The Challenge of a Married Man: Why Jacqueline Wong Chose Andy Hui

After the stunning news of Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong‘s (黃心穎) affair broke out, all of Hong Kong was shocked and angry on behalf of their respective partners: Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明). Andy immediately held a press conference to apologize and announce that he would be stopping all work to reflect on his wrongdoing. However, this did not lead to any change in the wave of negativity towards him. Jacqueline had disappeared from public eye until she resurfaced today to post an apology on Instagram.

Due to the fact that she had not come forward to apologize in person, and instead decided to hide behind TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲), public opinion has been very hostile with many calling for Jacqueline to be fired, her dramas to not be aired, and for Love Come Home: Lo and Behold‘s <愛·回家之開心速遞> theme song to be changed.

A Selfish Person Who Only Loves Herself

Netizens have been busy rehashing Jacqueline’s past romantic rumors and analyzing her personality. They concluded that she is someone that is extremely selfish and will never truly love anyone but herself. If TVB decides to not air her dramas, many of her co-stars will have lost their opportunity especially Owen Cheung (張振朗) who co-stars with her in two upcoming series. Many netizens have decided to take their anger out on her sister’s Instagram as Jacqueline had limited the commenting function on her Instagram.

The Challenge of Seducing a Married Man

When Jacqueline and Kenneth started dating, many thought that she was dating him for promotional purposes and that their relationship would not last. Based on her recent actions, it seems to confirm that she may have never loved him. After winning over Kenneth, she may have become bored and was looking for a new challenge to boost her ego. And what better challenge than the satisfaction of seducing a married man!

Since Andy made his debut, his career and popularity has never been on the same level as Sammi so many have labelled him as a “Soft Rice King” (a relationship where the woman is typically the breadwinner). Jacqueline may have won him over by stroking his ego and pretending to be a die-hard fan.

In regards to why she chose Andy, it may be due to the fact that he is married to Cantopop diva Sammi Cheng, and would prove the ultimate challenge. Sammi has been in the entertainment circle for almost 30 years and is well known throughout Asia. Aside from always selling out her concert tickets, Sammi is also a force in Hong Kong film, being director Johnnie To‘s (杜琪峯) favorite actress. She has many friends and no negative news surrounding her. She met Andy 28 years ago while they belonged to the same music label and finally married five years ago after many ups and downs in their relationship. Their love story was labelled as Hong Kong’s last fairy tale by Dayo Wong (黃子華).

It was a calculated move by Jacqueline to befriend Sammi. They went to the gym together and often interacted through Instagram. By doing so, Jacqueline was able to post pictures with Andy without it seeming suspicious and also simultaneously promote herself.

As celebrities, their lives are constantly scrutinized under the spotlight. With such power, they should use it to support those in need and to raise awareness for important issues instead of making such immoral choices. Hopefully, Andy and Jacqueline will use this time to reflect on their behavior and wrongdoing!

Source: HK01

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  1. A true femme fetale. This kind of woman will never change her ways. Hope she spends her days hiding somewhere in recluse and get out of the industry. She probably has made herself a lot of enemies esp since Sammi is so beloved. And lol @ “die hard fan” when she was born he was already in his 20’s.. this is all kinds of level of disgusting.

    1. @cassiemissy
      This type of woman, I don’t think she cares if a married man is old and ugly or not. The tougher the challenge, the more devoted the guy is to the wife; the more exciting it is for her to conquer this obstacle. All her actions in the taxi shows she is a regular at this type of disgusting behaviour.

  2. Yeh. What better challenge to target the most lovable couple in HK Entertainment? She enjoyed the thrill and probably boosted each time she ticked someone off her list…

    1. @jimmyszeto Though of course it backfired on her big time, since being the most adored couple also means they have TONS of support from within the industry and outside of it (the fans), which Jacqueline, being a nobody basically, is no match for. She should have thought twice before messing with that particular marriage….

    1. @jimmyszeto I just saw that too. Sigh. I mean, I understand that it’s hard to throw away such a long relationship. But I can’t help but feel like it would be healthier for her to kick him to the curb. 😛

  3. Beggars belief why would she choose him over Kenneth!!! She is bad news so Kenneth is best without her!!

  4. The screenshot of Vincent Wong’s wife, Yoyo Chen liking the weibo post exposing Jacqueline is making waves in weibo since yesterday. Makes you ponder right….

