Louis Koo Looks to Japan for Ambitious Company Expansion Plan

Since its release in August, Louis Koo’s (古天樂) sci-fi action film, Warriors of the Future <明日戰記> earned approximately 470 million Chinese yuan in China and Hong Kong. In celebration of the excellent performance as well as his Lunar Chinese birthday, Louis booked an entire theater in Tsim Sha Tsui and treated the audience to food and drinks.

Aside from celebrating excellent box office sales, Louis revealed big plans for his company, One Cool Group, which has financed and produced ground breaking projects in the Hong Kong film industry in recent years through films such as Warriors of Future. Louis hopes his company will continue breaking international barriers in the next 10 to 20 years.

While in Japan last week, Louis met with author and Kunio Okawara, who is  known as his mecha designs of the Gundam series. Hoping to create the next generation of mecha heroes, Louis’ plan includes creating a manga series, which will hopefully turn into television and movie adaptations.

Recognized for his leadership and contributions to the film industry, Louis received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the London Asian Film Festival. Tickets for Warriors of Future were selling out quick at the festival, so Louis coordinated with the organizers to add more showings. “If responses continue to be this enthusiastic, maybe we can organize a special showing for the fans. This is a great way for people around the world to get to know Hong Kong sci-fi productions and recognize our movie standards,” Louis said.

Turning 52 this year, Louis famously said he is made of “steel” and has a lot of energy and passion to continue making great achievements. Asked how he will celebrate his birthday, he responded Like always, I’ll just go back home for dinner, and then we’ll take a photo of our stoic selves for my birthday. It’s always been my tradition to not smile in these photos. My birthday dinner will be great though–my mom will personally be making dinner and she’ll be making my favorite dish, poached chicken.”

This article was revised on October 20, 2022 to reflect that Louis Koo had met with mecha designer, Kunio Okawara, in Japan.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Happy to read Louis is venturing further then HK/China… I bet he will learn alot from the Japanese… Both sides can share their skills and knowledge to create a dynamic production..
    It will not surprise me Louis may get criticised by some silly C-netizens..

    1. It never ceases to surprise me how strong the anti-Japanese sentiment is and yet, Chinese tourists make up 40% of tourism revenue in Japan and 30% of international volume

      1. China has a love-hate relationship with Japan… Japan tourism industry does depend alot on China because as you point out, they make up a huge part of their tourism revenue and the tourists are big money spenders..
        Yet yearly, there will be Gov invested dramas that reminds the Chinese just how hateful the Japan treated them during WW2… these reminders will try to keeps those sentiment alive and strong…

  2. For sure, learn from the good and know what not to do for the bad. Fusion and collaboration…that’s when good ish comes out. CCP will never do that though…

    1. @giaht The Kpop group, SKYLE, debuted in August 2021 and is still active. They released a new MV, “Bye Bye Bye” in August 2022. The response is not too strong, considering the biggest Kpop groups receive millions of views within days of a new release.


      However, given it is one of Louis’ first forays into K-entertainment, it’s a learning experience. I’m sure his company will build its experience and have more success in managing future groups.

      Louis is very ambitious, in building bridges with global entertainment forces to extend his company’s relevance. He has financed Hollywood animations, entered K-entertainment, produced a big-budget HK sci-fi movie, and now partnering with Japanese pioneers to refine his animation strategy. He’s learning from the best in each niche, and hoping to bring his company up to world standards.

      If only more Hong Kong producers had this long-term vision in the 1990s (instead of focus on immediate profits by doing the same things over and over again), the industry would have grown in influence instead of falling behind its Asian peers.

  3. Koo didn’t see Tomino. According to Chinese reports, he met with Kunio Okawara. Okawara was one of the pioneers in designing the Gundam mobile suits.

  4. Surely Louis will retire from acting soon and will be ‘the businessman’ or ‘the entertainment mogul’, sitting behind the scenes masterminding his movie empire…

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