Cheating Scandal Made Andy Hui Into a Better Person

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Cheating Scandal Made Andy Hui Into a Better Person

Suffering the most serious blow in his career after his cheating scandal with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) last year, Andy Hui (許志安) has not made a public appearance for 14 months. The last time he spoke with the media was at his press conference last year, in which he apologized for his infidelity and betraying his wife Sammi Cheng‘s (鄭秀文) trust. Though he realizes he is forever connected to his cheating mistake, Andy is ready to face his past. Time has made Andy look deeply into himself and change for the better.

Making a guest appearance on ViuTV’s music program, Chill Club, Andy spoke with the crowd of reporters eager to interview him. He shared his thoughts with the media before filming, “During this period of quietness, I have been reflecting and learning. I feel that I have grown a lot as a person. There have been periods of hardship during this time, but I always encourage myself to try my best to look forward to the future. I feel that now is a good time to come out and face myself and society. This incident has allowed me to walk a better path in the future, to have a chance to start again, and be my best self. I’ve been spending this time with my family. I know that they are the most important.

“As well, I’ve been using this time to prepare myself by reading and doing exercise. I don’t dare say I am returning to work especially during the pandemic–I’ll leave that decision with my company. By standing here today, I am telling everyone I am ready. I am here to bear the responsibilities of my actions and my words. I can’t say what the future will be like, but I am certain I am 100 percent better than before. I was uncertain and asked myself if I was ready, but my wife told me to be 100 percent ready and to have a positive mindset. I am a little nervous to face everyone–it requires courage to face your past.”

During the pandemic, Andy took part in some volunteer events. “I went with William So (蘇永康) to senior homes to give out face masks and make lunch boxes. When talking to the seniors, I can feel that they really need our love and support. I feel that they are the ones that are helping me in changing the way I think. In the future, I definitely will pay more attention to societal needs.”

Reporters asked if he has received support for his appearance today from his Sammi. He replied, “She just told me to be natural and to have confidence in myself. During this period, other than spending time on improving myself, I have been taking care of my aging dog Lucky. His condition is worsening and he is starting to lose his ability to walk. From him, I’ve learned to be grateful. He’s been with me for a long time, and I hope that he can be happy during the last portion of his life.”

Andy was also asked if he has been in contact with Jacqueline since her return to Hong Kong. “I know that everyone needs time to accept what I’ve done. The past is in the past–this incident is like an open wound that will never disappear and will constantly remind me to be vigilant in becoming the best version of myself.”

He also stated that he has seen the recent news of Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) relationship but denied to further comment.

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15 comments to Cheating Scandal Made Andy Hui Into a Better Person

  1. pompidur says:

    So it takes cheating scandal to turn him into a better person? Lmao

    Great PR though, all those volunteer work.

    Will we see or hear JW do volunteer work too soon?

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Exactly and it sad that you need to cheat to become a “better” person. How sad is that?

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    • bizzybody replied:

      @pompidur Most probably we may hear of more charitable works from people who have turned into a ‘better’ person. Otherwise how to publicise they are now better?

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  2. “By standing here today, I am telling everyone I am ready. I am here to bear the responsibilities of my actions and my words. I can’t say what the future will be like, but I am certain I am 100 percent better than before.”

    Where do I start with this comment…so he’s like a little late rigth?

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  3. jjwong says:

    Blah blah blah BS.

    By sitting here today, I’m typing letting everyone know that I am ready. I am ready to have AH disappear from ET. I can’t say what future will be like, bfut I am 100% certain the ET will not lose without him. xD

    I was never a fan of his music or acting. He’s just mediocre in everything. Nothing will be lost if he just disappear or retire or whatever from ET. Then again, idc if he continues in ET either. Just feel sorry for those who actually believe the shat coming from him. Lol.

