Jacqueline Wong Still Has Lavish Lifestyle After 16 Months of No Work

It has been 16 months since Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui’s ( 許志安) cheating scandal was exposed, and all involved parties have moved on with their lives. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is now dating Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), and Jacqueline is speculated to be dating RubberBand’s drummer Lai Man Wang (黎萬宏) after being spotted on several outings together. Seen on dates with her dog in tow, Jacqueline surprisingly continues to lead a lavish lifestyle even though she has not worked in over a year.

Maintains Wealthy Lifestyle

Due to her scandal last year, Jacqueline’s image hit rock bottom and did not have any job offers despite an outstanding contract with TVB. At the height of the furor, she escaped to the United States and has since returned to Hong Kong. She has been out of work for 16 months and counting, but remains a target of paparazzi.

Though without any work for over a year, she is still living a wealthy lifestyle. Prior to her scandal, Jacqueline frequently showed off her designer goods including a $70,000-Hong-Kong-dollar Hermes Birkin Bag and luxury watch. Not much has changed recently, as she is still seen wearing designer brands including a Gucci bag while out for a walk.

Aside from her preference for luxury goods, Jacqueline also lives comfortably. In 2017, she put down a down payment for a 500-square-foot property in Kowloon and pays a monthly mortgage of HK$30,000. Jacqueline currently rents a unit in Yau Tong for about HK$20,000 a month.

New Boyfriend?

It is alleged that Jacqueline and Lai Man Wang have been secretly dating for half a year. Neighbors stated that they witnessed Lai Man Wang often visiting Jacqueline’s condo unit, and the pair shopping at a nearby supermarket.

Though both had denied dating and clarified that they are just friends sharing tips as dog owners, Jacqueline and Lai Man Wang continue to have frequent meetups.  In February, the media captured photos of Jacqueline and Lai Man Wang shopping at a large pet store. They were both talking animatedly while Lai Man Wang pushed their shared shopping cart. In June, they were seen taking Jacqueline’s beloved dog to the veterinarian.

Known for his similar appearance to DJ Jan Lamb (林海峰), Lai Man Wang grew up in a middle class family and worked as a computer programmer before joining the entertainment industry. He owns a 600-square-foot property in Tai Kok Tsui, which is currently valued nearly $10 million Hong Kong dollars. Though he cannot be classified as extremely rich, he definitely does not have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

While the two seem to have nothing in common, they have actually known each other for several years. Back in 2016, Jacqueline posted a group photo on Instagram with Lai Man Wang, On Chan (陳健安) and King Wu (吳崇銘) from C AllStar, and Siu Wu (小胡) from Yellow asking fans whether they wanted to listen to this refreshing group. Lai Man Wang was not instantly noticed as the photo was dark and he was hidden in the back corner.


Source: Hket

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Jacqueline is Involved with RubberBand’s Drummer?

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  1. Not gonna lie I want her her gone from showbiz but this is popcorn material that I will read LOL. Maybe cause her dad is rich and she’s making some $ from investments? But still how is she paying both rent and mortgage, unless she rented it out for a very high price??

    1. @bubbles23

      Her actual biological Dad is not ‘rich’. Not by what you’d call RICH standards in Vancouver. Her mom used to be one of my dance teachers.

      Her family is middle class. They used to live in Richmond … a suburb. NOT exactly in wealthiest real estate areas: Vancouver Westside (various pockets) and West Vancouver.

      Richmond kids are quite down to earth imo. It’s a middle class kind of suburb. Sure, townhomes will have BMW SUVs and Merc parked outside, but almost every 3rd Asian here drives some luxury car.

      Jacqueline did go to school in the Westside, and to UBC where there are really wealthy teens who drive Lambos and wear Chanel, Gucci etc. Even Viiolin cases are Gucci! It’s easy to be envious and sucked into that kind of lifestyle, and want to do the same.

      1. @nomad822 I would definitely classify her as above average in Vancouver. She got a bmw in highschool, definitely not the average middle class kid in Vancouver.

        You can also see from her sisters that their family is rich.

  2. there alot of men thats not in the filming industries whom she would try to seduce and may i add she sure do have a taste for worn out pork chop men as her target nowadays i guess thats how she gets all those luxury items is because they all look so haggard LOL……..

    1. well, nevertheless, she has a good body. men often find girls w/ nice bodies hot as long as face is not too ugly. so by no means that she’s is pork chop but a hot chick.

  3. definitely want her to be vanish from the entertainment but she worth some popcorn following her on-going drama and whatever desperate love life she has left.

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