Stephy Tang’s “My Prince Edward” Gets International Acclaim

Starring Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣),  My Prince Edward <金都>, has received acclaim among international critics. It was nominated for numerous awards at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Awards, the Hong Kong Film Critics’ Society, and the Hong Kong Film Awards. My Prince Edward is also shortlisted for two international film festivals, including Japan’s Osaka Asian Film Festival and Italy’s Far East Film Festival.

Even though My Prince Edward won’t arrive in Hong Kong theaters until April 16, the romance film has garnered a lot of praises in select viewings. After winning Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, My Prince Edward followed up with eight nominations in the Hong Kong Film Awards, including a Best Actress and Best Actor nominations for Stephy Tang and Tommy Chu (朱栢康) respectively.

Thanking everyone for their support, Stephy said that she also personally loved this film. She expressed, “I genuinely like this movie. I’m really moved by all the awards and nominations that it brought along!”

Tommy also expressed how proud he was of the team and how wonderful this news is, especially while Hong Kong is facing the coronavirus outbreak and the entertainment industry has taken a big hit recently.

In My Prince Edward, Stephy plays a 30-year-old worker at a bridal shop who is dating Edward, the son of a bridal photography shop owner. Due to their seven-year relationship, many people assume that Edward is her perfect match. As the couple talks about getting married, their relationship status becomes shaky when she begins to feel suffocated by Edward’s possessive attitude towards her.

“My Prince Edward” Trailer

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. i never considered stephy to have good acting. she’s okay not horrific but not a best actress type. twins on the other hand, both are not bad.

  2. I think Stephy has really improved over the last couple of years. She, Charlene, and Fiona (if she actually gets serious about filming movies again) are the future movie queens of HK.

  3. I think since she’s mostly in movies which I hardly ever watched I wouldn’t know much about her acting wise. However, I did hear a duet either w/the ex or some other guy and I thought her voice was pretty acceptable in comparison to some HK female singers.

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