Sammi Cheng Shares Her Thoughts About Andy Hui’s Post-Scandal Comeback

Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) openly shared her thoughts about Andy Hui’s (許志安) first showbiz comeback since his cheating scandal with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) 14 months ago.

Soon to appear in an upcoming episode of Carol Cheng’s (鄭裕玲) Do Did Eat <Do姐有問題> to promote her new film with Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Sammi was approached by reporters after the studio recording. Reporters urged the singer to answer questions about her husband Andy Hui, who recently made his first public appearance on Viu TV to promote his showbiz comeback.

Sammi with Charlene Choi and “Do Did Eat” cast.

In his Viu TV interview, Andy thanked Sammi for her unwavering support while he was on his hiatus, and that she was the one who gave him the confidence to return to the limelight. In regard to this, Sammi said, “I didn’t give him any special support. Reports have definitely exaggerated this. We all live in the same house after all. We are taking things step by step. Once you step out, you have to face the audience and the world. No matter what, you are responsible for your actions, and that can never be changed. I’ve always left it to him to decide on when to make his return. He had asked me for advice before, and I told him that it is important to take things naturally. If he feels ready, then he is ready.”

Sammi did give Andy some informational advice, however. She told him that it is important to train his voice and practice his songs. After a long time away, one must overcome huge psychological barriers to face the public again. “Now that he is able to overcome this step, I am very happy for him.”

While Sammi did tune in to watch Andy’s first interview, she was not prompted on what Andy would talk about. Instead, she just advised Andy to be as natural and genuine as possible. “Genuinely share your thoughts about the past year so people can understand what you were going through. Just speak from your heart. Leave the rest to God.”

Asking if her relationship with Andy has improved to the next step after this incident, Sammi said, “I don’t know about that, but as husband and wife, it’s important to face struggles together. You don’t want to carry it all by yourself. This is something that we all must learn in a relationship or marriage.”

Pointing out that Sammi must have been in a lot of pressure after the scandal, she said, “I was actually okay. When it happened, I was busy with my concert, so I had no time to be stressed about it. It was when I stopped being busy when I started to prioritize my emotions.”

As for what changed in the past 14 months, Sammi said, “I feel I’ve become a lot more mature. To be honest, my values toward life changed a lot after I started practicing my religion ten years ago. As for Andy, he also changed a lot. As the person standing beside him, I definitely feel that increase in strength, but I think it’s more important to ask the other people around him,—his friends, colleagues, the viewers—about how he changed. He has improved all around.”

She added, “One fall in your life isn’t bad. Life is made up of stages. To change something in your life is painful, but once you look back, you’ll find that it was all worth it. (What has changed the most about Andy?) I feel that he’s become a lot more composed, and he understands what he values the most.”

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Cheating Scandal Made Andy Hui Into a Better Person

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  1. I wonder if there are still love between them. It seems like one of those relationships which has turned from passionate love to more of a (business) partnership one.

    1. @pompidur I was just going to say the same thing. Her responses are so diplomatic. I don’t feel any emotion or love between either of them, based on their recent interviews. I’m very methodical and calm when I deal with problems so I get it when she says she was too busy with her upcoming concert to stress about what happened at the time. But I feel like if you genuinely loved your spouse, and you found out they were cheating, you would not be able to brush it aside and be calm. Maybe that’s where the problem is. I always felt that she was always into her career and keeping fit that she neglects Andy and they don’t have a good emotional bond. The way she offered support by saying what she said in this article sounds like a friend giving another friend neutral advice. Not a loving wife supporting her husband. I’m not saying she has to have love for him after what he did, but I just don’t feel like there’s love between them anymore.

      1. @gnomageddon
        I agree but there are many marriages that do not have love as not all people marry for love sadly. But of course to have a successful marriage takes much more than just love. I have a feeling you may be right that Sammi seems very into her career that she neglected Andy so they have no bond. Yes she sounds like a friend giving advice and support rather than a loving and supportive wife. Maybe the “love” between them has faded even before the affair which may have been one of Andy’s reasons to stray. Not to say he is supposed to stray or cheat, but he should communicate with Sammi if he felt bothered and neglected. Communication is just so important or anyone can easily grow apart. Honestly their marriage sounds like Law Lak Lam’s relationship with his ex wife. They are divorced but still live together as friends.

