Louis Koo’s K-Pop Girl Group Revealed!

Expanding his entertainment business to South Korea, Louis Koo’s (古天樂) company Good Luck Entertainment is debuting a four-member girl group SKYLE. As fans wait to see what SKYLE will bring to the table, the members were introduced with a series of individual concept photos.

SKYLE stands for “(S)how the (K)inetic & (Y)outh (L)eading a new (E)pisode” and consists of four members: Chaehyeon, Ginny, Erin and Ujeong. In the concept photos, the girls transform into “Red Queens” as they wear red-laced dresses matched by elaborate rose-themed crowns.

Among the members, 21-years-old Chaehyeon is the leader and the main vocalist of the group. Chaehyeon is multi-talented and is skilled at singing, rapping, dancing and music composition.

At 22 years old, Ginny is the eldest in the group and studied performing arts at Dankook University where South Korean superstar Rain also attended. The Chinese member has great flexibility and is able to perform very difficult dance moves.

Erin is 19 years old and the visual of the group. Praised for her beautiful looks, Erin will also charm fans and her beautiful voice.

Ujeong is also 19 years old, and will impress the fans with her powerful singing and dance moves.

SKYLE’s concept photos and dance practice videos have garnered global attention and attracted fans from various countries such as Italy, Russia and Brazil. In addition, SKYLE is currently being hailed as a “model-idol” group due to their tall stature and beautiful looks, and has been selected to endorse international sport brands before their official debut.

SKYLE will release a highlight medley and their MV on July 19 at noon.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.


    1. They should have thought of a better name. They look ok and I don’t feel they are below Blackpink in terms of looks. Not sure about talent yet so let’s see.

  1. I don’t think their promotion is doing much, I still haven’t seen any kpop media outlet talking or mentioning about this band at all…

  2. The synchronization is pretty good! Definitely not as poppin’ as BlackPink – they have Lisa and Jennie for the ‘pop’ factor and Rose for the singing. Jisoo for visual. This new girl group might not be as good, but we will see about their singing.

  3. This is a very expensive and risky venture… He is entering the KPop market . Wish him luck as he really needs it.

  4. (S)how the (K)inetic & (Y)outh (L)eading a new (E)pisode

    LMAO this is so dumb. Just pick a name and don’t give it too much thought, really. No need to make ridiculous acronym out of sentence that doesn’t make any sense.

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