Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Kissing in a Taxi

Photos of Andy Hui (許志安) and TVB actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) caught kissing in a taxi surfaced today. Married to Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) for five years, Andy issued a tearful apology for his “disgusting” behavior at a press conference. Andy said, “I have to deeply apologize to Sammi and my families because I committed an unforgivable mistake.”

It was reported that Andy and Jacqueline were making out in a taxi for over 16 minutes, kissing and touching each other intimately. Taking the initiative, Jacqueline even boldly caressed Andy’s thigh throughout the kiss.

Dating Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for over two years, Jacqueline’s cheating came as a big surprise. The couple spends their holidays with each other’s families and was speculated to be getting close to marriage. With the outbreak of the scandal, Jacqueline’s image took a beating and her career at TVB will likely come to a halt.

Andy Blames Incident on Alcohol

Appearing in a press conference this morning, Andy said that he had drank too much alcohol and got carried away in a moment of lust. All his current projects, including upcoming concert plans, will come to a full stop as he reflects on his actions. Unable to hold back tears, Andy apologized to his wife, Sammi, for betraying her trust.

Crying into the microphone, Andy said, “I’m here today to bear the full responsibility of my own actions. That night, I really drank too much, but alcohol is not an excuse for making this mistake. I’m very regretful and can’t even face and forgive myself.”

He continued to berate himself, “After seeing the reports, I feel very ashamed. I’m truly wrong, hateful, disgusting, and unrecognizable. I have deeply reflected and asked why I couldn’t have stopped myself from making this mistake and controlling my lust.”

Jacqueline and Sammi Are Also Friends

Andy and Jacqueline have known each other for some time, and even sang a duet together at charity show Gala Spectacular <星光熠熠耀保良> last year. The 30-year-old actress likes to flaunt selfies with many male stars, and Andy has appeared in her Instagram posts in the past.

However, many were shocked that Jacqueline and Sammi also seem to be good friends, as they go to the same gym and took photos of their workout sessions together.


Andy Apologizes at Press Conference

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      1. @kenexia I didn’t expect Jacqueline to be so bold. she seemed like the active party because Andy was a zombie.
        Sammi has to decide if it is worth continuing the marriage but Kenneth Ma can drop his girlfriend and TVB can freeze her like Hugo Wong.

    1. @kenexia I was shocked and confused when seeing the news too. Really thought Andy and Sammi were happily married, and Jacqueline and Kenneth were getting close to marriage, and suddenly this….

      1. @jayne Shocked by far… I was too. After what Sammi and Andy went thru?? Who would have known… But, after watching the sequences from media, the video, the immediate press conference, the cancelling of Kenneth’s shift from filming the night of. Quite honestly prior to the “news break” Apple already probably informed Paco (Andy’s manager) and Ms. Lok (TVB), leaving enough time for everyone to handle the issue to the best of their ability. It’s very obvious how everyone is handling everything. “home wrecker” for life for Jacqueline.. and Sad for Kenneth and Sammi…

    2. @kenexia
      Video circulating. Just the language used by Jacqueline I’d disgraceful. It’s going to be a busy week with media chasing up filthy Jacqueline, Sammi and Kenneth and all their entertainment circle friends for comments

      1. @jimmyszeto yea, her body language suggested this is not just a moment of passion but an ongoing affair. He was so restrained/casual about it all from watching half of the video. It was hard to watch as I feel for Kenneth 🙁 she was full on into him, and that hand of her >_> no way they just kissed. I bet they have the affair and sleep together for a number of times now. He held her hands like bf and gf for as long as they did, and they casually be next to each other, suggested they are used to being that close with one another. Poor Sammi and Kenneth :/ the thing is Sammi and Kenneth saw this video and they would know whatever Andy said in the press is BS, moment of passion? Yea, not even I’m fooled, and I’m the outsider.

      2. @littlefish I pity Kenneth Ma…I thought they were going to get married. Jacqueline was FULLY hands over Andy.
        for Kenneth, it is a blessing because they are not married and he got to know her true colours.

      3. @littlefish totally agreed what you had analysed. It is an on going relationship. Its was reported they know each other for 2 years. Their body language tell us that they are intimate and had been together. Andy is not drunk that night as you can see they even joke with each other. They naturally touching each other like couple. Both their partners were in dark about their relationship. Their affairs are reported public and being a celebrity they cannot hide it and need to do something. Whether Andy is sincere apologise to Sammi is a question. He is 51 years old, he should know the consequence of infidelity. But he do not love Sammi enough to be true and faithful to her. Jacqueline is young and hot, Andy may attracted to her. Andy and Jacqueline may loved each other no one can stop them. Having extra affair is not wrong to them if they loved one another. Being a married couple does not mean they will stay together forever. Either the man or woman can find loves in other person. This is a different century nothing can last forever… sometime it is good to let go a relationship that had stopped loving… time heal. Letting go ….

      4. @littlefish
        Even if drunk, it’s not normal to jump all over someone with aggressive kissing unless they have been intimate before. Also the subtle holding of hands means that romance is in the air. Maybe jacqueline enjoys the extra thrill of befriending the man’s wife while stealing the man. Also the extra thrill that it’s one of the most adored couples in HK entertainment will probably have got her very excited. Jacqueline will probably have to head back to live a retired life in Canada now. No more of this Hong Kong night life for her anymore which she will regret since this type of booze/fling life suits her wild personality to the core..

    3. I think Andy Hui would have wished that he can pass off April Fools’s as an excuse to brush this one off………but with this vid clip?………..You would think that people in the entertainment industry would know by now that in this modern day of digital technology, there is no privacy even in public toilets……..Every where you go there is some form of digital device monitoring you……….These two were not drunk or acting in a moment of lust…………These two have been baanging each other for awhile, and Jacqueline was the one who was lusting for some foreplay during the whole time in the car and preparing for the action to come after they get to her home………..The only person I feel sorry for right now is Kenneth Ma, as he had always seemed so smitten about Jacqueline and treated her as wifey material…………Never would I have imagined that the cover on this book was so deceiving…….A permiscuous and sleazy girl on the inside, while pretending to be a goody girl on the outside……The whole audience sure was fooled.

      Mind you, it was hard to not pay attention to her chest during the whole video………..Just bulging out .

  1. The news flooded my IG feed this morning! So shocking! Feel so bad for Sammi & Ma Ming – more for Sammi since she is married. So disappointed in Andy Hui omg. Jacqueline Wong…never had good impressions of her. Not too shocking that she is cheating, but shame on her for doing it with a married man. Many people are heartbroken for the beloved Sammi! Anyway, I think both cheaters’ careers are over…

  2. The news have been posted all through all Asian social news channels. So dumb they do this in a taxi, unbelievable really they don’t even think this will come out.

    Career over for both these two. Andy so fake crying. Jacqueline has always been outgoing, just didn’t expect her to do this with a married man. They will be frozen for years. And Sammi and Kenneth will always have to take a break from all these negative press. Biggest news in HK for a long time really this.

