Louis Koo Only Eats One Meal Every Day

Celebrating famed HK filmmaker Johnnie To‘s (杜琪峯) 69th birthday, actress Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) shared photos of herself with others at his birthday gathering on Tuesday, April 23!

The actress who starred in To’s 2000 hit movie Needing You…<孤男寡女> wrote, “Everything started from Needing You… . 24 years on, still endlessly grateful to have met him. Yesterday (22nd) is his birthday reunion. Happy birthday, To-Sir.” Friends and industry insiders including Louis Koo (古天樂), veteran actress Cherie Chung (鍾楚紅), famed production design William Chung (張叔平), filmmaker Elaine Chu (朱淑儀), and Johnnie’s wife Paulina (黃寶玲). Sammi is seen giving director To a friendly hug while both were all smiles.

Sending her birthday blessings to the director, Sammi also used individualized hashtags to describe each one of the attendees, revealing that Johnnie To was working on his new film, while Louis “habitually has one meal every day”!

Started Intermittent Fasting Over a Decade Ago

Louis cautioned that his methods were not for everyone, advising those with intestinal issues to first consult with their doctors.

Louis first revealed that he started intermittent fasting more than 10 years ago, eating only one meal at six in the evenings, and drinking water whenever he felt hungry. The 53-year-old opined that feelings of hunger helped to regulate his bodily functions.

Sharing about his extreme fasting habits on HK YouTuber Black Box Office’s show, Louis responded to criticism that he was “spreading harmful knowledge”. “(We) should get used to hunger, when you starve the fats, sugars and everything, your body will help you recalibrate your system. (Conversely) if you keep taking in food, it will not need to replenish and the excess will become fats,”

“We should learn to starve everyday, instead of stuffing ourselves with food,” he said, adding that at least 4 to 6 hours of fasting is needed to truly be effective.

Believes Time-restricted Eating Keeps Him Healthy

When “Mixed fat guy”, the host, protested that skipping mealtimes gets him in a bad temper, Louis advised him to try out intermittent fasting first. “You’re still young now, when you get older in future, you’ll find yourself using money to acquire health. When you get into a bad temper in future, maybe it’ll be the doctor telling you to control your diet. You can still eat, but it’ll be pills you’ll be popping,”

Nutritionists, however, have cautioned that intermittent fasting is not for everyone; long hours of restricted eating may trigger the formation of gallstones or cause muscles to be metabolized faster than fat, possibly leading to the undesirable “Metabolically Obese normal weight” syndrome.

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  1. I know someone who has done that before and it has worked, but only temporarily. It really depends on a person’s diet, immune system, lifestyle, and work routine to find the right way to stay healthy. I don’t see it as harmful knowledge because eating whenever one pleases can lead to fat storage, so over time, it becomes harder to lose this fat, hindering the body’s functioning. I love it when Louis Koo talks!! He has so much insight. Too bad he rarely does these kinds of shows. I’ve been looping these 5 episodes, rewatching interviews, rewatching Warriors to Future, and it’s just not enough!

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