Separation Ahead for Lee Lung Kei and Fiancée

On 19 June, former TVB actor Lee Lung Kei‘s (李龍基) fiancée Chris Wong (王青霞) received a 25-month prison sentence for five charges including use of false documents and overstaying her visa in Hong Kong. 

Gave Up All Properties to Ex-wife

Interviewed on a recent web talkshow, Lee Lung Kei was asked who loved whom more. “I feel that she loves me more, of course I also love her, I don’t deny this…the entire matter started because she loved me too much and wanted to stay by my side,” he responded, alluding to her charges.

He also revealed that Chris has written over 122 letters to him, which he made short replies, mostly with motivational song lyrics, and said that the prison sentence was not such a big deal, but that she would have ample time to do self-reflections.

Head-turning May-December Romance

Turning down rumors that he had 8 properties under his name which he transferred to Chris, the 73 year-old reiterated that he had transferred all his properties to his ex-wife when he signed the divorce papers back in 2019, as he felt that he owned her a favor.

Due to their age gap of almost forty years, public opinion was that Chris eyed Lee Lung Kei for his money or wanted to leech on his fame, which he confessed was also his initial sentiment. “When I first knew her over ten years ago that was also what I was wary of, after that I didn’t want to break up the family so we separated for some time, but when we met again it was like “dry wood near a fierce fire”, so we got back together,” He added that he had reunited with Chris in the US back in 2018, and she was well-aware that he had left all his properties to his ex-wife, and was therefore left only with a little savings, and not a large sum.

Expressing his certainty that Chris would not have a change of heart, adding that he was all she had, as she simply had “no kin and no material possessions” in Hong Kong. As for himself, he confessed that he has to “work hard” on steering clear of temptations as “it is a crazy world out there”. Seemingly steering clear of being certain, he later added, “In this world no one can say anything is for sure…sometimes I don’t want to change, but…your best bet is to be prepared for the worst.”

Source: HK01

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  1. This mini interview really confounds me.

    If I say he’s an egotistic delusional idiot, it isn’t as apparent because he says she already knows he’s got nothing to his name

    I want to say he’s insecure because in what world would a guy mention there are possibilities out there when he’s pretty much hit the jackpot with his partner? He’s saying it cus he wants to keep her insecure, cuz he’s insecure.

    If everything he says is the truth, what kind of world is this woman living in, where she’d rather be with a 70+ guy who has nothing to his name and pretty much imply he could cheat on her at any moment?

    I just can’t with this couple

  2. For some reason … this is not a surprise to so many older men. But in a way he is clever as he has given everything to his ex-wife and just has enough money to support himself. However, I believe in second chances of love, but seriously what does a young woman want with someone probably older than her own father and one she will have to care for when he is very elderly? For him, he maybe needs to not be selfish and let her free to find someone closer to her age and go make a family and a future. Why disclose so much about her writing so many hundreds of letters to him and who loves who more.