Louis Koo Helms Netflix’s “The Mitchells vs The Machines”

With a deep passion for film, Louis Koo (古天樂) founded his own studio One Cool Group Limited with a focus on movie production, post-production, distribution and financing. While the company has been enjoying success in the Hong Kong and Chinese market, Louis has set his eyes on the international market and successfully helmed Netflix animated movie The Mitchells vs The Machines in collaboration with Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation.

The children-friendly animated film tells the story of robots developing advanced artificial intelligence and conspiring to take over the world. As Earth faces their biggest threat, a dysfunctional family and their dog put their differences aside to save humankind. The movie pokes fun at modern-age lifestyles where everyone is glued to their cell phones and struggles to communicate with each other.

The Mitchells vs The Machines was originally slated for theatrical release, but due to the pandemic, distribution rights were sold to Netflix.

Actively involved in the creation of The Mitchells vs The Machines as the executive producer, it was a major milestone for Louis and his production company. To commemorate the achievement, Louis included his personal family photos in the movie’s credit scene.

Committed to making more animated films, One Cool Group Limited is issued the following statement to share the company’s future plans:

“Animation and production are the company’s future strategy. We are constantly exploring and understanding the ever changing landscape of production models to meet our priority of broadening our horizon. The collaboration was an opportunity, but it also provided a step forward in multifaceted learning and development.

“We will continue to invest in appropriate and positive scripts from abroad while continuing to support local up and coming directors, actors, and production. We will continue to develop well-produced Hong Kong films while meeting the audience’s expectations.”

Source: Hket

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I just watched this over the weekend; boy, was i surprised when I saw Louis Koo as executive producer! There weren’t any Asian references in the film and stayed authentic to American sensibilities. But halfway through, the plot devolved into a cliche mess, which reminds me a lot of Asian productions lol. All in all though, the film wasn’t bad. Too many recent animations that focus on technology is evil slant, surprisingly, which makes this one a bore, but nevertheless, a cute movie to spend an afternoon with.

  2. Son wanted to watch this I said no haha, but now maybe I’ll let him, just to support One Cool Group, good for Louis too expand his horizon.

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