Jacqueline Wong Flies to Los Angeles to Study

Jacqueline left for Los Angeles, hoping to put behind the outrage over her affair with Andy Hui.

After her affair with Andy Hui (許志安) surfaced, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) locked herself at home and was photographed crying desperately. With her jobs all cancelled and relationship with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) on the rocks after she was discovered cheating, Jacqueline apologized on Instagram for her behavior, but the public isn’t ready to forgive yet. The 30-year-old actress was discovered to have left Hong Kong to avoid further public scrutiny.

Many speculated that Jacqueline would return to Vancouver, where she had attended university, but instead she was sighted in Los Angeles today. It was alleged that Jacqueline first went to Macau to take a flight to Philippines, before arriving in Los Angeles. Despite the circuitous route, she was unable to shake off the paparazzi who confronted her at the airport in Los Angeles.

Accompanied by a friend, Jacqueline was uncomfortable when bombarded by reporters asking: “Are you going to transfer to a flight to Canada to visit your family? Are you going to apologize to Kenneth Ma? What is your current status with Kenneth? Are you afraid your career is already over?” Jacqueline ignored all questions and quickly walked away from the paparazzi.

Despite Jacqueline’s silence, it was speculated that she is in Los Angeles to take an acting/ directing class. Before her scandal broke out, Jacqueline had indicated she had three months free and signed up for the class in the United States.

Battered for Her Irresponsible Behavior

Jacqueline’s intimate kisses and touches with Andy inside a taxi suggested that the pair has been lovers for some time. Before the scandal surfaced, Jacqueline was photographed out shopping holding her cell phone, which featured a wallpaper of herself and Andy. The photo was taken when they sang a duet together for a charity show last October, and Jacqueline had claimed to be a big fan of Andy. It was speculated that Jacqueline and Andy’s sparks took root back then.

Although there were differing speculations as to whether Jacqueline and Kenneth’s relationship is now over, the actor remained tight lipped. Asked about Jacqueline’s departure to Los Angeles, he said, “No comment, thanks for your concern.”

TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲), earlier said that all of Jacqueline’s jobs are currently on hold and confirmed her departure, “We spoke to Jacqueline earlier and wanted her to rest for awhile. She is officially on leave now.”

Jacqueline’s older sister Scarlett Wong (黃心美) updated her Instagram today with a sunshine-filled post and a supportive emoji, seemingly hoping for a new start for the actress. Netizens bombarded Scarlett’s post with anger, “Does Jacqueline’s departure mean the incident is resolved?” and “After your sister behaved so disgustingly, she wrote [a short apology] and just flew away. We can really feel her ‘sincerity.'”

Sources: On.cc [1,2], HK01, Yahoo

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m conflicted about this. Other than Sammi or Kenneth, I don’t think she owes anyone a damn thing. Relationship affairs shouldn’t really concern anyone that doesn’t know them personally.

    1. @tatsumakijim
      It does not concern us. No. But even things that do not concern us we can get pissed off of they are wrong. If we read of someone who gets murdered in the newspaper, do we get angry? Yes. The guy getting murdered has is of no relation to but we still have sympathy because we are humans and have feelings and emotions. Even you are showing your emotions now…

      1. @jimmyszeto well I just don’t know why people are so angry lol. I guess I’m not that invested in these celebrities’s lives? Their lives don’t affect me in anyway, why wasting my energy to be so emotionally invested? Stalking their relatives to vent out my anger? These people need a life lol

      2. @littlefish
        Not necessary anger. More of disgust in this case. Although, affairs happen in real life, we don’t actually physically see them happen. Actually seeing this behaviour is a shock to the system which is why it is such big news in HK. People aren’t familiar with seeing behind the scenes of an affair even if it is their own spouse…

    2. @tatsumakijim

      Celebrities are considered role models. It’s part of the game where you want fame and riches, you need to accept the responsibility and consequence of failing it.

      1. @gingermessiah And she is right now, taking an official leave to study. Yeah, she didn’t seem to take care of the whole situation, but what’s done is done. She’s already apologized and the only thing she can do now is to leave and prevent/dampen the paparazzi of attacking her and the rest of the people involved.