      2. @hetieshou
        I don’t believe that many in period of lengthy relationships/marriages are filled with love and passion anyway. It’s more of a habit of living and comfort zone with the long term partner after so many years. It would be life changing in a break up because it’s the same as losing a close family member.

      3. @gnomageddon I don’t really follow their relationship but I understand they’ve broken up a few times before they finally got married?

        Sometimes there are people who think they have to sacrifice for love or that a love that is ‘hard to obtain or face many obstacles’ is a true love. Personally I think if they had broken up so many times prior to marriage, it just indicated that they had unresolved problems and marriage just won’t fix it. Just like having kids won’t fix a marriage.

        This cheating is probably just a culmination of all the problems (one that happened to get caught by the public).

      4. @pompidur believe in a open interview by Sammi Cheng, they broke up before they were married because she was immature and demanding, as well as not understanding of others. Then she found her faith and learned how to be more giving and respect others. Then over years, they reunited as he was already with someone else.

    2. @pompidur I believe it was how the author translated her message. It’s different if you see her body language and expressions when she answers. You can see a bit of awkwardness when she answered interviewer’s question regarding Andy and their relationship. Anyhow, she is also human. I believe it has caused some effects on their marriage and it takes time to build up that trust again. But with their religion, God is the 3rd party in a marriage. So it’s very much different. As Christians we are taught to forgive even in betrayal or an affair. Because marriage in God’s eyes is Death Do Us Part. Separation is only meant to be temporary with the motive on a reconciliation in the future. So we are advised to be very careful before deciding on a marriage commitment. Marriage is not built from love. Marriage is the beginning of building true love, trust, understanding. Many marriages fail because they thought marriage is just love and romance. God teaches us otherwise. Marriage is the beginning of sacrifice and building it step by step. It’s not easy and romantic. So Sammi is not being diplomatic. She is speaking the truth about marriage according to God’s principle. Not man’s principal. God always teaches us the opposite of what humans have in mind. That is why it seems foolish and hard to do. But that is the benchmark God has set for us who believes in Him. That’s what Sammi meant by her perspective on life has changed since she became a Christian 10 years ago. I am very proud of her because she has testify towards God’s word and looks foolish in the eyes of the world. I salute her for having that grace to be different for God.

      1. @annebee So what happens when the person continually has affairs? Are you expected to keep forgiving? It seems bad behaviour never come at a cost since you will always be forgiven under the faith. And in a way it binding you to a partner that personally I would be sending packing rather than suffer the rest of my precious days with.

      2. @annebee I’m not a Christian/Catholic though I attended Catholic school for 12 yrs. I understand where this principle and faith comes from. I have a Catholic friend who is still waiting for her cheating husband because of her faith, even though the cheating husband has already abandoned her and their children. Her faith leads her to believe that he will return to her in due time and they can only be separated by death (till death do us part).

        I am not gonna argue about someone’s faith, but I also won’t discount the fact that during a long term relationship, we might so accustomed and comfortable by having that same person we’ve lived with for so long, that to make a drastic change (breaking up/getting a divorce) is unthinkable so we chose to stay even when we aren’t happy. The comfort zone curse doesn’t only happen at work, but at home too.

      3. @pompidur obviously i do not know your friend. But I am sure her reason to remain single and wait for her ex-husband is because she still believes she loves him and no one will be able to replace him. Give her time and hopefully one day she will see the light that she is more important than him. So many non religious believers do the same. However if faith gives people comfort then so be it.

        I guess as Andy and Sammi spent almost the whole of their youth together and separated for a length of time and reunited, I guess in their eyes fate bought them back together as some believe that it can take a life time to find your life time partner.

