Andy Hui Plans to Hold HK Concert

Appearing at a charity event on June 3rd, singer Andy Hui (許志安) performed his new song “Not in Vain” (lit. translation) <不枉> and gave updates on upcoming concert plans.

Hopeful for 2024 Show in HK

Thanking supportive overseas fans for the warm reception to his US concert, the 55-year-old said, “Haven’t done such a lengthy performance in a while, I did two shows of 2 hours each, the fans gave their support by using their mobiles to create a “sea of light”, when they could have done a recording or taken photos,”

Revealing plans to make Singapore his next concert stop, Andy shared that he has been actively jogging. Once, he even bumped into an “industry friend”, and the two even jogged a few rounds together!

Currently in talks for a show in Macau, Andy revealed that his record label is currently planning for a concert on home ground in Hong Kong. “The fastest it can be held will (be) next year, as we have not done the application. If next year is not possible, I’m also (considering) a mini show at a smaller venue to thank fans,”

On Jacqueline’s Comeback: “Everybody Should Move Forward”

Recalling that the last time he held a HK concert was back in 2015, with at least 5 years since his last big-scale performance in HK, the singer is excited about the opportunity to interact with fans live. With his comeback in full swing since his headline-making cheating scandal, Andy smilingly nodded when reporters asked if he is “physically, psychologically prepared, in all aspects”.

Receiving news that his wife Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) tested positive for COVID upon wrapping all his US performances, Andy did not isolate himself in their home, as they needed to “take care of each other”; though he diligently tested daily and turned out okay each time. Ironically, he was more worried about his concert performance being affected should he come down with COVID, and had therefore stayed in his room and the gymnasium for over 10 days while in the US.

Asked about Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) unanticipated music single drop in February, Andy responded that he knew about it, saying, “Everyone should move forward”. A winner of “Best male performer” on the long-running televised music show Jade Solid Gold <勁歌金曲>, which recently ended its run, Andy is hopeful that new music programs will be launched, to allow aspiring singers to reach a wider audience.

Source: HK01

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