    3. @tatsumakijim lmao seriously? they are public figure, celebrities it concerns a lot of people fans, sponsor, co-workers & much more, they had an affair in public and got caught so they gotta live with the consequence.

    4. @tatsumakijim the only concern I have is the upcoming dramas that she was in and now they may take even longer to air.
      As an audience, I sound selfish, but that’s probably best instead of spreading all this negativity.

    5. @tatsumakijim If she were an ordinary person, then yes, it would be between them and she doesn’t owe the public anything. BUT the fact that she is a public figure changes that – especially as an entertainer whose livelihood technically depends on public support / acceptance (after all, if audiences didn’t watch TVB’s series, there would essentially be no market, TVB wouldn’t exist, and she wouldn’t have a job), she definitely owes the public an explanation.

    6. @tatsumakijim You are right. The affair is their personal life. Any relationship is theirs to decide and etc. So it shouldn’t concern anyone. But the hypocrisy and moral corruption concerns the public as they are entertainers and whether they like it or not, they are in public domain like sports people. Their conduct, their word, their influence is immense. In a world where there are jobs like influencer and they are basically social media stars, more so the stars of traditional medium. It is not the affair that I question.But their pretension and hypocrisy is what I question. Their personal lives is their business but I as a viewer and someone who buys into the image they sell have every right to feel disappointed, abandon them and criticise them. If they can’t take the heat then stop the pretension or be better person or find another job. every job has that expectation, that line of decency.

      1. @funnlim “But their pretension and hypocrisy is what I question.” Agree, Jacqueline has been flaunting her relationship with Kenneth on social media, posting photos of Kenneth attending her sister’s wedding etc. And always talking nonstop about him at functions, giving people the impression that they’re in a very stable relationship heading towards marriage. Yet, she was taking most of the initiative inside the taxi towards Andy Hui. It’s very pretentious how she handled her public relationship with Kenneth and calculative to use him to promote herself, yet cheated on him for her own self interests. There have been other celebrity cheaters in the past, but as you said, it’s Jacqueline’s pretension that makes it even more repulsive this time.

      2. @funnlim
        Totally agreed. Can’t stand the fake image as well as the friendship / conspiracy with Flow Leung to blame Sammi for everything. If Jacqueline is really regretful, would she let Flow (her friend) blame Sammi without clarifying anything? Unless this is what she wanted him to say.

      3. @funnlim I agree the hypocrisy and pretension is unbearable, but at the same time, every celebrity has done something hypocritical. She’s not the first and won’t be the last. As you acknowledged, being an entertainer means you have to be seen and portray a certain image in hold to uphold world values and get people to like you. But time and time again, celebrities have had their records and profile marred by poor behavior. It’s because everyone is human. There’s no such thing as a perfect person and sometimes it’s not even up to the artist themselves to portray how they want. Very few celebrities care about how they’re portrayed by the media if it benefits them. The only time this hasn’t been true is when it impacted their personal lives.

        An example. Back when I was younger and the Gillian scandal broke out, I derided her for acting like a virginal princess, but in reality, not as innocent as she seemed. But I was young, my world view of what being a celebrity entails wasn’t comprehensive enough. Look at Moses; he was only using Bernice to lift his image because his company said so. It’s great money making opportunity while pushing the blame to Bernice. Mind you – he didn’t openly come out to say Bernice cheated on him, but he implied it. Likewise, KM did not come out to say JW cheated on him…notice the similarities? Maybe JW was using KM at the same time that KM was using her. We don’t know. And even if he was cheated on, who hasn’t been hypocritical for their image & career in ebiz?

      4. @coralie I have read many of your comments that trying to make like JW and KM’s relationship is like the one Moses and Bernice had. In fact, you always brought Moses and Bernice fiasco into this scandal talk. When in reality, that’s just your own excuxes and assumptions and in defence to JW’s actions.

        But never once I saw you mentioned JW’s apology letter where she herself clearly wrote and apologized to Kenneth Ma. What is your excuse for that then? Why would she apologized to him and not Sammi if it’s like how you keep pointing that she and KM have broken up? :).

