Louisa Mak Plans Multi-Day Wedding

(Above) Louisa revealed that she is the one planning most of the details on her big day!

Confirmed to be walking down the aisle together, former actress Louisa Mak (麥明詩) and fiancé, pilot Keith Shing (盛勁為) are reportedly holding a yacht wedding on March 24 at Kellett Island!

Punning on their Chinese names to put a personalised twist on the upcoming nuptials by calling it 勁甜麥 or “unyielding sweetness”, the bride-to-be has also started sending dowry cakes to friends and relatives. Although Louisa revealed at an earlier event that she will have a “quick and beautiful” concept for the wedding, the couple’s sheer guest list means that the wedding reception will likely be a three-day event – with prospective elders on both sides and non-showbiz friends to be hosted at a village locale, a yacht club wedding at Kellett Island for majority of their relatives, while showbiz friends will celebrate with the couple at a five-star hotel, with wedding costs expected to be in the millions.

Unveiled, their wedding invite card design is modern chic with traditional elements, the round card featuring the Chinese character 囍 or “double bliss” in the centre together with phoenix and dragon prints, with a gold knot affixed at the bottom.

Source: HK01

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