Sammi Cheng Breaks Hearts With “Glow” MV

Hong Kong pop diva Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) celebrated her birthday with the release of her latest album Listen to Mi on August 18. The six-track record soon became the hottest album with several singles topping sales, and taking first place on the list for several weeks. Praised for her dedication in challenging herself with various different styles of music, Sammi also generated buzz when she paired up with actor Adam Pak (栢天男) in her music video for one of her tracks, Glow.

The entire music video is set inside a tram, which instantly cultivated a romantic and vintage atmosphere. Wearing light makeup, Sammi is seen looking out the window while it rained during the night. With dim lighting and flashbacks creating a sense of loneliness from a heartbreak, it was easy to completely engross in her emotional lyrics.

In her interview, Sammi shared that the music video was filmed on the day with a major rainstorm warning. Thankfully, the rain was less heavy during their filming, and they were able to perfectly capture both its sad yet romantic vibes. Although there were not many scenes, fans also saw the chemistry between Sammi and Adam and hoped they would collaborate again soon.

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