  5. Only human. Happens to the best of us.

    People do stupid things but if someone is planning all this, you cant really escape if you tried.

    Labeling someone ‘soft rice king’ is also wrong all bcos the dude isnt earning more. People are just cruel.

    Give it a couple of months and it will be all good again.

    Jacqueline Wong overall isnt a nice person on the inside. You can tell.

    1. @lv3saiyan Even planning something meticulously doesn’t mean the other party will follow the plan.

      I don’t think JW is inherently evil, maybe competitive, egotistic and probably lonely. Her relationship with Kenneth Ma probably bores her and doesn’t give her stimulation, so she looks for it elsewhere and found it by being a groupie to Andy Hui, who is in his own relationship slump & going through mid-life crisis, flattered by a 30 year old’s attention whose BF is his friend. How exciting for them both. The feeling that’s lacking in both relationships is found in each other’s arms. If there was no chance of getting caught and they could stay in this surreptitious state, why would they want to change anything? They’re using each other for fun, excitement and an escape from the reality of their boring, complacent and neglectful relationships. I wouldn’t put the blame solely on her, because Andy encouraged her behavior and actions.

      Neither parties are really good for long-lasting relationships and make poor partners. But I don’t think they’re bad or not nice people.

      1. @coralie @shorty I think your two comments are some of the most level-headed I’ve seen so far. Was this terrible judgement on the part of the cheaters? Absolutely. Does it show a lack of empathy and loyalty to their other halves? Yep. But the amount of venom being written the past two days has been incredible.

        I think both Jacqueline and Andy are tremendously lucky to have partners that aren’t vengeful. No one would blame them if they were. Gawd knows I wouldn’t be so classy.

        But in the end, I agree with you. They’re cheaters… they did something bad, but they themselves are not inherently evil. They are both very very selfish though.

      2. @sasamii thanks. I’m trying to not add oil to this fire. some of the vitriol heaped on jw went overboard imo. I don’t want to see a situation where she’s driven to suicide because of online bullying. some of the comments aren’t even related to what she did, but on her looks or body. like, c’mon people, stop judging on non-related factors. she might not be the prettiest I get it but stick to what she’s done, not complete assassination.

      3. @coralie I beg to differ – the definition of evil IS “profoundly immoral and wicked,” which she is as evidenced by this entire situation. It’s immoral that she got involved with a married man and cheated on her boyfriend. It’s wicked that she befriended Sammi and went out of her way to consistently post comments on Sammi’s Instagram.

        But I do agree that the blame should be put on both parties. As a society, the general population does tend to blame “the other woman” way more than the man. But as most of you have already said, it takes two to tango and Andy definitely encouraged the affair. Men and women also display their affection in different ways. While Jacqueline was aggressively touchy, Andy did a lot of hand holding and that actually strikes me as more of an intimate and emotional thing. This actually leads me to feel like Jacqueline may have been in on it for the thrill and uh…satisfaction while Andy may have genuinely felt some kind of emotional connection with her.

      4. @scarlett013 you absolutely have a right to your opinions, but as outsiders, we do not know what factors impacted their decision on cheating. and though it’s unethical what they did, it doesn’t make them evil. say they do a lot of charity work and help a lot of people, but they’re messy in their personal lives, does that make them evil still? judging them on only one sector of their lives (depending on degree of harm) is not helpful for moving the situation forward. what they did was wrong and selfish and let’s leave it at that.

      5. @coralie

        Good thoughtful points. I agree.
        I would also think – her sister Scarlett – is a very successful TV host, and in ET longer than Jacqueline, who’s more recent.

        IF anyone has ever looked at Scarlett’s IG – she’s very organized about arranging her gigs and appearance events etc … yet also always making time for her family – her parents, her nephew, her grandma, taking care of her sister when she came over to HK. And she has photos of them all, outside of herself remebering everyone’s bdays, events etc . Which is no mean feat, if you dead busy.

        For Jacqueline … maybe she’s #4 in family, AND so more whatever, less protocol, more spoilt. Her IG pictures seem so much more Me ME ME!. (and I’d rather look at Scarlett’s anyday – there’s more variety).