        Anyways, it’s just tiring to read one sided baseless assumptions to make excuses for their behaviour. That’s all i want to say.

      5. @nicex It is not an excuse. I’m simply bringing up a possible explanation for what’s going on. JW apologizing does not mean she’s apologizing for betraying him; it could also mean she’s sorry for dragging him into this mess. I’ve explained this before. And the reason I brought up Moses & Bernice is because they are a great example of what TVB does. Everyone blamed Bernice initially and pretty much never let this drop until she came out to clarify this, which was much later after. This is not the first time TVB will take a stance to protect their treasured artist (KM) and throw the other party under the bus. BL did not have to apologise because she had no skin in the game; her contract with TVB was up anyways and she already had doubts about staying. She also had medical issues she needed to work on at the time. She didn’t even come out to clarify until after her contract with TVB was done. JW still has a “very long contract” per Virginia Lok and if TVB doesn’t offer her an out on that, she still has to play by TVB rules.

        Now, I’m not saying JW innocent in this; of course not. Even if her and KM had no relationship, it doesn’t mean she’s innocent with AH. But, the kind of hatred people have been heaping on her is ridiculous, nothing short of witch hunt. You say I’m one-sided, but in fact, most people on this site are. And it’s why I’ve come out to bring some level headed discussions and possibilities instead of throwing oil into the fire. Even if JW is guilty of all counts of accusations, KM has forgiven her. AH has no right to talk and Sammi forgave AH. Who are we to denigrate JW further? If you knew her in real life, are you going to go up to her face and say all this crap about her? Being a SJW behind a keyboard is pretty easy; being able to find forgiveness for someone is much harder.

      6. @coralie and in Bernice and Moses case, she never once apologized to Moses. Because yes, he did her wrong by playing victim when in fact, they already broken up. But in JW case, she clearly mentioned KM’s name in her apologize message on instagram. Don’t tell me that Virginia Lok is holding a gun to her head for her to wrote that.

    7. @tatsumakijim I fully agree with u here… They do not have to answer to anyone else but just to each others partners.. So I dont know why Andy even held a press conference for.. The only person he needs to talk to is his wife..
      Lots of people have affairs and no one knows about it… only in this instance they are famous …but then again only in East Asia… Saw some well known HK actors in England b4 and no one even looked at them cos no one knew who they were…

  2. this could be a blessing for her if her acting class goes well. she speaks english, young, and pretty. with crazy rich asian and fala chen on hbo, hollywood maybe looking for more asians. the west don’t care about the scandal and hk is a small pond.

    1. @mofo
      Fala was at TVB for years and was already an established leading actress prior to her departure for acting school then to Hollywood. During her 3 years at Juliard, she was able to establish many networks and connections within the industry and even received a graduate degree in acting.

      Not to mention, Fala is the exception and one of the few, if not, the only actress EVER that successfully turned to Hollywood from TVB. So let’s not act like it’s common for TVB actors to make way to Hollywood because it practically has never happened before.

      Meanwhile Jacqueline had accomplished little at TVB, acting-wise, nothing to fall back on aside from her scandal. She has little to no Hollywood connections, nor does she have any prestigious acting credentials like Fala.

      Most of the actors featured in Crazy Rich Asians already had a career in Hollywood or had connections with those from the same circle.

      Jacqueline has neither and many critics agree that her career is pretty much done as a HK film/tv actress.

      Maybe she can consider getting into porn.

    2. @mofo
      So if you think Jacqueline going to a cheap class will give her opportunities then any man and his dog can make it into Hollywood. Myolie Wu and Edwin Siu booking their flights right now…

    3. @mofo
      well, credentials aside, i don’t think her english is exactly on par to break into hollywood. she speaks english but not exactly the natural type.

      1. @anon Oh I didnt think she was that fluent. Listening to that, there is only a slight asian lilt ,but she can basically speak and express in English without difficulty. Even using colloquial speech such as ” and I was just like..” haha.

      2. @anon gosh I think her spoken english is bad… bit like the Singapore english..
        i wouldnt say shes famous in Hollywood…
        I do like Gemma Chan…. beautiful and perfect English…
        Fala cannot compete with her!!!