      1. @m0m0
        Well here’s another scumbag cheat names Andy to add to the list.I doubt andy would have cried if he wasn’t caught. The same usual rubbish, ‘I would like like to apologise to everyone, Sammi’s family and my family’ this is not my usual personality BS BS BS. I doubt he would have apologised if he wasn’t caught red handed…

      2. @jimmyszeto exactly right! I think i wouldn’t be so disgusted with him if i hadn’t seen the video of him crying and berating himself. Such a blardy hypocrite. If he hadn’t been caught, he’d be happily banging that beech without feeling any guilt. Same goes for that Arnold guy, they surely can turn on their tears like tap water, too bad they didn’t win Best Actor award. So i was right too about Jacqueline, she’s just toying with Kenneth and keeping him as her spare tyre. But i never expected her to be so cheap to be a home wrecker.

      3. @passingby2
        Yeh. Sammi most people know have a much better singing and acting career than Andy and could find a much better partner but she sacrificed for love. This is what she got in return. We don’t know the ins and outs of other people relationships and some are so obsessed with partner and can accept them going out to have this kind of fun. Seeing that Sammi is on friendly terms with Jacqueline, she is probably fully unaware of Andy’s behaviour before he was a Male, I maintain that I always thought Andy was ugly and his singing is annoying unlike some of this pals…

      4. @m0m0 he’s crying so hard, because whatever was left of his career is now officially over and whatever few fans he had are no longer

  3. i had been waiting all morning for this to come out after reading about an excerpt this AM. i was wondering what’s up with the cheating rumor. omg, so kissing and caressing in the car and expect not to be noticed? omg, so shocking b/c jacquline has such a pure and sweet image. she’s not happy w/ kenneth?!!

    as for andy and sammi, they’ve gone through so much together. sammi must be heartbroking losing a friend and a lover. i guess news like makes you wonder what these celebs are really like off camera.

    1. @m0m0
      Jacqueline was never sweet and cute. You just had to monitor the way she spoke. She just held in her real personality but if you analyse in detail you will notice that she is rude..

  4. Saw the video. There was a third friend in the taxi. The fact that friend did nothing means these 2 were at it for some time. Maybe a bit tipsy but not that drunk. They were friends with benefit. I read they both later got off at her place. What shocked me more was all the cussing in Cantonese courtesy of Jacqueline. Andy was quite quiet. I never knew she could cuss that way. I am disillusioned. I am happy Kenneth knew now rather than later. She is a terrible person. Andy is a terrible husband. I bet the only people he was ever faithful to was his friends. Some gossips said he cheated many times. I don’t know about that but the fact they were so brazen in the taxi not caring if taxi fella will tell on them if there wasn’t some video, it shows they are arrogant. And she not only touched hands and he recipocrated by holding her hand which is intimate for a married man, I think she did far more than rubbinv his thighs. I can’t see where her hands went but they were down and deep. He will survive. Sammi will forgive him, he will lay low for a few years and his friends will get him singing again. If that’s what he wants. Or maybe sammi will leave him. But Jacqueline is over as far as I’m concerned. Not because I am harsh on women but she deceived me and she deceived the industry’s good man by cheating on him and for being so cussing redneck. She is a lie.

    1. @funnlim unless Kenneth says they broke up before that to lessen impact on her. I mean she is saddled with 2 charges, being a mistress and cheating on her popular decent guy. Or Kenneth can forgive her and move on. I hope not. He can do better.

      1. @funnlim Kenneth can do better! Ah she deceived me too, she just looks so innocent! Yup can’t judge a book by its cover! It’s like they wanted to get caught! Ugh! I wish the best for Sammie, I hope she chooses what is best for her. At least no children involved in this scandal!

      2. @funnlim
        Think the impact is the same on Jacqueline whether she was still with Kenneth or not being a third party. Her entertainment circle friends would have deleted her contact by now.She is done…

    2. @funnlim You’re right, both didn’t seem very drunk. Jacqueline seemed to make all the advances, while Andy just sat there and didn’t resist. It’s terrible. I feel very heartbroken for Kenneth and Sammi.

      1. @jayne
        I hope Kenneth And Jacqueline had already broken up a while back. It’s quite possible because they don’t seem the type to want to discuss about private life..

      2. @jimmyszeto In Jacqueline’s latest IG post, she apologized to Kenneth for hurting him. So they were still dating when she kissed Andy in the taxi. Which of course makes her actions all the more hurtful towards Kenneth.

        This incident reminds me a bit of Benny Chan/ Rose Chan’s kissing incident a few years ago. Do artistes treat kisses as casual flirting only? Even married artistes? Benny and Rose seem to be having fun at the time, and Joe Ma just looked on casually until the media put moral judgement on the issue because Benny is married. That’s when Rose played the hurt victim and Benny held a tearful press conference only upon exposure.

        Andy and Jacqueline certainly didn’t look remorseful inside the taxi at all. Jacqueline’s actions seem very flirtatious and premeditated. Again they’re only issuing apologies because they were found out.

      3. @jayne It could’ve been interpreted differently too. Maybe Jacqueline apologized to Kenneth for dragging him into this mess or for cheating on him while they were still dating in the past, but it doesn’t signify they were still dating when this incident occurred. And Kenneth’s response was really calm. Too calm. Not at all what it should be like if he was the cuckold BF. And Kenneth also didn’t specify whether they were dating. He just said he’s going to focus on work. His mom’s reply was the biggest shock to me, when she said he was fine, just in the house watching the game. This was before she knew about the scandal. Why would he just sit there numbly watching the game if he just found out his GF cheated on him?

        Of course, it could also be what you and everyone else is interpreting it as, as well. I’m just offering another interpretation of the data presented here.

      4. @coralie Or Kenneth and JW are “together” but not really in love. Kenneth may be hiding his emotions, but I do wonder if there was any serious attachment there.

        The biggest person hurt is Sammi. Terrible.

    3. @funnlim
      Andy and Sammi probably separated in the past due to Andy not willing to settle down and devote to one woman. When they reconciled it was probably suggested that he was ready but habits are hard to change..,

    4. @funnlim not sure how much of the video you saw. The friend in the taxi with them tried doing something. When they got in the taxi, Andy was quick to tell the driver to go to the neighbourhood of his friend. Jacqueline also pointed to take their friend home first. The friend firmly said 唔得 /no, we have to take her home first. Then there were some cussing and arguing back and forth about who to take home first. Of course two versus one, the friend lost as Jacqueline didn’t give her address out (she also pretended to go through her bag). Even as they were going to their friend’s home, the friend asked many times where Jacqueline lives.

      When they arrived at their friend’s place, he didn’t want to get off, fully knowing what the two will do next. He even said 唔可以. Jacqueline pretty much shooed him out and Andy promised that the taxi will go to his place then her place and he would WhatsApp his friend as evidence. The friend asked again if Andy was sure he would follow through with his words. He pretty much gave up at that point and left. Then the taxi drove off again and at the same time, Andy and Jacqueline said 鯉魚門 where she lives and then all the kissing and groping begins.