        YES I am being judgemental, based on diff IG. Factors like maybe they were brought up by diff people – even whether grandma, mom etc makes a difference. Maybe one grew up more in Hk, the other here in the West so more ME centered. Whatever.
        As for comments on her mom being “materialistic” – I’d say no more than some more HKgers where materialism figures very highly. They also seem to have strong mainland roots – only one generation into HK.

        Also perhaps the “competitiveness” – even within a family. While the family is close – you don’t know what lurks behind families or parental expectations.
        Imo I find Jacqueline kinda boring looking – sure she’s sweet but it stops there. Her sister Scarlett gives off more vivacious vibes … and at 37 – has the attentions of a 26 yr old dude! Huge socialite and tycoon’s son – Justin Ma – son of queen of the Tatler and ball scene 薛芷倫 Fanny.
        Could she in her twisted, self-centred 30 yr old mind be thinking snaring Andy Hui would be a huge feather in her cap?!!!

    2. @lv3saiyan totally agree, also the media doesnt help, as Kenneth said already many people are hurt by this and he doesnt want anymore people getting hurt and asked the media to stop using their tactics to get the answer they want even if its not true.

      I have never seen Jacqueline’s work and no real idea who is was until this happened, for a Chinese girl being bought in Canada, this is probably no really a big deal, however in Hong Kong people are still very traditional in their thoughts and find this absolutely terriable. She is very lucky to have Kenneth whether it is true love or not, if it is not she needs to be truthful to herself and let the guy go and find someone who will love him for what he is. Bit like Mose Chan and Bearnice Lui all those years ago. Stringing someone along just to get popular is just not a nice thing to do.

      As for Andy and Sammi, they need to reflect in private their own relationship and I am not standing up for him at all, as his bad judgement was totally wrong. But being married to someone who is totally focused on her career where it be her music or filming cannot be easy. Also she has pressures which sometimes you can see she is probably pretty hard on herself, can actually blind the fact that they are neglecting the other half. I think in their own world it was never about who was more successful, but the media like to write about it and it cannot do much for anyone, as at the end of the day we are all human.

      Either way, hope the media and public gives all parties involved the time to reflect on whats happened and find their true selfs to either work throught this or let the other go if they are not happy together. I do hope Andy and Sammi sort things out and go back to doing what everyday couples do and forget about work and media for a while, as 28 years of a relationship is hard to find and if Sammi is true to herself she too needs to see where her responsibility is within her relationship with Andy, as it takes two people to make a marriage.

      1. @shorty

        Just because she was born in Canada (actually USA) it can be considered a norm? I am sorry even in Western societies these kind of acts are frowned upon. Chinese and Asian tradition values are high but Western tradition values are not obselete.

        In any societies messing with people’s marriages is a no no.

        This is one of those arguments used time and time again claiming Asians are making a molehill out of things. There are just as much consequences that affects your public image in Hollywood. Otherwise celebrities don’t churn out amicable separation and we are still very good friends in their PR message to the public.

      2. @gingermessiah
        In western countries AND Asian countries there are lot of cheating and drinking one night stands. Maybe because there are a lot more traditional people in Asia so they think it doesn’t happen often. However, a celebrity trying systematically befriend the celebrity wife of a celebrity before getting in a secret relationship with the guy is rare in any culture. It might happen in western television dramas but in reality it does not happen much at all.

  6. She disgusting and cheap to flirt with a married man. All I know is you don’t mess with Sammi, her fans wont let this go easily, she deserve to be fired and never resurfaced in the entertainment anymore.

  7. Wait! Not fair to blame jw alone. Andy no brain to stop? Maybe she finds him. Irresistable because he was her childhood idol perhaps and he was easy? And he likes her because young and easy?

    1. @funnlim I know. Both shi**y and it always takes 2 to tango. I am not a fan of either but I always thought it was weird this young girl seems to be outgoing/flirty taking the initiative that she’s interested in boring Kenneth I mean it just doesn’t seem right from the beginning but just didn’t know she can be this LOW. Sigh…
      Omg, that crying press con who would believe you when you say you are drunk? I mean come on…. Actually, I thought the friend was trying to take the biatch home himself not like trying to break them up and call it a night. lol.. I didn’t pay attention enough to see he was actually trying to break them up. Like you could ever? Even if she was dropped off first, you don’t think the old ugly dude would take another taxi back to her place again? Come on…..get real…. They both seem ready esp the girl but dude is not innocent.

