Andy Hui to Film in Taiwan; Jacqueline Wong Refuses to Terminate TVB Contract

Since their cheating scandal broke out in 2019, Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and have experienced career setbacks and stayed out of the limelight. Although both have since slowly tested the waters, the public is still not fully ready to forget the scandal yet. While Jacqueline’s TVB contract continues to be uncertain, Andy is taking concrete steps to stage a comeback. In addition to performing in a ViuTV program last year, Andy will be flying to Taiwan for work in April.

Forced into a hiatus for two years because of his negative image, Andy is eager to work again and received his wife Sammi Cheng‘s (鄭秀文full support. Although he was supposed to make an appearance at TVB’s annual Pok Oi Charity Show alongside his Big Four brothers, including Dicky Cheung (張衞健), Edmund Leung (梁漢文), and William So (蘇永康), the schedule fell through.

This did not dampen his mood, and Andy will be flying to Taiwan to film a drama and sing the theme song. In hopes of being in his best condition for his comeback, Andy has been diligently going to the gym to maintain his health and physique.

On the other hand, Jacqueline’s career continues to be at a standstill although she has returned to Hong Kong for over a year. While continuing to be active on social media, she has not received any job offers. Originally, it was said that she was in discussion with TVB to regain her freedom and seek other work streams. When the terms were finally ironed out, Jacqueline suddenly changed her mind and refused to sign the contract termination, prompting speculations that she still wants to continue her entertainment career.


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  1. i feel that JW should settle for behind the scenes work if she wants to continue. no one wants to see her. after the scandal, i don’t want to AH anymore either but they keep on putting him out there.

  2. Seriously, the JW case should just be put to rest by now, it’s going to be 2 years already. There’s really nothing to hold on to. The media would only continue to report negative press on her, if anything it giving her more exposure, it’s what she’s probably craving for. Just close the books with JW and move the heck on. As for Andy, he probably still has a market and can maybe make a small comeback slowly because he has the right management team arranging all this for him.

  3. This particular news needs to move on. They cheated, they got caught, one party apologized, (the other attempted), both parties paid some kind of price (being unable to work) now let’s move on. I’m not a fan of both of them, but I am a fan of Sammi. I do not agreed with the cheating that they did, but this whole ordeal has been about 2 yrs and really need to move on. The news keeps bringing it back. When will it end? Until someone’s death???

  4. The difference is Andy came out with a public apology right away. Jacqueline never did. And then tried to make people feel sorry for her. She’s too prideful, and thinks too highly of herself. I honestly think she needs a self evaluation before coming back to the entertainment industry.

  5. JW think tvb top management is giving her a chance but i highly doubt the audience will her skin is pretty thick really don’t know why she was liked by TV viewers in the 1st place

    1. Has neither looks nor acting talent to start off with not even talking about moral values!! JW & TVB please spare the audience the torture!! Just cancel her contract and move on!! She is done!! I have no empathy for Andy either… I think he should look for another career or just retire for good!!

      1. @spring23 I am just shocked that he has still has offers for dramas and in Taiwan? haha lol…ok….He wouldn’t look for another career at his age and least of all his forgiving wife can easily help him. If he can come back to dramas I don’t see why JW couldn’t? I mean did his fake as heck tearful apology really meant something? haha lol…It was all for show anyway.

  6. Seriously what’s her problem… never apologize to Sammi, she used their friendship to get close to Andy… she clearly tried to breakup a married couple, outside she look nice but the inside she has very bad intention very greedy and selfish person. She needs to
    quit the entertainment business and this whole thing will die down.

    Whenever she tries to comeback the media will always dig this issue up and omit negative no return for her, she needs a career change.

  7. If she were talented, I think she should be able to continue her acting career. Perhaps she should not be lead or a brand representative, but she could be decent at supporting roles. Although she hasn’t shown much remorse, tt is misogynistic to punish her forever for this affair. But honestly, why put yourself through the stress of being a media pleasing monkey? Does she love acting that much?

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