Prince Chiu Hasn’t Seen Stephy Tang in Five Months

Taiwanese artiste Prince Chiu (邱胜翊) and Hong Kong actress Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) have been in a steady long distance relationship since 2018, and many have been asking when they will be getting married. Due to COVID-19, they have not seen each other for five months since Lunar New Year. Relying on video calls to stay in touch, Prince reveals that the couple is handling their long-distance relationship very well.

With his drama Amensalism <覆活> concluding soon, Prince had been very invested in his character and cried until his throat was hoarse. Stephy also watched his performance and praised the drama’s refreshing story and his acting skills.

With Prince and Stephy both busy with their careers, he shared that he appreciates women who are more independent. Though they live in two separate places, but they have grown very comfortable with long-distance dating and would celebrate occasions together over the phone. During his birthday in April, Stephy had video-called him with a cake at 12 midnight to sing “Happy Birthday”. Prince was very touched by Stephy’s actions.

When asked about his thoughts on marriage and children, Prince often replied in the past that he was still young and did not put much thought into it. When prompted about Taiwanese celebrity 40-year-old Ming Dao‘s (明道) recent marriage and becoming a father, Prince replied that he hopes to be married before turning 40. When he reaches this milestone, Prince will definitely share the news with everyone, but he does not want to release photos of his child. When asked if he views Stephy as a partner for marriage, Prince indirectly confirmed by replying, “I hope nothing changes.”

In recent weeks, Prince has been trying to gain more muscle mass as previous reports revealed that his body weight was too light. Successfully increasing his weight from 119 pound to 132 pounds, Prince  eats every four hours and eats many high protein items, but admits he is growing tired of egg whites. He has been exercising every two days with a rest day in between, and is very proud that his body fat percentage is only 10 percent.

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Stephy Tang Wholeheartedly Trusts Prince Chiu

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