they would be promoted to roles of missionaries, preachers, or reporters. They would then scout tall, young women to be Jung Myung Seok’s next targets to receive “God’s love.” Maple admitted to once bringing a blonde woman to Jung Myung Seok.

Maple’s ex-boyfriend “Mr. A” testified as a witness in court that Maple had confided that she was sexually assaulted by Jung Myung Seok over the years. He believed that she was brainwashed by the cult. “When Maple said that she was going to finally leave Jung Myung Seok, I advised her to record everything because we couldn’t predict what would happen. She recorded the conversation during the last two sexual assaults, copied them, and sent them to me for safekeeping.”

Alex Fong Knows of Maple’s Past

Last year, Alex revealed he was publicly dating Maple. He admitted that he already knew of Maple’s past when they initially met, and his parents also really like Maple as well. Supporting her courage in facing her attacker to prevent other gullible victims from falling prey, Alex plans to accompany Maple to South Korea when she testifies in court.

The case held it fourth trial hearing yesterday. The defense requested 22 witnesses to testify, however many have stated that they were not sexually assaulted, so likely not all will be cross-examined. Jung Myung Seok’s detention period will expire on April 28 and will require sentencing before that date.

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Korean Cult Leader Pressed for More Charges

Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” Uncovers the Dark Side of Cults

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  1. She is very brave to come forward and Alex is also very brave and a good man for acknowledging her. So much stigma on SA’d victims, it speaks volumes on both of them to come forward and bravely face the noise

  2. I didn’t know this is so recent, just a few months ago. She is so brave and such a hero because this is going to help young girls and people recognize the dangers around.

    On another note, sk’s law system is so weak. Only 10 years??? Honestly, for the same level of crime, he’d be put in jail for life in china. I am not saying chinas law system is any good, but for this instance, it would be.

  3. South Korea only sentences men to 3 years of prison for raping 1 woman. That is the bigger problem here and don’t get me started on “quasi-rape.” Gross. Just gross. I think Maple would have been scrutinized by netizens anyway if she didn’t come forward as they would dig and unveil her past and then victim shame her but luckily and as it should be, her current boyfriend and ex boyfriend are both supportive her. Take notes adults, even the ex can testify in court to support Maple albeit breaking up but absolute stranger are already shaming Maple online and saying how Alex deserves better. Alex Fong is 43 and Maple is only 28 so I am not sure why Alex’s fans are so vile. Can’t Maple supporters call Alex too old?

    1. Three years for rape is ridiculous. There are many three years in a man’s life. So he can afford to rape more women?

      1. @m0m0 Hopefully Netflix’s documentary brings more international awareness to the cult’s methods and how they brainwash followers, to prevent future victims from falling prey.

        However, the cult’s followers are spread across Asia, prominently in Taiwan and HK college campuses. The church can change names, and the ardent followers continue to spread their presence. It is said the church leverages a heavy hand in suing media for any negative news, and had even tried to block Netflix’s documentary from broadcasting in South Korea. Even though Jung Myung Seok was imprisoned for 10 years, followers believe he was wrongly accused and smeared by rival churches.

  4. Using religion to commit such crimes… this scum is definitely not punished enough…

  5. When you are so blinded by your beliefs.

    She was of age and I did not pity her. I do appreciate her actions, because she wanted to make what was wrong right for others. She saw the warning, yet pray & cried for him to get out because she did not believed, when he did get out, he continue to his crimes & she was one of them.

    1. Are you talking about Maple? If so, I think this post requires some empathy to say the least. She met him when she was 17. He prayed on her desperation, vulnerability, and loneliness. Even if he prayed on her when she was 27 it is still wrong. She is the victim if I may repeat.

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