      1. @jaylee Based on the footage, it isn’t a one-time mistake. They were likely having an affair for some time. In the footage she said she loves him and wanted him for herself.

      2. @jaylee Yes, it doesn’t seem like the first time for the pair of cheaters. In another news, it reminded her how firmly in the past that she said she is not interested being a 3rd party which is a complete joke now given this. Her career in TVB is over and done with.
        Those celebrities who hold press con when caught always end up crying but seriously, who really believe that. They will still continue to do what they shouldn’t be doing if they aren’t caught. They are crying because they are caught and are in deep trouble.

      3. @jaylee That’s a lot! I saw the video but couldn’t hear much. I did hear some friendly arguments and a lot of doot doot doot. Now I see. THese 2 wanna get rid of the friend for some me time at her house. Still convinced they were having an affair. Am disgusted.

      4. @jaylee thanks for the video recap and translation… I couldnt make out what they were saying. Btw , why was she speaking mostly English? Is she not a native Hong Konger?

      5. @jaylee Sounds like the friend tried his best to keep Andy and Jacqueline apart but failed. Even that guy knew what they were doing was wrong.

  5. Oh man! I am so disappointed in Andy! Poor Sammie! After watching the exorcist meter I started to like Kenneth even more. I feel bad for him! This news just feel so unreal!

  6. He was drunk…or sort of…. A beautiful girl coming on to u….men CAN’Tbresist

      1. @jimmyszeto He may not have been drunk, but sounds like that’s the excuse he’s going to use to get out of this mess. His manager Paco Wong released a statement on behalf of his company after the press con and mentions once again how they are stopping all of Andy’s current jobs so that he can take responsibility for his “drunken screwup”…they could’ve just said he screwed up, he was wrong, blah blah blah, because at the end of the day, doesn’t matter if he was drunk or not, cheating is cheating…but of course, they are going to throw in the “drunk” piece because that will give him a publicly usable, logical “way out” regardless of how things pan out…

      1. @scarlett013 Agree. She is not beautiful but cute. Members here say Kenneth is good looking and better than Andy, but I didn’t find Kenneth good looking thought.

  7. Wow never knew Jacqueline could be interested and intimate with guys like Andy Hui, when her current bf is much more better looking. I wonder what she sees in him. If she is being like this to a single & much more good looking man than Kenneth Ma while still dating him, at least we can understand but with Andy???!!!

    1. @hayden haha I really have to agree, what does she see in Andy. Never found him goodlooking or hot and certainly no star quality. He’s boring and bland, i don’t even understand why he has fans.

  8. The fact that they make out in a taxi either meant they wanted to go public or they thought they are ‘powerful’ enough to overcome a taxi driver gossips. Are they that dumb not to notice the camera?

    I don’t have words to express my shocked over this news. Never thought that Andy would cheat and with such solid proof. Andy and Sammi married and settle down after going through ups and down. It’s like a fairytale. A happy ever after. But turn out it’s not. This guy is not worth it. I can’t bear to watch his press conference as it felt too fake. Goosebumps. Wonder how thick face he need for that session. You cheated and that’s a fact. You cry for what? Sympathy? Sympathy is all for your wife, Sammi, who trusted you and wishes only for a simple married life. If you can’t promise her that, don’t marry her. Why get married and then look elsewhere for excitement?!

    Even if she’s going to forgive you and move on with or without you, not just as an Sammi’s fan but a regular being, I find it hard to forgive. It’s none of my business but I’ll say the same to all cheater. You are not worth forgiving. You don’t know the trauma you put your partner through. It’s a lifelong trauma.

  9. Can someone please explain to me why Asians feel the need to issue a public apology for cheating? This just doesn’t happen in North America. Whatever adults do in their private life is their problem. They don’t owe their fans or the HK public anything. Never seem to understand this.

    1. @chena
      I agree fully. The same lame crap. ‘I would like to sincerely like to apologise to everyone’. He should just secretly seek the forgiveness of his partner and not worry about the public. Just shows that Andy is fake and just cares about his own career and hopes to gain sympathy. No one genuinely ‘cries’ because they feel ‘cheating’ has betrayed the public. It doesn’t make sense. You don’t get westernised personality guys like Edison apologising to the public and crying. It’s the real victims that gets owed the apology. Westerners will just go to the media ‘it’s not your F…… business!!!!

      1. @jimmyszeto Exactly. It’s such a lame attempt to try and salvage a damaged reputation. But I think Asian culture demands this whereas like you said, westerners would be like “none of your F____ business”. The other difference is that cheating scandals in the west will not result in the person losing all their future opportunities. Sometimes it actually works the other way around and even more fame and opportunities come around. It’s like Asians have to constantly live up to this fake image of innocence. SO CRINGE.

        And is the HK public naive enough to think that this is the first time he or she has cheated? This is the first time they got caught! LOL.

      2. @chena Probably an open secret that the entertainment industry is full of womanising, drugs and cheating but everyone has to portray an idol image. No one is allowed to reveal details of each other’s misdemeanours either. Remember that time Eric Tsang slapped Kenny Wee (husband of Suki Chui). What did he do wrong? He gave video of footage of celebrities taking drugs in his restaurant including Eason’s wife to police. Snitching is not allowed and everyone must cover for each other…

      3. @chena
        Probably not first time caught either. Just that not everyone would be brave enough to go to the papers even if they have evidence of celebrity cheating. Can upset a lot of powerful people behind the entertainment circle. The taxi driver has to be careful…

    2. @chena Well the media will hound them anyway. Might as well get it over and done with.

      He also needed to brief about his departure for a while (hopefully forever) from his work.

    3. @chena i always wondered this too. but after following tvb for a few years, i think because north america or just western people in general are much more open. north american entertainment industry is huge, people will forget in no time (or they won’t even know half the time). but hong kong is small, people don’t forget these cheating scandals for years. holding a press con and apologising is the lease they can do, plus they also need to explain to the media. in north america, you can tell media to f**k off and they probably will, but in hk, if you say that to the media, its considered extremely disrespectful and will only bring more hate. its just different values between different cultures, in asia its just a lot more traditional.

    4. @chena Because HK is more conservative and the celebrities seem perfect and wholesome, so a scandal like this will rock their world. American celebrities get caught doing wild and scandalous things all the time that it’s normal.

  10. What a bitch…Never liked her before…hope Tvb will take down her themesong on Lo and Behold. And disapointed with him.
    Poor Sammi and Kenneth….Well at least Kenneth can ditch her now before its too late…

  11. He said he was very drunk that night as though it was a one off and lustful mistake. AS IF! Their body language says it all, they are definitely “well known” to each other, no way it can be the first time. I hope both their careers go down the black hole.

    By the way, how can the taxi release that footage. Isnt that a massive breach of data protection?

  12. Really shocked about this news! Really feel sorry for Sammi and Kenneth in all this. Andy only apologised as he was caught red handed. I hope Louis Koo and Sammi get together, they used to date and saw a photo of them together recently, they look so sweet together. As for Jacqueline, tvb should get rid of her, she looks all innocent but her true colours are shown in that video.