  8. Is the age difference bothering people because y’all think she can pick someone better (with less mileage)? Because considering AH’s status in the industry and the fact he’s only 6 years younger than KM, doesn’t really make me think that AH’s a bad choice to cheat with.

    1. @coralie I think 51 is too old for me and I am older than Jacqueline 😀

      He can basically be her dad, so the age difference sticks out.

      1. @megamiaow lol same. i don’t like big age gap relationships.

        @jaylee – 22 and 15, which isn’t a super big difference. i think 10 is already my limit, but since she doesn’t care about digits, then what’s the difference between 15 and 22 and 30?

  9. It takes two to tango, I don’t like how we pin this all on JW. Sure she’s not a good person, but Andy is just as much a PoS, just because we didn’t know about his past cheating/womanising way, doesn’t mean he’s an angel that got seduced? This is why man is being let go easily in an affair scandal while woman is being viewed as the big bad manipulative b”!@h that’s out to get everyone’s else husband!

    Also he can be sweet to Sammi at the start, and at the moment of her needs, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is as fairytale as people believe so. I don’t pay much attention to their relationship, but the impression is they can’t seem to have the same goal as a couple, a lot of time, people stick to one partner, not because of love, but because of comfort, and the known expectations. You know that person will cheat, but you can’t let go, as long as it’s not on your face, you can keep going. Again, Andy isn’t innocent here, that man is/has always been sleazy

    1. @littlefish Yes, it takes 2 to tango and Andy is just as much to blame in all this….I don’t think anyone here disagrees. But the reality is, at the end of the day, Jacqueline basically chose the wrong marriage to mess with. Even if Sammi forgives Andy (which we all already expected she would) and Jacqueline (even though it’s not mentioned in Sammi’s statement but it’s kind of implied that if she forgives Andy, she is forgiving the other party involved as well), it doesn’t mean that her fans will be as forgiving (and Sammi has a huge, devoted fan base)…they could very well still make Jacqueline’s life miserable…not to mention Andy’s fans as well, most of whom also love Sammi (most of Andy’s fans are probably breathing a sigh of relief that Sammi forgave him so now the blame will be directed more towards Jacqueline because that’s just how it works). Also, let’s not forget that Andy and Sammi have a huge network of mutual friends in the industry, almost all of whom don’t want to see their nearly 3 decade relationship end because of this (William So pretty much spoke for all their friends when he said that as Sammi and Andy’s mutual friend for 30 years and having witnessed the ups and downs of their relationship, from a selfish standpoint, of course he will want to see them get through this together).

      Of course I agree with all of you that it’s unfair for Jacqueline to take all the blame and Andy basically gets off scott-free, but unfortunately, that’s the reality of how it works given Andy and Sammi’s status in the industry…if Jacqueline messed with someone else’s marriage and not Sammi’s, things would’ve turned out very different, that’s for sure.

      1. @llwy12 well, I don’t talk about how her life will be after this event in the entertainment circle. She will be singled out for sure. No doubt she will be hated from the fans. However, the way the media paint her as the sole evil huntress that out to snatch other people’s husband is just plain wrong. And the way almost everyone follows the article’s line of thinking is just painful to see. I would prefer everyone hates both Andy and JW equally, if not, more so on Andy as he’s much older, should have more restraints, and has a wife at home. But with the look of this, he’s basically go scotch free, and all the blames shifted on her, which I find rather unfair, as Andy should be hated for life for this (because I don’t trust for one bit this is his first time, my impression of Sammi and Andy’s relationship is he has never been the reliable type, but she keeps forgiving him and give in >_>)

