Louis Koo Launches Korean Boyband, OCJ Newbies

This summer, Louis Koo’s (古天樂) company One Cool Jacso Entertainment announced the creation of  new boyband temporarily named OCJ Newbies. The group is comprised of 13 members including Kim Dong Bin, Won Hyun Sik from Produce X 101 and Leo, a Hong Kong trainee. The status of the members became an issue of concern when Kim Dong Bin was heard crying in an Instagram live and not showing his face on camera.

Afterwards, Kim Dong Bin removed onecooljacso and ocjnewbies from his Instagram profile. Fans on Twitter started tweeting #protectOCJNewbies and berated the company for not taking care of their artistes, and pointed out that this was not an isolated case.

Another member of the group, Jeon Chi Bin, had posted negative messages on social media several times. He previously said that he has not received birthday wishes since 2020. He believes his laptop at the dorm was maliciously broken, but no one admitted to any wrongdoing so he had to pay for repairs. He also posted in September, “I’ve felt sad since the beginning until now.” He then posted an apology and asked everyone not to worry.

Recently, fans discovered that Chi Bin had posted on a forum saying “but I’m no longer in ocjnewbies,” so it remains unclear whether he is still a part of the group.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Louis Koo’s K-Pop Girl Group Revealed!

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  1. First, Korean market will not let a Chinese company to have a popular K-pop group…

    Louis koo girls group was a fail…

  2. Whether or not Korea will let a Chinese create and manage a boy band, I for one am sick and fed up with these under talented groups who can’t sing a lick. They have the most rabid fans who think they are the greatest thing since life itself. Never knew there were so many talent-deaf people out there. Well, Louis is smart. He knows where the money is, talent or not.

    1. Same applies to these new US artist…everything is computer electronic generated…i can’t stand to listen to the new stuff…

  3. Why did he not invest into the local market instead? Considering how dead the current HK industry us, wouldn’t it have been better to continue to that instead of just adding to the already crowded Kpop scene where you are way over your head?

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