Stephy Tang and Prince Chiu Break Up After 3-Year Long Distance Relationship

The pandemic created a real challenge for long distance couples, with 38-year-old Hong Kong actress Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) seeing her own relationship with 32-year-old Taiwanese singer/ actor Prince Chiu (邱勝翊) end. Since the outset, their relationship was put to test because of the frequent separations in their long distance relationship, even though Stephy had a lot of trust in Prince. The pandemic only compounded their problems, as they have not seen each other in person for a very long time.

Better to Let Go

On June 27, Stephy and Prince shockingly announced that they are officially ending their relationship. Ending on good terms, Stephy sounded almost reluctant to let their relationship go. Posting a photo of a sunset on Instagram, she wrote, “The beautiful memories have not left–they just stopped in their journey and morphed into the scenic background of our memories. Happiness doesn’t come from owning something. We will be even more grateful for what we had, if we let go with an attitude of appreciation. There are many types of love in this world. If we change our point of view, we have transformed into a different way of continuing our relationship. A new page, a new beginning, I am grateful that I encountered you, I wish all the best for the both of us.”

Also reflecting their relationship with positivity, Prince posted a photo of Hong Kong’s skyline lit up and shared, “This beautiful encounter will be carefully kept in my memory box. The memories of the efforts and attentiveness throughout the 1000 days will also be placed in. Thank you for everything–it has left an imprint in my heart. I wish you all the best in your new journey.”

It seems that Stephy and Prince had discussed their announcement beforehand due to the similarities in posts. They also both turned off the commenting features, as they did not want to deal with any potential negativity.

Obstacles From the Outset

Stephy and Prince’s relationship was always full of obstacles and went through great lengths to keep a low profile. When Prince was in Hong Kong for a concert, Stephy attended with Cherie Ying (應采兒) to hide their closeness. After their relationship was discovered, they openly admitted to being a couple.

When the pandemic suddenly erupted, it was no longer a two-hour flight to see each other, but would require a 42-day quarantine period round-trip. They found it increasingly difficult to celebrate each others’ joys and successes, such as when Prince’s drama was well received or when Stephy won the Hong Kong Film Critics’ Best Actress award. Relying only on video calls, naturally they drifted apart over time.

After the breakup announcement, netizens called on Alex Fong (方力申) to reignite his former 10-year relationship with Stephy, as the pair remained friends over the years and both are single now. When reached for comments, Alex only replied, “Thank you for your concern, I have no comment.”

Source: Sky Post

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  1. This pandemic had caused a lot of break up and divorce for couples. It is either due to long distance which cannot sustain, or spent too much time at home facing each other unnecessarily and caused a lot of tension

    1. @hayden
      True but in their case, I don’t think it was the pandemic only. They were already apart quite a bit even before this pandemic started.

  2. The pandemic only surfaced what was already brewing for a long time. Long distance is challenging especially if it started and continued that way, but at the end of the day it comes down to understanding, acceptance, and compatibility.
    I think it’s the same with money when people say “He or she changed after she became rich.” Nope, you had addictions that could not be supported due to lack of resources. Newfound wealth is now mobilizing your dark side because you aren’t grounded enough yet. Everyone has a dark side.

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