  13. So the taxi driver sold the tape to media? I’m wondering did he commit an offence? Thought that taxis are not allowed to have inward-facing cameras.

    1. @passingby2
      Did Jaqueline swear and treat the driver like a nobody? If so then this was sweet revenge…. He has to be careful though. It won’t be hard to track him down for a good beating…

    2. @passingby2 I read in non-entertainment news sections that the driver might get in trouble for violating privacy laws…and Apple might get in trouble as well for circulating the video….though probably legal implications are the least of both their concerns right now….

    3. @passingby2 yeah, apparently he sold it to apple daily for $400k hkd. i think it is an offence because he’s filming them and because he exposed it. but honestly everybody’s thanking the taxi driver more than yelling at him cause he did everyone a favour by revealing the terrible actions of andy and jac.

      here’s a link to the scandal and the legal rights relating to it

  14. Honestly this story is so crazy that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it.

    I definitely don’t think this is their first rodeo and rendezvous. Their body language is way too familiar with each other for this to be a one-time thing. Plus, he knows where she lives. That speaks volumes about how close they are.

    Andy might’ve been drunk, but he took initiative and encouraged Jacqueline’s behavior while he was drunk. He cannot be that drunk to not know what he was doing.

    I at first thought Jacqueline might’ve broken up with Kenneth which would explain why she acted so aggressively with Andy. But no, Kenneth’s instagram confirms they were still together. So now I think she’s just a groupie. Whoever she crushes and worships, she will go after. First it’s Kenneth and now it’s Andy.

    I think Sammi will take Andy back. He’ll repent and make promises to never do something like this again, etc. etc. In a few years, he’ll do a comeback and guest star or sing with his friends and slowly build his career again. And she’ll forgive him because her religion says so. Plus she’s no longer at an age where it’s easy to find high status and wealthy partners. So she will overlook his mistakes and go to couples’ counseling with him, I think.

    As for Jacqueline Wong…I really think her career is done. Andy has a very long history in ebiz and that kind of standing doesn’t go away easily even after a scandal. So he can bounce back. But Jacqueline being a woman, working with TVB, dating a popular actor, and cheating on him with the partner of a HK Pop Queen…don’t have that kind of clout or backing to stand up again in the industry. Kenneth might forgive her, but her image & reputation is tarnished. She’s not going to be Mrs. Kenneth Ma ever and lost both career and love at the same time.

    1. @coralie
      I can’t read chinese. What did Kenneth have on his Instagram? This is shocking because it is a couple who many outside the entertainment industry though was the ‘perfect couple’ due to their long history and romantic ending to a great love story which everyone wish/ fantasy for themselves. Also the addition of another celebrity who was supposedly still in a relationship involved which makes this even more shocking. This isn’t just a drunk speed ticket and an apology won’t do it. It’s shocking and careers are in ruins…

      1. @jimmyszeto His instagram was pretty brief. He just wrote, ‘thanks everyone for supporting me,’ and then a crying emoji face. That emoji face confirms that they haven’t broken up before this happened.

      2. @coralie
        Yeh. Not worried about Kenneth tbh. He knows Jacqueline a lot better than all of us. He probably knew that basing on her personality, it was coming…

    2. @coralie What is kenneth ma’s Instagram? On another note, feel bad for Jacqueline’s entire family being dragged into this. Since she closed her IG comments, angry netizens and taking it out on all of her sisters.

    3. @coralie I was shocked as well when I first heard about this last night (my phone kept buzzing with alerts from all the sites I follow). I’m actually more heartbroken for Sammi than anyone else (Kenneth I feel sorry for but he will recover, no doubt about that), especially given everything she went through over the past 2 decades (both herself and with Andy). The timing is unfortunate as well given this is already a hugely stressful time for Sammi with currently preparing for her July concert – her friends are concerned that she might fall back into depression again, which those of us who’ve been around a long time will probably remember what that did to her. Andy is a jerk for doing this to Sammi and deserves every bit of the hate he’s been getting from everyone…doesn’t matter that Jacqueline was the one who took the initiative (and from all indication so far, looks like she was the one aggressively pursuing Andy all this time, which makes her absolutely abhorrent, not to mention stupid….I have other words I want to call her but I will refrain….) – at the end of the day, it takes two to tango….

      In terms of their careers – I agree that Jacqueline’s is definitely over but Andy’s I doubt will be severely affected….most likely he will lay low for a bit and make a comeback after long enough time has passed. I doubt his relationship with Sammi is repairable though – I know her faith advocates forgiveness, but even before she got back together with Andy that second time, she never really dated anyway else and in a way, proved that she could still live a fulfilling life on her own (whereas Andy obviously needed other women in his life)…in a way, it was always Andy’s relationship to lose (which of course reinforces how incredibly stupid he was to do this).

      For me, what makes this scandal a bigger deal than most of the other ones in the industry is how many people are going to be impacted by this due to the fact that Sammi and Andy have a huge network of friends in the industry (most of those friends are mutual friends who are close with both of them)…now those friends not only will have to deal with the media firestorm (which has already started happening, as we all know how relentless the HK paps are with this kind of stuff), some might even be forced to take sides if things really turn bad between Sammi and Andy.

      1. @llwy12
        Seems all of their friends are being called up and asked for comments and family harassed on social media. This is huge and high profile which can only be extremely harmful to Sammi. ..

      2. @llwy12 I don’t doubt Sammi can live independently, but sammi didn’t really date anyone after andy and went back to andy after so many years. It says she doesn’t waver from people she loves easily. There’s a high chance she’ll forgive him. Maybe it’ll take a few months, maybe a few years. Along the way she’ll probably have religious friends who will encourage her to forgive him and accept him back into her life. I would not be surprised if he took this opportunity to take on religion like Sammi did to overcome his pain and smear on his history. That will give him more ammo to win her back. I wouldn’t worry about the mutual friends between Andy and Sammi – they will take Sammi’s side, no doubt. Andy has his own core group of friends who are really all he needs – ie, Edmond Leung, Dicky Cheung and William So.

        Andy at least took the criticism and the blame head-on like a man. Hopefully his family & friends aren’t dragged into this mess as much as Jacqueline Wong’s family and friends are. She really needs to come clean so she can stop the media from harassing her family.

      3. @coralie True….though for Sammi’s sake, I’m hoping even if she forgives him, she doesn’t take him back, as she definitely deserves better (of course not up to us at the end of the day). Andy actually already took on the religion, as that was the only way Sammi would agree to marry him (since the religion preaches that you’re supposed to marry within the same faith)….now looking back, he obviously wasn’t a true believer (possibly even converted to the faith just to get Sammi to marry him), which no doubt will break Sammi’s heart even more given how devout she is with her faith….

      4. @coralie Sounds like Jacqueline may be waiting for her management company (TVB) to smooth over the issue for her. Reporters caught up with Virginia Lok and asked her how TVB was going to handle this scandal – she of course said that the management team is still in discussions (no surprise there) and admitted that Jacqueline did call her, but she said she is actually more concerned about Kenneth right now and even asked the reporters to please go easy on him (VL actually said something I don’t find annoying for once, lol).

