Stephy Tang Wholeheartedly Trusts Prince Chiu

Although Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) started out in the music industry as part of the Cookies music group, the singer-turned-actress is making a name for herself in the film industry. For her performance in The Empty Hands <空手道> and My Prince Edward <金都>, Stephy was nominated for Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress.

Although she did not win, Stephy is nonetheless thankful for the opportunity and approval. “Honestly, being nominated is already an award in itself. It is a reassurance. If you ask me the difference between the two nominations, I will say that my first time being nominated [for an award] felt like a dream. I never thought I would be associated with award nominations. The second time I was nominated, the feeling is much more realistic. I felt that I am finally getting recognition for my acting.”

Perspective on Marriage

In My Prince Edward, Stephy portrays a woman who works in a wedding shop. Reflecting on her character, Stephy said, “She is someone who is empty on the inside. She is very pure. In the past, I would have to prepare for a role. This time, I just went with it and started fresh. In the past, filming required a lot of energy and focus. This time, I purposely stayed up all night to give the character a very dreamy feeling.”

The storyline revolves around Stephy’s character and her road to marriage. On her perspective of marriage in real life, Stephy shared, “The complexity involved in getting married is not as simple as whether you believe in it or not. I feel that we should leave things to fate. I don’t necessarily have to get to this step in my life [getting married] in order to maintain a relationship. I don’t feel there is a need for a piece of paper to justify or prove my relationship.”

Many women often fantasize about their dream wedding. On this, Stephy smiled and said, “I have never fantasized about these things. When I was younger, everyone liked to read and watch fairy tales and feel that love is very romantic. However, I never liked to watch fairy tales. Even when I was little, I felt that they were unrealistic and are not as pure and innocent as portrayed. I am a realist and feel that practicality is better. If I were to think about my ideal wedding, I would focus on it being fun and make sure I am happy and memorable for myself. It doesn’t have to conform to society’s standards of having a big wedding.”

Relationship with Prince Chiu

Stephy has been dating Taiwanese artiste, Prince Chiu (‎邱勝翊), for more than two years now. Despite the couple’s five-year age gap, they continue to maintain a steady relationship. On whether her portrayal in My Prince Edward has urged her to tie the knot, Stephy expressed, “At this stage in my life, I am not a mature woman. I am no longer a young girl or a child. My perspective on things will not be so easily influenced or changed. I have my own philosophy and I know what I want. A lot of people ask whether my mind will change now that many of my friends are married and have children. Absolutely not. I will do what’s right for me and let my path run its course naturally.”

As the world continues to deal with the pandemic, Stephy and Prince are unfortunately separated and haven’t seen each other in months. However, they continue to stay optimistic and find other ways to stay in touch. “I completely trust him,” she said. “Of course, he has to give me a sense of security in order for me to trust him so completely. It’s mutual. If you are overly suspicious and untrusting of your other half, I believe this would impact the relationship. Of course, trust comes with action. Although we are separated and cannot see each other in person, I would take initiative to share my daily activities with him. We would communicate more. I would tell him what I am doing and make him feel secure or know that I am safe.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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