      2. @littlefish True, but then that’s why Jacqueline should’ve come out and responded publicly. Even if she did a horse and pony show like Andy did — press conference with fake crying and probably not meaning a single word he said — that’s better than hiding and not saying anything at all (other than some fluff statement on IG that basically says nothing). Yes, she will still get hate regardless, but it’s also likely the media will be a less harsh on her (it might sound sexist but the reality is that if Jacqueline were to hold that same press conference that Andy did and cry while reading her statement, she will for sure get more sympathy than Andy did merely because she is a woman). HK media thrives on speculation and scandals of this sort and the more you try to hide or cover up things, the worse it is because the paps will just be even more relentless. If you do something wrong like this, come forward and own up to it publicly so the media gets off your back, then you can go back into hiding and deal with what needs to be done privately…that’s usually the most effective way to handle the HK media in these scenarios…

      3. @llwy12 it’s true that she’s 30, no longer a little girl, but this is still a huge deal, and she’s very inexperienced at handling it. At the same time, she’s a small fry that she doesn’t have the same handle of PR as Andy would get. Andy’s management company acted fast, who to say TVB didn’t hold back on her? And who to say she wasn’t so scared that she’s hiding in her room not sure how to handle it? I just feel you are a bit harsh on her for coming out a bit late. Being out late at apologising doesn’t make her selfish, rather inexperienced at handling this kind of situation. If she was that manipulative as people makes it out to be, she would come out very fast with a doctored response.

      4. @littlefish Yes, I’m harsh on her but that doesn’t mean I’m not harsh on Andy too. Both of them are to blame as far as I’m concerned. The incident aside though, Jacqueline is getting a lot more hate because of actions such as befriending Sammi to get to Andy (or if it was the other way around and she was friends with Andy first and became friends with Sammi later, it’s still wrong to befriend someone and then bed their husband behind their back). And also the fact that Jacqueline should’ve known and anticipated the repercussions of getting involved with not just any married man but with Andy in particular given who his wife is and also their history and status in the industry – it’s one of those situations where anyone with half a brain would know to stay away if you don’t want to get eaten alive. To be honest, it’s hard to blame the media for painting her as a manipulative vixen because what else do they have to go off of given what is publicly known so far? Can they say she’s young and doesn’t know any better? No because she’s 30 and a mature adult, not some naïve teenager with no sexual experience who would be easily preyed on by an older man. Can they say she didn’t expect the public would have such a huge reaction? Well, unless she has been living under a rock the past 30 years, there’s no way she doesn’t know Sammi’s superstar status not just in HK but across Asia as well as overseas, so it’s a “no brainer” what a big scandal getting involved with Sammi’s husband would be. To add fuel to the fire, the way Jacqueline’s “apology” statement came out, it gave off a “oh sorry, it was an honest mistake, it won’t happen again” vibe which comes off as playing down the issue as though it were no big deal (yes, one can argue that statement was probably put together by TVB and they don’t have the PR clout that Andy’s camp has and it’s not Jacqueline’s fault she’s a small potato and her management company sucks – all true, but in the larger scheme of things, that’s just too bad). Basically, this is not a situation that can be simply chalked up to “inexperience” or something that blew up beyond Jacqueline’s ability to handle…her involvement (and I’m not talking about the taxi incident specifically but rather having an affair with Andy period) was doomed from the getgo so why she would even do it in the first place is beyond understanding.

      5. @llwy12
        Jacqueline is really brain dead. What is there to gain from targeting Andy? At least going after a casino tycoon, she can live as a mistress with buckets of money happily ever after. With Andy all you are going to get is probably a good few nights with him in bed, a few designer bags and the satisfaction being able to step in the most high profile HK celeb relationship . Unless she was trying to use him as a stepping stone to meet tycoons, I don’t understand her thinking. Maybe this was the only way she could enter his social circle…

      6. @jimmyszeto From that article (not the JS one but the original one in Chinese) that talked about her original target being Alvin Chau, it sounded like she was unsuccessful in getting close to Chau (not surprising of course) so she gave up and decided to target the lower hanging fruit (the next level execs and top tier artists). Maybe out of the execs and top tier artists, Jacqueline thought Andy would be the easiest catch? I’m not familiar with the execs at Sun Entertainment other than Paco Wong so don’t know if Jacqueline deemed them too old? In any case, Jacqueline should’ve just stuck with her original target (in a way, Alvin Chau is perfect match for her given his track record, lol) — she could’ve been set for life as a rich mistress and not have to go into hiding like she is now…

      7. @llwy12 HK does seem to swallow up public apologies, even if its obviously super fake. If Jacqueline would have been as quick to do the same, I wonder if she would have had less flak?