  3. What blows my mind is how is she not fired yet by tvb. If i recall coffee lam was fired straight away after her bathroom tryst. Shirley yeung was blacklisted until the end of contract due to her scandal.There were a couple more actresses/models that got blacklisted/fired due to minor scandals forgot their names but point is Does Jacqueline wong have something on Virginia lok or is her influence on TVB really that big that they just gunna wait till this blows over&start casting her again. But i mean i never liked her always thought she was with kenneth ma for fame/position power in TVB.

    1. @anon1777
      Shirley Yeung didn’t get blacklisted. He appeared in a few shows then acted in one last series before her contract ended. Jacqueline won’t even get a few TV shows. Viewers will boycott her and companies won’t be as willing to purchase adverts at previous prices if she appears on screen again.

      1. @jimmyszeto she did get blacklisted she wasnt allowed to appear any tvb related shows for 2 years after her scandel + got her pay cut every year. She wasnt allowed to take part in a tvb drama until 2014 by the end of her contract years. She also never received vocal/public support from tvb during her scandal unlike Jacqueline whos received heavy support from tvb which i find shocking its like shes Virginia lok’s treasure or something

      2. @jimmyszeto if i recall virginia lok once said “artiste’s conduct and moral standard are very important to tvb’s image” + criticized coffee lam heavily for her “sex scandel actions/behaviour
        on how it destroyed tvb’s public image/interests” she said the same words during sire ma scandels mind you sire ma was suspended until her contract ended. i dont see how that should be any different in JW’s scandel unless tvb hasnt taken a public hit ?

    2. @anon1777 I have done no research, but maybe it’s because many old stars aren’t renewing their contracts and they don’t want to lose any more people, whether they are bad or good?
      I dunno lool just a thought 😉

    3. @anon1777 Not too much of a surprise actually, given how TVB operates. Technically, TVB doesn’t “fire” people, especially if the employee still has a long contract, since there would be legal and monetary ramifications involved with breaking off the contract early. Instead, they “freeze” the artist (put all their work on hold and take away any prospective job opportunities) – the most logical form of punishment in these instances – which essentially forces the artist to quit on their own (that’s the end goal at least), since their main source of income would be cut off (unless of course that artist came from a well-off background or has someone supporting them or has other means of income, then it wouldn’t matter). In Jacqueline’s instance – even if freezing her doesn’t force her to quit on her own and she eventually comes back, TVB can just give her small jobs or whatnot until her contract ends and then not renew her contract, after which she will be a free artist and no longer their problem.

      With all that said, TVB actually isn’t unique in this, as most companies don’t like to “fire” people unless they did something illegal or particularly egregious that they have no choice but to let them go…this is because of all the ramifications involved with firing someone (the monetary compensation as well as the legal ones, like lawsuits that the employee could bring on for unlawful termination for instance…plus it technically creates a lot of extra work and potential headache for the employer, since they need to make sure all their ducks are in a row in the event of a lawsuit and also opens them up to scrutiny, plus legal fees for hiring lawyers to work the case, all the documentation involved, the potential wasted time, etc.). The preferred method is to make the employee quit on their own because that’s the option with the least headache for the employer…though how the companies go about getting employees to quit is an entirely different story.

      1. @llwy12 hm you right perhaps maybe thats why tvb hasn’t acted the way they usually have in the past to their artists’ scandels. I’m not Advocating for her to be FIRED but I just found it weird that Virginia Lok has been constantly defending JW it really isn’t how VL runs tvb and it gave me a vibe that she favors JW or something but now after reading your comment i can at least see the reasoning with it. Good explanation cheers

  4. I also have no idea why kenneth ma has not broke up with her what man/woman will want to stay with someone whos clearly cheated on them multiple times. The same goes for sammi cheng i dont get it how can you ever look at them the same way do they have no shame/dignity? The way this is going it looks more and more likely tvb is going to bring Jacqueline wong back after this “scandal”dies down and spin it as an actress who “has regretted her actions and worked hard to leave behind her issues” even tho she has still refused to publicly apologize or show any attempt to actually make it look like she regrets her actions all shes doing is hiding away from the public but she couldnt even suceed in leaving the country without anyone knowing. I read somewhere that when she was caught in LA her face was so dark doesnt look like someone who thinks shes done wrong or “crying” “emotional unstable” lol

    1. @anon1777 I know right, especially when Jacqueline & Andy had been going on for 2 years while Kenneth and she had been dating for 2 years. So, wouldn’t that mean the day she started dating Kenneth, she had already started with Andy?

