51 Days After Andy Hui’s Cheating Scandal, Sammi Cheng Leaves Poignant Message on Instagram

It has been almost two months since Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) cheating scandal broke out. After staying silent for three days since the news made headlines,Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) finally broke her silence and chose to forgive her husband and work on mending their relationship. To cope with the betrayal, Sammi has been focused on preparing for her upcoming concert. Despite this, it seems that Sammi is still struggling with a roller coaster of emotions.

On June 5, Sammi posted an ambiguous and poignant message on her Instagram. “Very few people can go through life without any wind or waves. No one is perfect. Sometimes, we will find ourselves at the highest peak of our lives. Sometimes, we will also find ourselves at the lowest of lows; yet sometimes, we find ourselves at a plateau and a stand-still. Sometimes, we are able to equip ourselves with great courage; yet sometimes, we will be fearful to the point of trembling. Sometimes, we are able to make quick and fast decisions; yet sometimes, we remain hesitant and uncertain.”

The expressive post may reflect Sammi’s inner turmoil as she struggles to come to terms with Andy’s betrayal. Sammi applies this poignant reflection to herself and adds, “Actually, I am not special and am not different from anyone else, because I am just a human being. Each and every one of us must go through some difficult experiences. Through our own life stories, both our right and wrongs or goods and bads, we learn to become a better person. We learn from our mistakes and mature, because that is how we grow up.”

Although fans were initially divided between their support and opposition regarding Sammi’s decision to forgive Andy, many left supportive and encouraging messages on Sammi’s post. One netizen wrote, “You are doing great. I am following in your footsteps and growing up too.” Another wrote, “If you don’t weather the storm, how will you see the rainbow after the rain?”

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Since Sammi chose to forgive Andy and work on mending the relationship, she should have extra courage to face whatever comes in as a result of her decision.

    All the best to her anyway.

    1. @diana80
      i agree, and her message just reflected that she has to deal with her other inner emotions not just what her faith has taught her. it’s hard but she has made the choice.

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