        Jacqueline is obviously taking the coward route right now, which is unfortunate. Like you said, at least Andy came out right away and admitted responsibility for his actions (however fake his tears and press conference was)…not that it makes things any less painful for him or Sammi or their families of course but it’s better than hiding from it and keeping silent…AND more importantly he didn’t close down his social media or turn off the comments feature or whatnot and is basically taking all the hate and harassment that has been coming his way head on…

      5. @llwy12 I wonder if that means they were still in a relationship when the cheating took place. Or this is a Moses & Bernice situation where they’re pushing Kenneth out like a victim. I think it was Jacqueline’s birthday when the incident happened. Kenneth wasn’t there.

      6. @coralie
        I think it was Miriam’s husband’s birthday. He didn’t know Jacqueline much so just a mutual friend who joined their circle…

      7. @coralie I don’t remember much about Moses and Bernice’s situation other than the media painting her as the cheater but here, the video obviously showing both Jacqueline and Andy all over each other (she especially) so it will be harder not to see Sammi and Kenneth being the victims, especially with Kenneth who has a very good public image.
        In the news reports, it was said based on their clothing, Jacqueline and Andy were likely to be in another mutual friend’s birthday celebration when this took place.

      8. @bearbear Basically, Moses and Bernice broke up a while before the media discovered Bernice was dating someone else. TVB was aware of their break-up. The media labeled her a cheater and TVB basically sat on their asses pretending it was true and made Moses look like a victim so he could garner sympathy and popularity. If Kenneth & Jacqueline were no longer together and TVB is making it sound like they are, then they’re making her the next Bernice. I’m not saying Jacqueline isn’t guilty of being a 3rd party, but at least she’s not cheating on Kenneth if they already previously broke up.

      9. @coralie I see. Thanks for the added info on Moses and Bernice. It would be horrible if Bernice did not cheat when dating him.
        Regardless, Jacqueline is in deep trouble for being involved in a married man, something she told the press in the past that she wouldn’t be interested in.

      10. @coralie I don’t think it was Jacqueline’s birthday dinner, as according to the newspapers, her birthday is in January and the dinner thing preceding that video took place in April (so like 2 weeks ago)….but then again, people who were in attendance at that dinner are refusing to say much so who knows. Miriam Yeung’s husband Real Ting was at said dinner and he would only say that it was “a friend’s birthday dinner” according to the below article. Netizens who’ve been scrutinizing both artists’ social media say that the restaurant they went to is a famous one in HK and is super expensive…that aside though, the thing I find weird is that Jacqueline seems to be the only female at the dinner (or at least she was the only one captured in the group photo)….I would think that she’s not famous enough nor is her family rich enough to have friends who frequent super expensive restaurants, so I’m thinking perhaps those guys in the picture are Andy’s friends rather than her friends (though looking at some of the other pictures that netizens dredged up, it’s interesting that some of the same guys from that picture are also in a bunch of other pictures that have Andy and Jacqueline in them, taken on a variety of different occasions)… like many of those who commented here, I’m also thinking that perhaps she and Andy have been having an affair for awhile, as netizens have been scouring her IG and there are tons of pics of her and Andy, some alone but most with other friends….at this point, it actually wouldn’t surprise me if she’s been cheating on Kenneth with other guys as well (since it appears that she likes hanging out with guys based on the pictures she flaunts on social media…)有份出席許志安黃心穎飯局-丁子高封口唔多講

      11. @llwy12 very true. Sammi had been very strong in recent years after she wins her battle with depression. I hope she will be fine this time round, as she’s stronger than before. I’m sure her circle of friends and family is a strong emotional support for her now.

        I don’t know but I think if this fling had been going on for sometime, I’m sure she ‘smell’ something. You can’t sleep next to someone without knowing something’s not quite right..

        During the period where they were seperated, Sammi was so caught up with her career and stress and various emotional issues. While jerk Andy go around getting to know new gf. When Sammi wins depression and came back out to work, he broke up with gf and then poof.. he’s back together with Sammi again. Not sure of what’s happening behind, but looking like he can’t stay single.

      1. @kenexia He probably had to take it down. Jacqueline closed down the comments feature on her accounts almost immediately after the scandal broke, which caused crazy netizens who wanted to leave comments on her account and harass her to go to other people’s accounts and harass them instead (so already, innocent people are being dragged into this left and right). No doubt it’s a bad time to be either Jacqueline’s friend or associated with her in any way, shape, or form at the moment…

  15. WOW……unbelievable!!!! way to go Jaqueline u indeed showed everyone the true side of yourself nothing but a foul mouth home wrecker cant believe she went out of her way to get close to Andy knowing he’s married and while dating kenneth too!!!! There career is over They both dont deserve pity period feel bad for Sammi and Kenneth

  16. Have never been a fan of Jacqueline and always found her to be pretentious and vey flirtatious. She puts on an innocent and pure front but you could tell that she’s rude and vulgar. This makes me dislike her even more. 100% she won’t bounce back from this and her career is over. Great. Hated seeing her in dramas anyway. She’s neither pretty nor a good actress.

    Very disappointed in Andy. Wasn’t a fan but didn’t dislike him. Definitely dislike him now as I love Sammi and think she deserves way better. She’s had a history of severe depression so I hope she can get through this. I can see her forgiving him but hopefully she leaves him because he and Jacqueline were likely having an affair for some time. Based on the footage, it did not seem like a one-time mistake. They even answered the taxi driver completely synced when they told him where to go. Horrendous.

    As for the real victims, I feel horrible for both Sammi and Kenneth. Sammi gave away so much of her time and youth to Andy and even let Andy ride off her coat tails for so long. Who would even remember Andy if not for Sammi? As for Kenneth, luckily he hasn’t wasted too much time with Jacqueline. But the amount of memes that have been made and talk about his wearing a green hat are really horrible. TVB paparazzi is also despicable for harassing his mom.

    1. @scarlett013
      Yeh horrible. The mother innocently having a shopping trip and didn’t have the foggiest idea what was going on. TVB reporter shows her the clip of the whole incident in hoping to get a shocked reaction from her. So unethical…

  17. Was never a fan of Jacqueline but I’m a little surprised because I’d heard that she was a fan of Kenneth even before she entered the industry. Jacqueline always came across as a strong female who goes after what or who she wants (in a slightly rude way).

    I always thought Andy & Sammi were a stable couple. Andy does seem drunk in the video as was slurring his words a bit, but it didn’t seem impulsive.

    1. @eleven I remember when there were cast interviews for Deep in the Realm of Conscience, Jacqueline was saying how much she liked Kenneth and was a fan of his. She was sooooo excited to work with him and be his on screen partner, etc etc blah blah blah
      Obviously she admires many other people as well….

      1. @tungamy Even before then. I remember Kenneth & Jacqueline collaborated in Inspector Gourmet (With Eliza, Louis & Priscilla) and Jacqueline was already saying how much she liked him and all that bs.