      I’m just trying to guess the possibilities:
      – Maybe Kenneth doesn’t want to add oil to the fire and even though Jacqueline has cheated on him, he thinks that announcing their breakup is just going to add more negativity and possibly break Jacqueline as a person? I mean right now, the entire HK is pretty much against her. It isn’t necessary to announce their breakup.
      – Maybe Kenneth needs time to wrap his head around this situation so he’s not going to make any rash decisions. He’s 45. There were news about marriage and possibly he’s wondering whether he can really overcome this and forgive her. Not that marriage is always a priority, but he’s getting old and family is probably an important aspect for him.
      – Maybe Kenneth just doesn’t want to be publicized because he’s afraid they are going to attack his mother with questions again and by staying quiet, the paparazzi can’t do much.

      Time will tell. 🙂

      1. @mi520 i dont know either but those possibilities do seem realistic especially the first one that saying i do think if kenneth ma stays with her in the end his image with the public won’t ever be the same people will look at him and remember him as the one who got “greenhatted” yet stayed with his partner. I honestly just want kenneth ma to be happy same goes for sammi cheng both really didn’t need to find out their significant other had a tryst but oh well time will tell like you said sigh..

  5. Why she running away from paparazzi she can’t face the reality? You manage to steal someone husband and eat in public but do not dare to say a word in person? She didn’t even apologize to Sammi, this is karma, totally deserve what she getting at the moment.

    Forever hiding and have the cheap or sl*t tag associated to her.

    1. @vodka yeah i don’t even hate her for cheating because its not my business. but her not even having the courage to face the media angers me, sooo irresponsible. she should be apologising in person and not posting some scripted apology on her IG where no one can even comment.
      i don’t really want to think whether she deserves this, but she made the decision to cheat so she has to accept the consequences.

  6. Man, all these social justice warriors on line are getting pretty annoying. Yes she cheated on Kenneth, and yes Andy is a Pos as well. But some people are acting like these guys are eating babies and murdering innocent people.

    Why the hell are some people so outraged on something that have nothing to do with them personally? To spam her sisters IG constantly with hate messages really just look juvenile and stupid. Whatever floats people’s boats I guess.

    1. @theyenman finally a mature comment. Like 100%.

      People leave the poor girl alone. Her future is pretty much screwed. Yes, what she did was wrong but enough criticizing.
      If you were in her shoes and people continue to criticize you how would you feel. Society would be much better if people would be less selfish and look at things in the other person’s point of view.

      1. @balorclub well if I was in her shoes i wouldn’t have cheated in the first place lol it doesn’t matter if shes a “celebrity” or not everyone will get flaked on if they cheat and then try to wave it off as being “drunk”. I don’t feel any bit sorry for her but i see what you on about. thing is the majority of people that are in rage over this is cuz 1. she STILL hasn’t truly apologized in a sincere way like at least try to make it sound sincere jeez 2. She pulled a home wrecker move its obvious to everyone shes been at it with andy hui way before they got exposed 3. She chose to hide instead of putting a brave face & face the public 4. Shes outted herself as a “fake from head to toe type of gold digger and hasnt at least potrayed herself as “regretful” limiting her social media comments/deleting+blocking people/trying to be slick and leave the country is NOT the right moves if you want the public to lay off you. Im sure shes also truly feeling sorry because if she really felt sorry she wouldn’t have slid into a married man ( and not the first one from what it seems like) DMs and had a tryst with them behind their wife’s back. Thats pretty much why the public is up in arms against her of course she isn’t the first and wont be the last celeb to “cheat” but “cheating” is/will always turn the public against you.