        I watched a youtube radio show and the host was going on about how much of a disgraceful woman (which I dont disagree) she was. Then he briefly mentions how Andy seemed repentant and he offered an acceptable apology. Seemed like he basically was saying it was all good on that front with the man, before going back to slate her.

        Very double standards. And goes to show even though this PR stuff is total BS and fake, how much it works.

      8. @megamiaow Yes…that’s how HK media operates….which is why each time a public figure does something majorly wrong or is implicated in something, one of the first things they do is hold a press con, which is basically a tactic to appease the public — it doesn’t really matter what they say technically, they just need to show their face, apologize, look remorseful (even if they’re not), etc….they don’t even have to field any questions (notice Andy and Kenneth both refused to answer questions — they just read their statement and that’s it)….whether we agree with it or not, a public figure does have a certain amount of responsibility to the public (hence they need to be careful what they say and/or do when in the public eye) which is why a press con or something similar to it is needed when these situations occur, since it fulfills their obligation to the public…

        Some artists choose not to respond at all and hope the situation blows over, which does work sometimes, but it depends on the situation…something this big, involving big name celebrities who are known across Asia and overseas (in places where there are large Chinese communities such as Canada and U.S.), definitely the “I’m not going to respond” tactic is NOT going to work.

    2. @littlefish You are right that humans will always blame the woman simply because women are sexual by nature and it always looks like she seduces a man and he caves.

      I’ve never followed Andy at all, but I “know” Jacqueline more because I’m an English speaker myself, so I’m fascinated with other English speakers who end up working in HK show biz.

      And it’s a shock because women build an image of ladylike elegance and sweetness for the public, and with her big sweet smile and pretty face, she looks like a wholesome, moral person. Who knew? Makes you wonder who those female HK celebrities really are behind the perfect faces they post online.

      1. @sas318 lol, that’s why don’t trust it so much, give it a grain of salt and then let time prove everything 🙂 and that’s why people shouldn’t be a mad fan of anyone lol. Moderate love for your stars is most healthy 🙂

  10. Sammi took back Andy. But I hope and don’t think Kenneth with take J back. He is a filial son and knowing how chinese mothers are, his mom would not allow such woman to be her daughter in law… I mean, I wouldn’t. Would you?

    1. @jellybean3 I definitely wouldn’t —and it’s not just because of the infidelity…looking at how this whole thing played out and the way each person handled the aftermath, the conclusion that I’ve come to is that Jacqueline is an incredibly selfish person and definitely not family oriented. Some people were complaining that it’s unfair for Jacqueline’s family to be receiving so much hatred when they had nothing to do with this. While that’s true – and yes, an artist’s family members, especially those not in the entertainment industry, should always be off-limits – unfortunately that’s not the reality of what happens when scandals like this occur. There is bound to be collateral damage with families and any artist, no matter how long they’ve been in the industry, will know that (all the more reason to think twice before they do anything stupid that might impact their families). The artists who care about their families will try their hardest when these scandals break to protect their families first and foremost. With the way they handled their responses to this situation, notice that’s exactly what Andy, Sammi, and Kenneth did — both Sammi and Kenneth even included a strongly worded plea in their statements specifically asking the media to leave their families alone while Andy left his social media on so that everyone who was mad at him for his role in this could go harass him directly (which in a way, protected his family from receiving hate because people can just take it out on him). What did Jacqueline do? Well, as soon as the scandal broke, she disabled the comment feature on her social media and then went right into hiding – so basically she went the coward route. You don’t have to be in the industry to know that in this day and age, when scandals like this erupt, the first response from the masses is to go to the artist’s social media account and harass them (regardless of what we think whether this is right or not, the reality is that it’s what happens)…by shutting off the comments feature, Jacqueline probably thought that would prevent people from harassing her but of course, they are going to do it anyway and if they can’t get to her, then they are going to go after the next best thing, which is her family and/or anyone associated with her….instead of shutting off the comments, she should’ve just let people post what they want and if she can’t handle the harassment, then just don’t read the comments. Then when she finally does release a statement, notice that it was merely a fluff piece where she says how sorry and ashamed she is – in fact, her “response” was the only 1 out of the 4 that didn’t include a plea to leave her family / friends / loved ones / those not involved alone. So whereas the other 3 artists (yes, even Andy) were obviously thinking about how this scandal would affect their families and trying to protect them as much as possible, Jacqueline came across as only thinking about herself and her own feelings. Now, I’m not saying that harassing her family members is right because it’s definitely not under any circumstance, but it’s sad that Jacqueline gets herself into this mess and doesn’t even have the decency to protect her family….but then again, if she was thinking about her family, she probably wouldn’t have done what she did in the first place….