  18. Jacqueline and Kenneth didn’t seem compatible. It seemed like a business/celebrity coupling. The cheating is awful.

    1. @potatochip
      I agree. Kenneth and Jacqueline never ever displayed one single comment showing affection for each other. They never really commented on questions asked..

    2. @potatochip yeah i always found it weird how jacqueline would find someone so quiet and opposite of her, attractive. considering how slow kenneth ma is to warm up to women, the fact she chased him and kept at it, was puzzling to me. but she did say she was his fan, so i didn’t think much of it.

  19. I sure hope Sammi is ok… and for Jaqueline good luck with your career how dare you did this Kenneth hope her career is over, the public will hate you till the end.

  20. Woke up finding out about this at 6 in the morning while I was texting at Julie Chow’s streaming session on 17 app, lol. She’s the daughter of Hong Kong director Matt Chow 鄒凱光. Everyone was dissing Andy Hui in the form of a quiz show. Lol

  21. Right… Jacqueline good friends with Sammi and goes to the gym. Kenneth and Andy suppose to be good friends as they play soccer games together too… More concerned with Sammi as how she historically had cases of depression and emotional issues… Andy, Kenneth will survive… Jacqueline, yes career is definitely over… But it will be interesting to see how TVB handles it bc she has quite of few new series on the line… Anyway, damage done!!

      1. @tungamy Jacqueline’s situation will be far worst, considering also holds a title of wrecking someone’s family. Is what I’m saying. Cutting her scenes will probably be hard since’s she’s probably the 2nd lead… They probably will drop it altogether.

  22. Andy is a dumb ass.. if this gets block, then oh well, but Andy is a dumb ass….Drunk or not, he’s a dumb ass! Andy and whomever that girl is (sorry, i don’t know who she is, not famous enough for me to know) are only sorry that they both got caught. I agreed w/ some of the above comment, it looks like their affair has been going on for some time. It was unfortunate, that it got caught on camera and went viral quick! I’m sending some air Hugs to Sammi. Hope she get through this peacefully…… 0=(

  23. Apparently there’s more footage recorded…there are clips after they got off the taxi. Appledaily is debating whether to disclose the information.

    1. @coralie Apparently there are legal implications behind releasing the footage, which could be part of the reason why Apple Daily is debating whether to release more or not (though given Apple’s track record, it’s not like legal or ethical ramifications ever bothered them before…)

      Here’s an article about the legal / privacy concerns from release of the video:

      1. @llwy12 yeah, like you stated, legal issues have never really stopped appledaily before and even if they receive a cease and desist, it’ll take time for it to reach their company. from the sound of things, it seems like they’re waiting on Andy Hui to make a move. apple daily spent 1.5 million to buy the clips and I think they’re waiting on Andy to see whether he’ll cough up money to buy the rest back. at least that’s what I got from the sources who divulged this info. can’t speak to its authenticity though.

      2. @coralie I don’t think Andy will buy back the rest of the clips, cause what would be the point? The damage is already done, nothing really changes if those extra clips came out

      3. @tungamy there are reasons he might do that. the first clip implies they went back to her place together, but does not confirm the speculations. if there’s more to the clips, it could confirm they left together. Implications and confirmations are two different things and do they want more public derision? another reason why he might want to buy those clips back is to not hurt and embarrass the people they love any further. finally he might want to buy the clips back so he can get more details on the cabbie.

      4. @llwy12 I actually agree. The video shouldnt have been released. Their behaviour was despicable, but they werent breaking any laws.

        Im not saying they didnt deserve the outcome, but the release of the video was wrong. Bit like how Edison Chans scandal got leaked because some IT tech recognised the celebs and couldnt keep it to himself. Alot of lives were ruined and none of those girls were doing anything wrong.

        The affair probably would have gotten out in some other way or form anyway.

  24. Feel so bad for sammi 🙁 hope she find someone better

    Andy looks gross and ugly.. lol

  25. Popular male cheaters’ name for this month is “Andy”. It ‘s sad – not funny. They shamed themselves, but most importantly – they shamed their families. 🙁

  26. What a hangover he must be experiencing the next morning…..

    1. @m0m0 Agree, based on their body language, it seems they’re familiar for awhile. Both replying to the taxi driver with where Jacqueline lives makes me feel they’ve done this a few times already.
      Also doesn’t look like Andy is super super drunk as he says in the press con -.-

      1. @tungamy
        i don’t know if he went over what he had to say w/ someone to make sure things match up. i think using drunk as an excuse or the fact that he had too much alcohol is not the culprit of the whole incident. plus, it doesn’t appear to be just a one time fling.

  27. Man, everyone is talking about it on the live streams in Hong Kong. One particular streamer is a close friend of Kenneth Ma and also a tvb actor himself (I’ll keep him anonymous for his safety). And we spoke about the matter. From what I gather, the driver in question was offered 100 grand by Apple Daily but didn’t give it to them. In fact, the driver was so conflicted that he entrusted the footage over to a church pastor. Somehow, an acquaintance of the pastor got a hold of the footage and somehow decided to leak the footage anyway. The driver is in hiding right now and has made no profit out of the leak.

    Please note that I am also very bad with numbers, lol! In either English or Chinese.

      1. @coralie I didn’t exactly listen to his whole account as I was busy at work but from what I’ve been told, people at tvb have known about this for over a week or so. They’ve been ordered to stay silent on the matter until things get blown. The driver is been driving for artists for quite a while. The streamer even knew the driver as well. Driver’s in hiding without taking a cent and is apparently in bit of a debt.

      2. @tinlunlau the clip is filmed in a cab; it was not filmed by a private driver. and the streamer shouldn’t be anyone other than the cabbie driver. it’s his to make a profit and a lot of sources are saying he sold the clip. maybe tvb did know in advance of this situation, but if it were true, I think JW would’ve already left the country so it can blow over before she comes back. or held a conference which is what TVB loves to do and recs doing for every scandal. none of those have occurred.

  28. i watched the live interview yesterday. omfg his fake tears and stupid af blaming on alcohol.

    i never really like jacqualine and she always seem flirty type of ggirl.
    both of their career dead and gone for sure now. feel i so bad for sammi and kenneth.

  29. Wasn’t she also in that tvn show with Jung Joon Young? She always give me an impression that’s she very flirtatious but why to a married man??? She communicates mostly english to him in the clip and it seems like they been having it for awhile…Poor sammi 🙁

  30. Jacqueline was so dumb to behave like that in a taxi. She could have waited for another 1/2 hour and had her affairs in her residence, then no one would have known it. Now her career is totally tarnished.

    Anyway, I never liked Jacqueline Wong. She was always the aggressive, extravagant, and flirty girl who went after Kenneth Ma. Kenneth Ma is so passive and simple-minded and got hooked up by her after her persistence.

    I don’t feel sorry for Kenneth Ma. It is better for him to find out about Jacqueline’s true personality now than after their marriage. However, I do feel sorry for Sammi Cheng, esp. she had a depression before for years.