      2. @anon1777 what she did was wrong no doubt about it. But as artists, they have people to help with their image and her PR team (maybe TVB) sucks bigtime unlike Andy’s who has big name Paco to do damage control.

        We all say we will not do what she did if we were in her shoes. But think about her point of view now and she and everyone else are trying to move on, instead of complaining that we are owed an apology because she is a public person. If so, Trump needs to apologize for alot of things. There are better things to do than keep trashing her and living life following the entertainment industry which most of the time is darker than you think, not all glitz and glamour.

      3. @anon1777 I wonder if people is this outraged when they find out one of their co-worker cheated? Not with their own spouse, just a random co-worker cheated with a random person who they barely know. Do they also go around and spam the relatives’s account of the cheater person? Lol. I think they are only this outraged because they can hide behind a screen

      4. @littlefish Twice Ive known people as the 3rd party in my life. One was a colleague, and I honestly didnt even express disapproval because, no skin off my nose and expressing disapproval publically about her personal life does me no favours to keep working with her.
        Next was my friend, who I did encourage not to keep going if the marriage wasnt likely to end. But it wasnt anger or disgust I felt. I think the only time Id feel true anger at cheating would be if it happened to myself or family.

        I dont understand the relentless online abuse at the family members like her sister. They really have nothing better to do.


      I’m so sick of people trashing JW like crazy (we all pretty much know her career is halting for quite a bit after this) but then..what about AH? It takes two people to screw up and the amount of hate she is getting is faaar worse than he us. Plus he’s had a track record of issues with SC before.. so where’s his hate?

      I don’t condone what JW and AH did at all, I think it’s wrong and theres definitely consequences to the entire scandal. However, that being said, I don’t think JW or her freakin FAMILY deserve the amount of hate they’re getting. Death threats??? well if it was me i’d sure as hell fly away asap.

  7. she is gone case, like Hugo Wong. her relationship with Kenneth Ma is also gone…Kenneth deserves better.

  8. @balorclub
    1) Are you Jacqueline’s fan or friend or sister or even herself?
    2) Why is she a poor girl? Criticizing online is not enough because she might not choose to read everything about her negative comments online. This is not a punishment. Wait until she really actually faces everyone and let her face the reality. She has been hiding like a coward thinking the most regretful thing she does recently is doing something affecting her career. She feels no sympathy for Sammi, then of course she won’t suddenly feel this since she has zero morality.
    3) Instead of defending Jacqueline
    Wong, why don’t you tell Jacqueline to be less selfish and look at things in the other person’s point of view instead of bringing multiple men home while betraying Sammi, Kenneth, and maybe more?
    4) Did you view the video how she kisses Andy Hui and touches his whatever many times? If you did and still defended her, I think you are similar to her and think it’s okay to be be a third party. Criticism is never enough if punishment is not enough. Nope, I don’t think hiding or even studying a short course abroad is enough for a punishment.
    4) That Flow guy very likely has a conspiracy with her so I don’t feel any regretfulness from her. True, they might be buddies, did I forget to say “sleep”?

    1. @rainbow28 I am not a fan nor a hater of Jacqueline. But looks like you are a fan of the Sammi or Kenneth that got butt-hurt cuz your idol was victimized.

      Wow, her not reading these comments is not punishment but this is still public condemnation? What do you want her to do, bow down in front of you. If you watch Ma-Ming’s interview you would know that he said she wanted to come out and say something but TVB didn’t want her too.

      Read the comments from @theyenman @purplerain and @kokomo, these are mature comments and how normal people should be dealing with this, rather than criticising entertainment people from behind a keyboard.

      1. @balorclub
        We have the freedom to write what we want online and the celebrities have the freedom to read what we write online if they wish. There are many who directly send hostile comments directly to the celebrities on twitter, Weibo etr. I don’t see the problem of us expressing our opinions on a website..

      2. @sun5shine4eve6 sorry how could i have missed this comment because I was reading sensible comments. Also I did not say you are immature.

        As some posters said it is freedom of speech to express his/her opinion on a website. If you are able to dish the heat, you should be able take the heat too. Fair game.