        Whatever the reasons for Andy’s indiscretions, only they will know, and if he really cared for his wife and respect her forgiveness then he will learn from his mistake(s), which it looks to be the case from interviews the past few days.

        However what do we know what happens behind closed doors? Maybe he had given up a lot to let her continue her career? A family? More personal time together. I am sure there are more in depth reason and lets all just let this move on and stop judging based on what the media has written and what we perceive or guess that someone is just complacent in their relationship that they are too scared to leave. I am sure Sammi Cheng has enough self-wealth and people around her to walk away if she did not love her husband and she has probably more than enough money to pay him off if she wanted to.

  2. the only ultimate “loser” in this saga is jacqueline…that’s just show showbiz is really distorted. ma ming act gracious, sammi act accepting, andy act remorseful and all of them got air time.

  3. Sammi knows how to work the crowds. God bless her and her family. Whatever and however she really feels that’s between her and husband. We as a fan should just support her because we admire her work.

  4. “One fall in life isn’t bad”
    We all know it’s not his first time cheating; it’s just his first time getting caught.

  5. From the beginning I mentioned that I think it always takes two to make a marriage. Even though Andy Hui is very much to blame for his indiscretion, Sammi Cheng needs to take some responsibility for her part she has within their relationship and marriage. Its fair enough about career and fame, but that could disappear in one sweep and you are only as popular as your fans want you. But at the end of the day it is your personal and your real life that will take a hit if you neglect that. As for their religion thats has motivated her decision, I personally know from family experience that it can be a factor towards their decision, but if influenced them both to rethink and face things differently towards the way their life has been, then is that not better? Also when two people have been together for so long things that are important even small things after neglected or forgotten then its not surprise. If they no longer loved each other then I am sure even in gods eyes there is no point in being together. I believe that they do both love one another and are soul mates, also I think this lockdown has probably given them the time they needed to decide and help rebuild their life together. If Sammi sounded or alluded to be cool and calm about her response, its natural, she is a public figure and cannot be seen to be weak as she or her PR wouldnt want her to be seen as the injured party in this scandal. Hard life, but that’s what happens when you live your life in the public domain. But i think she replied quite maturely and also both Andy and Sammi do live a relatively private life and only when the paparazzi follow them are they photographed together. But it is a wake up call for Sammi and Andy that you have to balance your career and your personal life. I like Andy Hui as a artist as for his private life, its his business and fans really did over react when he attended his wife’s concert, who are we as the public to judge? It is totally only his wife and his business in private. Lets hope this isnt just a PR stunt, but the fact that they both are now ready to talk about it, as they did when they reunited as a couple all those years ago, we should just underline this, move on and let them live the life they want and stop debating who was right and who was wrong.

  6. Don’t forget they been together for so long even before they became big stars… so if she doesn’t seem to show emotion, deep in her heart I think she still cares for Andy, they even went through multiple breakups.

  7. Actual forgiveness or brilliant publicity move? I don’t know but they cna still be ‘married’ and she can voice lip support for him but they are so rich they don’t even have to live together or see each other in the house.

    1. @jetgirl112 Agree with this. Being rich with so many properties and each busy with own life since no kids involved yet.
      Doesn’t make much difference if one cheats as long as don’t get caught or cause huge scandal making their partner lose face.

  8. I think some people just have to throw in the towel and cut the toxicity. If you have been with someone for over 20 years and they still cheat or cheat multiple times OR you guys have broken up multiple times, when are you gonna just say “Not everything I like is good for me?” Of my friends that are married, the couple that broke up 8 times in 14 years (one time was 10 days before their engagement) are breaking up again (married and with a first child now). Co-dependency is NOT sexy and just because you are used to something it doesn’t mean it’s right. You can still be friends (if that) or business partners, but you have to cut loss. Religion does NOT hold 2 people together Sammy, RESPECT, TRUST, and LOVE does! Cheating is not respect nor love. Breaking up multiple times is not trust. I am sorry Sammy, I CANNOT be with you on this one.

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