Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan Shine at Diamond Event

Gracing a publicity event for Infini Love “Diamond” as superstar guests on October 13, longtime onscreen partners Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) shared their insights on becoming one’s best self, and nurturing the next generation of stars and artistes!

Also invited to the event are younger artistes Ansonbean (
陳毅燊), Sabrina Cheung (張蔓莎) and Mandy Tam (譚旻萱).

From Rough to Polish: Realizing One’s Possibilities

While the public often see him as an actor first, Louis says that his passion for acting has led him to delve deeper into various aspects such as scriptwriting and production.

In line with the day’s theme of “A passion for brilliance”, Louis shared his thoughts on how veterans can mentor younger artistes who are new to showbiz. Much like cutting diamonds from rough stone, the process of nurturing newbies requires much work. “Of course we hope that every new actor can perform well and be well-liked, but in fact we need to continuously monitor budding artistes to discover their unique, shining points, to polish and refine them to showcase their personal best,”

Gifted a jewellery piece, the filial Louis responded that he would be gifting it to his mother! “Parents are the most noble; every parent is like a diamond craftsman, they spend an infinite amount of time and effort to enable their kids to shine, I hope to express my gratitude for her many years of efforts with this jem,”

Showing Her Most Authentic Side

A familiar face to audiences, Jessica said, “Actually all along I have not given (my roles) special thought, I will try to understand every character’s background and story before going on set, and hope to bring out each persona most naturally and authentically, as every role has their own deserving shine,”

Jessica said she has always preferred simple, statement jewellery pieces for practical reasons.

As for how to win over that elusive affinity with viewers, the seasoned actress shared, “I insist on presenting my most natural and authentic side. No one would perfectly meet viewer expectations on debuting, but neither should you get down because of a few career missteps, always maintain a happy frame of mind to embrace every stage,”

Emphasising the importance of goal-setting, she encouraged everyone to give themselves a little support each day. “believe that you can pass the tests of time, just like a natural diamond needs to be examined & polished to bring out their natural luminescence, and be able to shine from every angle,” Drawing a parallel between diamond polishing and acting, she added, “We discover our innate qualities through different attempts, just like (the perfect diamond cutting) can unlock the brilliant gemstone within”.

Source: Topick!

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