  9. Hopefully her career will not be revived after her “studies”. Appears that TVB is not giving up on her for now, this is just so unbelievable.

    1. @bearbear
      I think her course in U.S. is about 3 months so short? I don’t want to see her after a few months. She wants to be Fala Chen #2? Her image is bad and her achievement is no where near Fala. She is so cheap and her image is so bad that she doesn’t mind to be a homewrecker as long as she can steal that older man from that Music Pop Queen.

      1. @rainbow28
        People should stop comparing Fala and Jacqueline. Fala’s acting course was a prestigious course which has strict entry requirements and took a few years to complete. It is similar to a additional degree. While Jacqueline’s course is one that you, me or the guy next door can enter. Hong Kong artistes fly over for these courses all the time.

  10. @theyenman **clap clap clap** the only mature comment on here with their head on straight.

    I’ve been a silent reader for years but some of these comments are too ridiculous. Some of y’all are defending your actions and thats soo funny lol.. ‘We can bully her and leave these malicious comments to get through to her just in case she doesn’t learn from her mistakes or see the other comments.’ Lol wtf

    All joking aside, I’m a woman and I know women. Some women will tear any other woman to shreds if given the chance. Jacqueline is one of them but thank God She’s been caught! But there are also a few of those women on here.

    Who cares if she’s a celebrity or an “influencer”? If you’re that easily influenced by a celebrity then you seriously need a reality check. Granted what she did was absolutely horrible and I honestly feel for Sammi. But at the end of the day, you reap what you sow. Let her past eat her up. And if its not, shes just not there yet. Move on and stop defending your persecuting ways. Us silent readers are too embarrassed for you!

    1. @purplerain Totally agree. For all the people to feel the need to continually harp on her and Andy, and flooding her family’s social media with hate messages is way over the top.

      And before some of you start criticizing me for defending two cheaters, I’m not. I’m just calling you guys out on your internet bullying. It’s really no different than kids who bully other kids on the internet.

      If you eventually drive the girl to depression or harming herself, I wonder how many of you who contributed to it will feel any remorse. Oh, but of course you won’t, because you would have justified your bullying by saying the parties involved should not have cheated in the first place, and that because they’re celebrities, they should expect to take the heat for doing anything wrong. Fair enough, I get that that comes with the territory.

      But some of the comments, even on here are just way over the top and dramatic. I hope you guys don’t teach your kids to treat other kids who’ve made mistakes the same way.

    2. @purplerain @theyenman – I totally agree with you two. I’ve read many of the comments about Jacqueline and Andy, but this is the first time I have commented. I agree with you that a lot of the comments are way over the top. I don’t understand why people get so upset over celebrities they do not know personally. Yes, they are public figures and all, but so what? Their lives does not affect you or most likely anyone you know personally. And just because they are celebrities, it does not give the people the right to cyber bully them. Sure, what Jacqueline and Andy did was horrific and deserve criticism, but if it continues over and over again, then that becomes bullying. Both Andy and Jacqueline have apologized, and we hope they have really learned their lesson. Sammi has forgiven, and Kenneth has said to move on and let this issue passed. If the 2 people who are most affected by this scandal can move on, why can’t everyone else. Just leave them be and everyone should just move on with their lives. Doesn’t everyone have more important and productive things to do than to constantly comment on this issue on a daily basis? Are the lives of celebrities that important?

      1. @hmmmm trying but it is hard when in society now there are so many people that only focus on little things like the lives of celebrities. There is much more important stuff to worry about closer to everyone’s life like focusing on your own family rather than a 3rd or 4th string Hong Kong actress.

        The sensible posters are not focused on the scandal anymore but how society has a “kick them while they are down” and/or a “me-first” mentality. People are saying that they are owed an apology from celebrities. We are owed nothing even if they are public figures as they are human and makes mistakes just like everyone of us.

        It is just when celebrities make mistakes, the media magnifies it beyond control. Yes, we can enjoy the entertainment news and that’s why we are here but hate against her is so venomous. If people don’t like her then don’t focus on her.

        I hope TVB can play her halted shows not because they want to promote JW but rather to promote the hard work of everyone else involved.

