Andy Hui Reflects on the Past Few Years

Making a comeback after his cheating scandal, Andy Hui’s (許志安) new song Between People <人與人之間> holds deep sentimental value. While describing the song as a representation of different parts of life, Andy also cryptically shares his insights from the past few years.

In a radio interview, Andy shares why he decided to have a comeback, “I think this is the right time to release my new song since I have not released any new songs in a long time. I have joined a new record company too.”

Andy spent nearly four months working with composer Eric Kwok (郭偉亮) on the song, but he revealed that he did not deliberately choose the song’s topic. In fact, Andy shared that Between People originally wasn’t suppose to be the title song and he was merely focused on a vision. In the end, the song turned into everything he wanted to express through its lyric.

Andy was moved after hearing the song for the first time and said, “If you are very focused on doing one thing in your life, it will definitely change your future path. A lot of times, people think about their future goals or something that happened in the past. This makes me a little unhappy. However, if you focus on the present, that focus will become your precious future.”

Now that Andy is back in the limelight, the singer confessed that he is taking things one step at a time, “I didn’t know myself very deeply. It wasn’t until the past few years that I finally get to know myself deeply. Right now, everyone seems to have a lot of time, but no matter what is happening in the world, it is important to stop and think. I think this was one of my greatest lesson while reflecting.”

When the host asked if Andy will return to the stage to greet his fans, he responded, “During the process of reflection, I felt that things like these can not be planned. Instead, it depends on your confidence after reflecting. For example, when you get a scar from burning your hand, you would have different feelings from staring at it. A scar is clearly there in your life to help you, because once you have gotten burned, you change the way you think.”

Source: HK01

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  1. I never thought I would say this but I am really tired of him… He is just a loser in my eyes. I am not interested in whatever he has to say… He is so so blessed to have such a supportive partner. Anyway, regardless how he conducts his personal life, I dont miss him in the entertainment industry. I am sure he still has core fans that will still give him a career to hang on to.

  2. Everyone deserves a second chance, but for him he will need to work twice as hard to work his forgiveness towards the audience. As for peoples opinions on his cheating, well no one knows what happens behind closed doors and really the only people that can judge him is his family, if they have forgiven and forgotten then maybe its time for the media to stop going on about it. Everyday in normal people’s lives this can and has happened, he is only human and well lets hope for his family sake he has sorted whatever the problem was that lead him to feel he needed to be with someone else. He is talent and one of the last remaining few who can still perform seamlessly live, so why waste it and hope his family, friends and fans can support him in this.

  3. The problem with these responses is that it feels very canned. Like, they’re so abstract and vague. I reflected deeply on myself – ok, so what did he learn? Give an example. A broad explanation muddies the water and gives the illusion that he’s atoning, but never quite hits the mark.

    I’m a fan of his music – grew up listening to some of his songs. I don’t want him to be banned, and he does deserve to be shunned for his actions, but I’m not surprised if the public doesn’t accept him back. His PR team needs to work on his atonement better.

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