Lee Lung Kei Supports Fiancée During Legal Troubles

TVB actor Lee Lung Kei, (李龍基), 73, has been worrying over legal troubles faced by his fiancée Chris Wong (王青霞), 36, who is charged with overstaying in Hong Kong and six counts of using false documents. She is currently detained at Tai Lam Correctional Institution. The case was heard at the Sha Tin Magistrates’ Courts last week.

Arriving at court at 9 a.m., Lee Lung Kei he has lost quite a bit of weight. Speaking with the press, the actor admitted to only sleeping two hours the previous night. He did not reveal details about Chris’ case, only thanking everyone for their concern. When asked if he had confidence in the trial, Lee Lung Kei said he would leave it to the lawyer to decide on the appropriate approach.

During the hearing, Chris was charged with an additional charge, alleging she had violated the conditions of stay by accepting employment in Hong Kong. The next hearing will be on May 28 at the Shatin Magistrates’ Courts. The defense still has not requested bail and Chris was still detained.

After the court session, Lee Lung Kei was seen wiping away tears many times. He said he would visit Chris every day, “I am her biggest support.” When reporters mentioned his fiancée would see the news in the correctional facility, Lee Lung Kei started crying again, “I swear, I told her not to read the nonsense people are writing.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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