Andy Hui Atones for Cheating

Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) cheating scandal had taken the Hong Kong entertainment  industry by storm in 2019. Andy slowly regained his confidence and began building his career again. Aside from attending ViuTV’s music award program, Andy filmed a Taiwanese drama last year.  Waiting for the scandal to die down, he made a full musical comeback this year.

While Andy did gain back his wife Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) approval, it is evident that the singer has spent years atoning for his mistake. Recently photographed out and about, Andy was seen to be doing everything he could to please Sammi by acting as her driver and  delivery man in carrying all her shopping bags.

Looking back at Andy’s career over the past three decades, the singer rose to stardom quickly after changing entertainment companies when he was  36 years old. Having been dating Sammi in secret back then, Andy stressed that he would never reveal the identity of his significant other.  Eventually, Andy and Sammi’s relationship went public and the two wed in 2013.

Even though Andy paid a steep price for the cheating scandal and his career suffered for three years, Jacqueline seems to be unable to make any comeback at all.

Source: East Week

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  1. Maybe if she apologized in public instead of making herself look like a victim in the airport she would have a career back. Look at sheren tang, Gigi lai and Queenie chu, they all came back strong. Except Queenie lost her acting career again. But they had a chance.

  2. Curious as to why Andy cheated, obviously there’s always a reason unless it was because Jacqueline was just a young pretty thing, then ok dumb for him to do it…unless Sammi wasn’t giving it up to Andy…not saying that’s an excuse either…but when you got a super star wife like Sammi…then again they don’t have kids either…so maybe…

  3. I love the fact that his atonement amounts to being a HK bf simp.

    Btw Andy Hui is a straight up dope for cheating. Sammi Cheng or no Sammi Cheng as his wife. Especially cheating with Jacqueline who has bad teeth.

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