Mandy Wong Founds New Fashion Business

Acting for 16 years, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) had her big breakthrough in 2018 when she won Best Actress in Malaysia and Singapore for her role in Threesome <三個女人一個「因」>.  After starring in theater plays and filming in China, Mandy decided to diversify her career even more by dabbling in entrepreneurship.

After discussing with her family, Mandy decided to open an online store specializing in Japanese and Korean fashion. “My family has experience in many different areas. There is someone who studies fashion design and another who owns a store. So we thought it would be a good idea to go into business together.”

Mandy had travelled to South Korea to film TVB reality show Dancing For a Reason <一個因去跳舞> and took note of fashion trends there. When she returned to Hong Kong, Mandy immediately gathered the family for a meeting and they were able to prepare, obtain inventory, and build a website in just a few months. Besides taking product photoshoots, Mandy also models their clothes.

Since the website was launched recently, Mandy worked hard even during her vacation. She continuously promoted on social media and her efforts were not in vain as quite a few items were sold out. The online store is performing better than she anticipated, “It has given me a boost of confidence. I want to thank my friends and fans for their support. I’m still in the beginning stages, and will work hard to improve and find more pretty clothes and accessories to share with everyone. I will be speaking with Japanese suppliers soon and my main goal is to have styles that are fairly priced, good quality, and suitable for everyone. We’ll be focusing on women’s fashion first and then will bring in other collections.”

After wrapping up filming for Goodbye Pillow Mate <再見.枕邊人> last year, Mandy does not have any drama obligations. However, she still has three dramas waiting to air and will be using this time to prepare for her theater play. “I will be acting in a play mid June. The cast will be the same as Larger Than Life <超自然之戀> but it will be a completely new story. The character is even more challenging than last time, so I’ve been busy with rehearsals. Luckily we developed chemistry from last time, so it’s been going smoothly.”

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  1. Fashion business and food business are both many people like to get into….Both are very risky business… I wish Mandy and her family all the best.

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