    Edit: who’s his management company? Wouldn’t it be something if he films for a TVB series now? XD

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    • ricky721 replied:

      @jjwong Totally agree… blah blah blah… what a “coincidence” he decides he’s ready, everything is happening together. Sooner than later TVB will be attempting to give JW a become. We all know she’s itching to come out. AH’s manager is Paco.

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  4. applelim says:

    yeah..yeah..yeah…lets see in a few more years

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  5. hohliu says:

    A better person? He is just caught this round….next time, he will be cleverer not to get caught.

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  6. gnomageddon says:

    I don’t think he and Sammi have a good marriage. All I read in the article is “I have been learning, growing, and reflecting to be a better person. I have been exercising and preparing for a comeback. I am ready to take full responsibility and face the media. I have done volunteer work. I am grateful for my dog. Etc etc.” I am not saying he should or should not be forgiven for cheating. We are not in the position to determine that. But just from what he said, he barely mentioned Sammi except that she told him to be confident and positive. I feel like if a person really is remorseful, they would say how they have used this past year to work on repairing his marriage, communicating with his wife, being grateful for her acceptance and forgiveness, and trying his best to be a better husband. Something along those lines. Sure, he doesn’t owe it to us to give us that much info on his relationship with Sammi as to not stir the pot or maybe for privacy reasons, but I feel like his hardly mentioning Sammi shows me they don’t have a strong emotional bond and marriage. I don’t support infidelity but something must have been amiss in their relationship for him to have strayed. It could have been JW seducing him, sure… but I feel like he wasn’t happy in his marriage either. And from the sounds of his comeback, it doesn’t seem like his bond with Sammi strengthened or got better throughout this time. He reflected on how to be a better person to society and to the public and how to have a comeback to face the media. All I heard was “I this, I that”… it was just me, me, me, me, me. Listening to him speak was so exhausting especially since it was so self-centered. He seemed to have miss the most important point he should have made, and that is how he spent the past year reflecting how to be a better husband to his wife. But it seems like he did everything else except that.

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    • rayne replied:

      @gnomageddon I agree with everything you said. I think I read somewhere that Sammi had waited for Andy for a long time (maybe even had multiple on-and-offs?) before they officially got married. I don’t remember where I read it but the feeling I got from the article was that Sammi loved Andy way more than he loved her.

      But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. You can only be a better husband by first being a better person.

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  7. nleung12345 says:

    I’m standing up for neither Andy and Sammi- but yes, I don’t think they are in a happy marriage. I used to follow Sammi on Instagram but unfollowed when I realized all her posts are of her dripping sweats/posting in very unnatural face expressions/more exercising. I cany imagine being happy in marriage with someone whose body and face are their everything. There were no pictures of vacations/anything relating to Andy. Again, this is all from my assumption and ofcourse I can be incorrect unless I live with them. Cheating is bad, but not many decide to marry having cheating in mind. Again, not sticking up for either.

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    • luye replied:

      @nleung12345 Sammi hasn’t posted pics with Andy since the scandal. I think she’s careful of what she posts because people will write hateful comments

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Well it is not just them but many are in an unhappy marriage. They just try to last either for the kids, maintaining an image, financial reasons, etc… A happy, successful, and everlasting marriage takes a lot of work, tolerance, communication,etc… I still remember a lady who was in a happy marriage for 40 years told me that it’s hard. One of the most important aspects of a happy marriage is that you can fix and resolve things. I have a feeling that Sammi and Andy just lets the problems pile up and leaves them at the side without discussing and resolving them. That is not healthy for any kind of relationship. It feels like they stay together just the sake of lasting which is sad. I can be wrong though so who knows?

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  8. nleung12345 says:

    The “I’ve volunteered” and “new man” are so lame. You are not a new man, ur a man who got caught .

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  9. thundergirl3 says:

    I have two things to say about this man – gross and scumbag.

    My opinion won’t change with a few volunteer work. Seriously, my dog can volunteer to take out the trash and I don’t even have one.

    Until I see his intention or character matches his action I’ll maybe start to believe him. Until then he’s a better man at not getting caught. Utter garbage!

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