  31. Wow!! Holy C….This girl she told reporters how great KM is and that’s how they started that relationship no? I always find KM to be a boring actor/boring face etc but dude does not deserve this. I thought he was lucky since girl is young and cute what’s not to like you know? Don’t feel too bad for KM thou I mean good thing he did NOT married this woman yet. He dodge a bullet on that one. First of all, just looking at the clips—-They did NOT look that drunk to me as they can clearly gave out directions on taking this trashy girl home,
    Second of all, they beeped out the cursing so I can’t really tell what they are cursing for. lol….Third, they are way too intimate even at the beginning and esp after the dude left, they are NOT just friends. No way!!! You do not act that way w/the opposite sex let alone a married man so it’s highly doubtful it’s a one time thing. Girl came on stronger yes but no way they are just platonic friends. wow haha…One of my aunt loves this dude sure if she still does lol…and my friend and I were next to her and we were like what????? He looks dry w/ horsey face? haha lol….But yes, always thought he loved the now wife Sammi more than the other way around as didn’t they say he dated a couple more women in their on/off relationship and he married her at some point. I always thought it’s not OHHH SOULMATE love kind of thing as Sammi was in her 40’s so it’s probably one of those when we hit 40 or whatever let’s get married if we are still single that kind of thing? lol…As for this JW – She must have daddy issues or something I mean I thought KM is damn old for her but AH ?? Dude is over 50 no? OMG….It’s so ironic as well as I remember a clip on her divorced sister who’s into YOUNG n handsome guys while she loves uncles? That’s why she had that look that KM is not good for her sister. Lol…haha my goodness. This shows you can never tell by looking at someone’s face. This is eye opening!! Not sure if we should thank the taxi driver but imagine if he didn’t reveal this? SC & KM might be in the dark forever.

    1. @wm2017 I always felt that Sammi care for Andy more than he care for her, judging by the fact that he get a new gf not long after he ‘officially’ became single. But since they got married, I do think they both finally reach an understanding and want to settle down. But apparently, Andy does not value her at all. She will forgive. Because forgiving is taught in her religion. But to not feel hurt and sore, that’s impossible.

      1. @cassiemissy I totally agree with you. Anyhow, to forgive takes a lot of courage and yes, she might forgive in time to come however to stay in the marriage is another issue. She deserves true love and happiness not some disgusting sxxxbag like Andy Hui

  32. Really felt disgusted with loose woman #jacquelinebwong for being a vixen. #kennethma deserves better partner. #sammicheng, we love you always, please remember that. #andyhuichion you are equally as disgusting as #jacquelinebwong

  33. Do we have ppl living in HK here? Do they all have cameras w/sound in HK taxi’s? If so, how could they be that dense and still n had the nerve? I mean, dude is never that ambitious or famous well to me anyway…if my aunt didn’t love him I would be like WTH is….and the girl to me is just another tvb actress but still they are public figures they didn’t care that ppl might recognize them? Camera w/sound. Lord!! The disrespect for their so called other 1/2’s….tsk tsk tsk…Just disgusting and shamelss!!

  34. what a shame how could he do this to sammy, he destroyd himself and hurt everyone who loves him.he better go to be a monk for the rest of his life in redemption, if he really mean what he said in the press conference. but i bet he still cheating on sammy if he wasnt exposed in the taxi.i think from the four people sammy feels the most pain this case. for kenneth ma this is just good for him to see this women’s real face.

  35. Jacqueline’s career with TVB is most likely over. She’ll be like Coffee Lam a few years ago but worse.
    I showed my mom the video and she said “well, she’ll be in R-Rated movies from now on” and I think she’s right. With the vulgar language and taking initiative with a married man, her career is down the drain.
    Feel really bad for Sammi and Kenneth who are the main victims here. Kenneth really dodged a bullet, good thing he didn’t put a ring on it yet.
    Andy was right in his song 爛泥 (broken dirt?), he really is some dirty broken dirt under Sammi’s shoe now

  36. As someone who kinda knew who Jacqueline was in Vancouver, and her mom (and she always talked about all her daughters – and they kinda all resemble each other) … this news has been a shock to digest, all day.

    1) Jacqueline was one of the principal dancers good enough to dance 孔雀舞 solo. She seemed like the listening obedient type. IF I am not wrong – she has a Masters in Psych

    2) The family is close knit – after the daughters all went back to HK after growing up in Vancouver – first Scarlett (who imo is prettier than Jacqueline), and the other got married in Macau (has kids) … and then Jacqueline

    3) The parents are very supportive, and fly back regularly to HK – they have very regular family gatherings.

    4) Very hard for me to see Jacqueline as someone who would actually plot to be a 小三 with her family so supportively behind her.

    5) WHY anyone stablely linked up with someone else (although Kenneth Ma does look goody-boring) would want to jeopardize her career and life … including her family.

    Shell shocked over the news all day, and now there’s a ‘never happened before’ (6 shots fired) shooting which just happened an hour ago in my safe trendy Vancouver hood tonight too, to make today a super bizarre day)

    1. @nomad822 An expert would probably say she has been sheltered and restricted by her family all her life to be a Goody Two-Shoes. But she’s always been rebellious inside and sneak around doing stuff like this because that’s the real person she is.

      I don’t know. I don’t have a Masters in Psych and probably neither does she.

  37. been following tvb closely for the past few years, honestly this is the biggest news i’ve ever seen. watching the whole 15 mins made me disgusted and on the side note, jac and andy have a 21 year gap. i can’t believe jac would do this kind of thing ; i’ve always seen her to be the happy and playful kind of girl with average acting but she’s being an actual player right now. and she is being the most irresponsible person to be hiding at this moment. if she doesn’t have the courage to face her wrongdoings then don’t go wrong in the first place!!! as for andy, i’m glad he held a press con immediately but his apology and explanation was pretty plain. him being 51 and he’s still saying he’s trying to find direction in his life? grow up man. and in the video he doesn’t look drunk at all. although i don’t know much about sammi, feel extremely sorry for her, heard she has emotional illnesses and she’s about to hold her concert. and lastly, kenneth, i feel most sorry for the poor guy, whilst in the midst of this whirlwind, he is still being a professional gentleman and actor, posting that he’s still diligently filming and not giving response yet.

    as for their careers, jac’s is basically gone, if not it will be dead for at least for a few years. this whole lovesqaure consists of too many popular people, the public is not going to forget this for a long time, due to it being a cheating scandal. can’t believe tvb promoted her so much, now all her dramas aren’t gonna air, what a waste of everyone’s work. for andy, he’s already been popular before, he can take a huge break.

    but honestly thought jac and kenneth were going to get married after hearing multiple rumours in the past year. i’m glad kenneth has seen her real side now. as for andy and sammi, knowing they went through so much before they got married, its ridiculous that andy is still so immature.

    i’m still waiting for jac to give some kind of apology/explanation though, she needs to be responsible for her actions no matter how embarrassing or stupid she’s going to look. the earlier she apologises the quicker everyone will move on.