      1. @llwy12 she did mention this in her apology: “I only beg everyone to give those who were implicated some space,” (credits to 38jiejie), and while it doesn’t specifically mention family & friends, it does encompass her loved ones.

      2. @coralie Still leaves it up to interpretation…I personally took that to mean those implicated in the scandal who were being talked about at the time, such as Kenneth, maybe Sammi, maybe her friend Ken who was in the car and was being criticized at first for not stopping the situation (though later it was determined he did try to stop). I didn’t interpret that to mean “loved ones” at all (obviously I’m not counting Kenneth as her “loved one” because it’s impossible for her to think of him as such and still do what she did)…

      3. @llwy12 Are people that dense? I only read a synopsis of the video and didn’t watch it, and it was so obvious that the friend tried to stop them when he wanted Jacqueline dropped off first!!

      4. @sas318 This was very early on when the scandal first broke and the video just came out, before everything was made clear once people watched the video in its entirety. That’s usually what happens with these types of scandals…the initial information we get is limited and the actual facts don’t usually come out until later.

      5. @llwy12 completely agree. A poster here commented a few days ago that he/she knew the family apparently and her mom is supposedly very materialistic ? If that is the case they didn’t do anything to stop Jacquelines moral wrong behaviour despite knowing about it. This whole situation is very stretchy and speaks volumes about J’s “character” . Hope karma gets her

      6. @karina I heard a business sponsor pulled the plug on a collaboration with her sister (the one who entered the industry recently…I think her name is Scarlett?), supposedly because of Jacqueline’s scandal…and one of the media outlets who had been monitoring Jacqueline’s IG showed screenshots of her sister unfollowing her after the scandal broke (but then “re-followed” her again later). So possibly some members of her family are pissed at her too or perhaps the one in the industry is trying to distance herself (which can’t really blame her).

      7. @llwy12 I also read that article and Natalie Tong also mysteriously followed her recently as well. Seeing as to how Natalie and Kenneth are close, she probably got mad and unfollowed J as well but was advised to follow her again so that the paparazzi doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

        I sorta suspect that this was probably also the case with her sister Scarlett, whom I actually feel so bad for to become implicated in this messy situation. You could tell that she also works very hard and she loves her job. To be dropped from collabs and jobs that you had because of a stupid thing your sister did is horrible. Netizens also took to her IG to comment mean things to her because J turned off her comments. Also heard that Scarlett’s previous marriage ended due to a third party as well so that must also bring back some bad feelings.

      8. @scarlett013 Yup. That’s why to me, it’s kind of hard to blame people for hating on Jacqueline more than Andy. Yes, both are guilty (and Andy is as much a scumbag as whatever horrible names people are calling Jacqueline), but she didn’t help the situation any with the poor way she handled things (or it could be she asked TVB for help and they chose to let her sink because of all the trouble she caused them)…as hard as it might be, come out and face the public, own up to your mistakes, then go into hiding…in comparisons, Andy’s team actually did a much better job of damage control…

      9. @karina How the heck could her mom stop her? You cannot stop someone from doing something they want to do. No one can control another person. If that were possible, every person on this planet would be moral and upright. Not even the friend who was in the same taxi as them stopped them even though he tried.

  11. Will there be some digging on why/how Andy chose JW? Something along the line of he’s an old pervert, horn-dog who has such small ego that needs a PoA to make him feel like a man that he can never be?

  12. I have read Jacqueline profile it says she’s born in the United States how come some of you say she’s from Canada? Unless she moved to Canada at a young age?

    1. @cutie777

      Born US maybe. She’s definitely a Vancouverite.

