Mandy Wong Does Not Plan to Have Another Wedding Celebration

In early October, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) announced she got married to her boyfriend of nine years, jewelry executive Anthony Jim (詹文天). Honeymooning in England, Mandy is finally back to Hong Kong. Many wonder if Mandy, who has stepped into a new phase in life, also desires change in her career as well.

Chatting excitedly about her marriage, Mandy said she had wanted to get married before the pandemic but there were too many travel restrictions. “When they opened borders again, we flew to New Zealand at the beginning of this year to register for marriage. The ceremony itself comprised of the two of us as well. Afterwards, we flew back to Hong Kong to complete our traditional tea ceremony with close friends and family. Even though everything was simple, our families are very happy.”

When asked if she would consider having another banquet in Hong Kong, Mandy said there is a chance she wo not. “From dating to marriage, we both enjoyed a simple and lowkey lifestyle. This chapter is officially closed. I did think about wanting to celebrate with my friends over dinner though.”

On recent rumors of her potentially ending her work relationship with TVB after marriage, Mandy shook her head and added, “I still have time on my contract and a show on hand to complete. We’re in the middle of negotiation. It’s important to take a careful look at contracts before signing and think about my next steps and overall career path.”

Mandy further denied winning an award would be the condition to sign a renewal, stressing that she just needs time to think about her future.

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