    1. @emiliachan exactly! She’s in wrong and the most she could do is disable her comments on her ig. Tbh i DID not expect Jacqueline to cheat, yeah she may seem flirtatious sometimes, but cmon, to a friend’s husband?! That’s a different level. I hope Kenneth can get over this… he really does not deserve this at all. And yuck, I was disgusted with the 16 min clip as well, she’s just leaning in for a kiss every minute, and Andy just sitting there not even resisting. I don’t really follow up w Sammi, but I have heard she suffered from depression. I hope she gets over this as well. This is one complicated love square…

      1. @jcc10 yeah i already noticed she disabled her ig comments days ago… i’m starting to believe the rumours saying she already knew the scandal was going to be revealed. tbh she seems like a bold girl, her disabling comments on ig is so stupid. many people use ig to yell at artistes, its better to let people yell at you and be done, then run away from reality. and that clip, now i think about, looks like its not their first time.

  38. Looks like this is the longer clip. I couldnt make put most the convo. At the beginning the friend kept insisting to take her home first. And they said he needed to get up early to fly so theyd drop him off. Poor taxi driver couldnt get moving for a but wjile they argued lol.
    Like other users have said, he seems to have thought it not quite right because andy said he will whatsapp to prove it and such.

    They converse about 80%in English the rest of the journey which I find odd. And not exactly fluent either. Hes responding but I dont think his English is as good. Wonder if thats just her habit.

    1. @megamiaow She grew up in Vancouver so she’s a native English speaker, so it’s much easier and more comfortable for her to speak English than Cantonese.

      1. @sas318
        Disagreed. As far as I know, Andy is not an English speaking person, or the other friend in the taxi. There was absolutely no need for Jacqueline to speak in English. The reason for her to respond in English might be that she assumed the taxi driver is no good in English and he would not be able to understand what she was saying.

  39. I hate when there’s infidelity in a marriage, either by husband or wife. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Didn’t see the video, would be interesting since from what I read, maybe this affair was going on for awhile. It’s up to Sammi, only she can make that decision to stay married to Andy, but once trust is tossed out of a marriage, it’s hard to bring back. Marriage is not only based on love, happiness but trust, no trust, no marriage. Jacqueline should have known better, both of them but the woman more so is a big disappointment-she’s not an actress anymore but only a cheater & homewrecker. Just as well Kenneth found out about her before getting married otherwise would’ve ended up in divorce, it’s hard for a vixen to change their ways. Shame on both of them acting that way in a taxi yet, sure that taxi driver hopefully got a big tip for letting them take their time but sure he enjoyed the show. This is truly disgusting, unforgivable, upsetting. Feel sorry for Sammi for 5 years huh, and Kenneth, couple years but now should think about ending these relationships. It would be hard to mend not only a broken heart, friendship but wasting any more time with ? Time is of the essence, you gave your relationships the best of you. Good Luck, much happiness soon for both Kenneth & Sammi.

    1. @vbabe8
      Yes. Impossible to regain trust in Entertainment circle especially. If the regular office job then Sammi could keep an eye on him for a few years and main regain some of the trust. There’s no regular schedule in Entertainment circle. He could be up to anything at anytime..

    2. @vbabe8 it’s more than 5 years, man :/ Sammi has been with sandy way before they got married. In an article, it said 22 years :/ no doubt it counted from the first time they dated through their breakup and then reconciliation and finally marriage, but still, Sammi has put her trust and wasted way too much time on this dude. Idk why some girls just hold on to 1 guy, just like my friend, sigh :/ I like Sammi enough, I truly wish she would move on from Andy, he would just make her depression worse… nothing worse than living with a person that willing to cheat on you, surely that thought ain’t healthy for your self esteem

      1. @littlefish It has actually been closer to 30 years, as both Sammi and Andy were under the same record company and so were already good friends even before they started dating in the early 90s. As someone who has followed HK entertainment since the 80s and have witnessed the ups and downs of the industry’s many celebrity couples, I can tell you that Andy and Sammi were one of the most beloved couples in the HK entertainment industry and went through a lot together the past few decades. Even though I am not a fan of either of them, but as a HK music fan and entertainment junkie, I was absolutely shell-shocked when I first heard the news….yes, I know it’s weird, but almost immediately, all those sweet moments they showed together as a couple over the years came flooding back in my mind (especially all those JSG moments from the 90s – like the first time they attended JSG awards together as a couple, where they won an award for their duet and went onstage dressed in matching outfits…it was so sweet….and who can forget Andy’s “kitchen declaration”?). Unlike most people here, I’m actually worried most about Sammi, knowing how much she invested in this relationship (even after they broke up, they were still really close friends – like that time before they got back together when Andy attended Sammi’s concert and when the lights malfunctioned, putting the entire stage in pitch darkness, Sammi’s first reaction was to call out Andy’s name and he immediately rushed onstage to be with her until the lights went back on)….also, Sammi’s history with depression previously, which nearly destroyed her…it took her a long time to bounce back from that, so the concern that her friends have about her falling back into depression is definitely legitimate….this is why I don’t blame Sammi’s fans for wanting to kill Andy (and Jacqueline) right now….

  40. Wow 100+ comment. Now this article is a true “viral.” Lol.

    Hrm, vid is removed?

    Jaq has no career to be dropped but she’s definitely not going to have one at all after this.

    Andy has more at stake. Idk how successful he rly is tho besides the 4-bundle-bro gag with edmond, dicky, and william.

    At the end of it all, reap what you sow.

      1. @littlefish thnx! I don’t think I have anything new to add to what’s already been said by others here. Tsk tsk tsk. Definitely is an ongoing affair. Anyone finds out who the friend is? This is like they’re asking to be caught. Tsk tsk tsk again.

        As much sensational as this is now, if this was in US, first thing Andy’s side would do is take legal action against taxi driver. As much as we all spit on the whole affair, the driver is dirty for selling the video without consent. I only visited HK a handful of times, never knew taxi has rear face camera with voice recording! Creepy scary.

  41. I am really amazed by JW’s guts to be honest. She hasn’t just cheated with any man, but she cheated with the man of a famous HK pop queen. Like, does she not understand the implications of who she’s messing with? Shirley might’ve been the talk of the town at one point, but she cheated with someone relatively unknown and therefore, the brunt of anger wasn’t as crazy. But now JW offended fans of Kenneth, Sammi and Andy. These three are not small fries. I don’t know how she’s going to cope with that much hatred.

  42. Just read Jacqueline’s public apology on Instagram and it is the biggest piece of fluff I’ve ever read. Comments still disabled.

    1. @tinlunlau exactly. its such a bad apology i cant even… plus its so short. her disabling comments just shows she’s irresponsible, making people hate her more.

  43. This girl must be out of her mind. She has a doting boyfriend but she choose to cheat on her boyfriend with a married man who is old enough to be her father. Now her career is over, her boyfriend breakup with her and everyone know that she’s a cheater and a home wrecker. Looking at how hk people react to this incident, andy’s career will probably suffer too. Feel really sorry for sammi and kenneth, especially sammi. Hope they find someone better soon.

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