Louis Koo Shares Incredible Schedule

Breaking records to become the first-ever Hong Kong film to gross USD10.24 million at the box office, epic film Warriors of Future <明日戰記> produced by 52-year-old Louis Koo (古天樂) will be available for viewing on Netflix come December 2. Interviewed by Taiwanese media recently, Louis addressed rumors that he was dying, and humorously asserted, “I’m still alive!”

Underwent Surgery with Full Recovery
As Louis had to put on an armor suit over 30 pounds to fight robots in the sci-fi film which he also produced, there were rumors on the internet that the right side of his body suffered numbness due to the pressure, and that he was dying. Recounting that he received many concerned calls after reports were published, Louis laughingly dispelled the talk.  “(There was) pressure on my nerves so it was a little painful and I had to do an operation,” He explained further that while he could use ice packs and painkillers, he decided to go ahead with (the surgery) so it would not hurt as bad when he filmed action scenes later on.

Having made a full recovery, Louis shared that his spinal issues are resolved and titanium implants have been inserted, humorously adding, “As long as you guys don’t report that I’m almost dying, I should be fine,”

Prefers Work to Tangping’ trend
On days when he is not filming, Louis shared that he would be watching movies at home and brainstorming on new script ideas. “I don’t think I will ever have thoughts of retiring, the good thing about creating is that no mater your physical condition, you will never stop thinking, I will definitely carry on,” Revealing his routine of sleeping only 4 hours a day and eating just one meal, Louis shared that his secret to diffuse stress is to “pile on more stress!”

Working on action flick Space Elevator (yet unconfirmed) <太空天梯>, the actor, film producer and CEO of One Cool Group Limited described the process of coming up with the movie script as a joyful one. “I feel that as long as you like it, you will keep up the passion, many married couples divorce because they do not keep up the passion.”

Source: WorldJournal

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