Louisa Mak Counts Down to Big Day

With a yacht wedding confirmed for March 24 at Hong Kong’s Kellet Island, former Miss Hong Kong and TVB actress, Louisa Mak (麥明詩) has dropped more behind-the-scenes photos and pre-wedding shots!


Sharing photos and videos of her successful proposal to pilot boyfriend Keith Shing (盛勁為) in January this year, where she had gifted him a luxurious timepiece, the actress-turned-corporate highflyer announced good news of her upcoming nuptials and received countless well wishes from both netizens and showbiz friends.

Using both their initials to form a unique name/hashtag in Cantonese for the wedding (勁甜麥 or “ging tim mak” roughly meaning super sweet), Louisa released more lovey-dovey footage on the eve of their big day on Instagram, where she has an active presence.

The 32 year-old, who is now a non-executive director at Legendary Education Group, simply wrote, “Here we are. Just enjoy the moment, and that’s what makes it perfect.” Appearing in three different outfits in the video posted, including two formal gowns and a casual dress, the soon-to-be-married couple gazed sweetly at each other and locking lips affectionately. They were even captured having fun while “drenched” and “kissing in the rain”, with Louisa and Keith nonetheless looking radiant in white, she in a back-revealing halter dress!

More screengrabs from the videos shared:

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