      She could easily have come back, and snared a fu-er-dai (plenty of the uber-wealthy around, esp from China – driving Maseratis, Lotus etc). And she’s easily middle class, and Uni educated – not some aspiring TVB starlet from a poor HK background, and no life opportunities.

      WHY do this? (including the Alvin Chau possibility). Very cheap thrill.

  13. Jacqueline, you sexual beast you! Ha ha. So she feels power in seducing men. Seems she can’t help it as I read that she’s very aggressive and flirty towards men.

    The problem is that she couldn’t control herself in public. Now it’s too late and she got caught with your pants down, err, her body draped over another man and her hand and lips in the wrong places. Ha ha. I don’t pity her one bit.

    Agree that she may have done this because she was bored.

  14. I think that it is time to move on. What they both did, we do not totally know. Only the person would be the cab driver.

    I feel bad for both of them as well as Kenneth.

  15. @coralie
    Same as you, I feel that 10 years is already my limit. However, the bigger the age gap is, the worse (and gross) it is. The difference between 15, 22 and 30 is that a bf / husband who is 30 years older than me can be my dad or even older than my dad. 22 years older than me can be called “父女戀” (father/daughter relationship). Both age gaps seem disgusting and incest to me. 15 years older is like a moderately big age gap but still acceptable (not a feeling of incest). Do you agree?

    1. @rainbow28 yeah but once you accept the age difference hump, of like 10+ years, some people stop thinking of age gaps as hindrances. even 30+ years is no big deal. to them, age is nothing but a number.

      as to your question, as someone who thinks even 10 years is pushing the age gap issue, 15 years is more acceptable than say 22, but i’d prefer not even dating over 10.

  16. BTW, all comments about how aggressive JW was in the taxi, I believe Andy was instigator. He was the first one to put his hand on her leg/side as she scooted in next to him. Sure her PDA is more grotesque, but he sure as heck didn’t oppose. They both deserve shame.

  17. @coralie

    Good thoughtful points. I agree.
    I would also think – her sister Scarlett – is a very successful TV host, and in ET longer than Jacqueline, who’s more recent.

    IF anyone has ever looked at Scarlett’s IG – she’s very organized about arranging her gigs and appearance events etc … yet also always making time for her family – her parents, her nephew, her grandma, taking care of her sister when she came over to HK. And she has photos of them all, outside of herself remebering everyone’s bdays, events etc . Which is no mean feat, if you dead busy.

    For Jacqueline … maybe she’s #4 in family, AND so more whatever, less protocol, more spoilt. Her IG pictures seem so much more Me ME ME!. (and I’d rather look at Scarlett’s anyday – there’s more variety).

    YES I am being judgemental, based on diff IG. Factors like maybe they were brought up by diff people – even whether grandma, mom etc makes a difference. Maybe one grew up more in Hk, the other here in the West so more ME centered. Whatever.
    As for comments on her mom being “materialistic” – I’d say no more than some more HKgers where materialism figures very highly. They also seem to have strong mainland roots – only one generation into HK.

    Also perhaps the “competitiveness” – even within a family. While the family is close – you don’t know what lurks behind families or parental expectations.
    Imo I find Jacqueline kinda boring looking – sure she’s sweet but it stops there. Her sister Scarlett gives off more vivacious vibes … and at 37 – has the attentions of a 26 yr old dude! Huge socialite and tycoon’s son – Justin Ma – son of queen of the Tatler and ball scene 薛芷倫 Fanny.
    Could she in her twisted, self-centred 30 yr old mind be thinking snaring Andy Hui would be a huge feather in her cap?!!!

  18. FFs suddenly the negative articles for wong just came out all at once… Quite evident it’s Andy Hui’s manager who did this. It’s like pushing the girl out on the line while Andy Hui hides like a coward after the press conference waiting for all these to die down.
    Remember it is Andy Hui who made a marriage promise to his wife, a vow and yet the media lets him off just like that. I look down on Hui with disparage.

    1. @offkilter

      I think in JW’s disfavour is that it was pre-meditated.
      She worked out with Sammi, laughed and played … but yet she was conniving to get closer and closer to her husband.

      Yes Andy’s equally at fault … but the planning on JW’s part makes it look double-worse.

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