Louisa Mak Holds Wedding Banquet at Walled Village

Former Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak Ming-Sze (麥明詩) and Keith Shing (盛勁為) have held the first of their three-part wedding on Saturday, March 23! Confirming their wedding bells in end January, the couple will reportedly host their many relatives and friends over three ceremonies, one at the walled village, another at a yacht wedding at Kennett Island, and another wedding dinner at a five-star hotel.

Wedding Banquest Cum “Poon Choi Experience”

The couple arrived to the cheers of guests at the Shings’ walled village in Yuen Long District around evening, where 40 tables had been set up for relatives and friends to indulge in the celebrations. Louisa was seen in a simple but classy traditional red qipao adorned with auspicious gold bangles, while Keith looked dashing in a Chinese Tang-style top.

While offering a toast to the guests present, Louisa drew attention to the giant Chinese couplets put up specially for the occasion, highlighting one particular line reads “A strong wind stirs the elixir of love”, which contains a character in Keith’s name, and thanked her father-in-law for “giving him such a powerful name!”

Louisa Thanks Father-in-Law, Asks Hubby to “Work Hard”

Expressing her gratitude at joining the big family of the walled village, Louisa pro-actively prodded husband Keith to work hard at procreating so as to carry on the Shing family name through the next generation! Laughing, Keith then asked wifey Louisa if she would prefer a son or daughter, to which Louisa replied, “Both are good”. Thanking the guests, Keith even performed the meaningful song “Love You More Each Day” <每天愛你多一些> on the spot.

Accidentally stealing the show was actor Lee Lung Kei (李龍基), who graced the wedding as guest. The 73-year-old aroused the audiences’ mood with his song performances, including the classic Love is So Sweet <愛是這樣甜> which turned up the vibes. Expressing his blessings for the newly-weds to have a long-lasting marriage, and be blessed with many children and grandchildren, Lee Lung Kei even danced along with Louisa’s mother-in-law, to the excitement of the couple’s family and friends!



















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