  11. Different people have different points of view and different feelings towards anything. I think it is quite all right for us to voice our views and feelings towards Jacqueline’s scandal, either good or bad. She is a public figure. The money that a public figure makes has included the consequences that she should take from the public.

    I don’t see anything wrong for people here to make good or bad comments towards Jacqueline Wong’s scandal. If she does not want to have any criticisms, she should not have committed the scandal in the public (in a taxi).

    1. @orchid123 So based on your logic, it is okay to bully celebrities and public figure because they are paid for it? I don’t think anyone’s pay covers the effects and consequences of being cyber bullied. So if your logic is true, then you are saying it is okay for your co-workers to bully you at work because you’re paid for it. That is the most stupid logic I have ever heard of and if you think that then you are no better than the Jacqueline or Andy. Bullying in any form is not okay and is a serious matter. No one, unless you are a murderer or something like that, deserves to be bullied. I know people who have been bullied, and the effects such as depression, suicidal thoughts, mental health issues, are real. I can’t believe what this world has come to for people to justify that bullying is okay because they are public figures.

      In my opinion, this scandal should be put to rest. Jacqueline and Andy already had their reputation and career destroyed. This is already their biggest punishments as celebrities. What else do people want from this? Very immature people I see around here.

      1. @kokomo
        You are funny. Our colleagues are not paid to be bullied by us or other colleagues. All workers are paid to do work for the employer, not for the colleagues. If our colleagues have committed some serious scandals in the office, there will surely be lots of bad gossips.

        Do you know a Chinese saying “you need to be able to survive from thirst if you want to eat salty fish”?. My comments were based on this saying only.

        A website is a public forum for people to submit comments whether they are good or bad. Everyone is entitled to give his/her own. You are also welcome to object to other people’s comments. No one said that you can’t. There is no need to attack others. Those readers were just voicing their own comments/feelings towards the public figure (Jacqueline Wong) who did an ugly scandal in the public (taxi). We were not bullying Jacqueline Wong. She must be so happy that she had supporters like you for her behaviour.

      2. @orchid123 – First of all, to be very clear, I am not supporting or not supporting anyone here. I’m not even a Jacqueline fan. If anything, I am a Sammi fan since I’ve listened and loved her music since her debut.

        I really don’t care so much about the scandal. Like I mention before, it does not interfere with my life one bit, and I don’t let celebrities’ lives dictate my life. Sure, it shocked me at first but after a couple of days life goes on.

        But what I don’t like to see is people bullying other people, and yes, many are bullying. Bullies never see themselves as bullies, and that’s why they do what they do. They always have a justification to do so. Just like murderers don’t see themselves as murderers too. You are allowed to criticize, but if you do it over and over and over again with the purpose of wanting to intimidate and be hurtful to someone, then yes, you are bullying, no matter how you twist it.

        Yes, I do know the Chinese saying you are referring to. And JW and AH, especially JW, are already as thirsty as they can be right now. So what else does everyone want her to do? Should she go kill herself to satisfy everyone? Give me a break.

      3. @kokomo
        In what way did I bully Jacqueline Wong? Did I send her threatening letters, emails, or Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp messages. You are really ridiculous in your comment “That is the most stupid logic I have ever heard of and if you think that then you are no better than the Jacqueline or Andy.” You are now attacking me in your comments.

      4. @orchid123
        Totally agree with Orchid. In what way did we bully Jacqueline? We can’t voice our opinions here with negative comments? This is not a Celebrity fans and supporters only page.
        Those people who defended Jacqueline are so emotional and sensitive and they said we are emotional. They need to see the real world. Justin Trudeau was criticized by many netizens in CBC comments and other media comments. If they think criticizing or name-calling Turudeau is bullying, why don’t all these Jacqueline defenders (who said they are not Jacqueline’s fans) go to other sites to yell at Trudeau haters for bullying Trudeau? Go tell them to stop bullying Trudeau by posting negative comments about Trudeau if you dislike bullying.

      5. @rainbow28 The difference with Trudeau is that he does actually have a public responsibility to carry out the best course of action for citizens. He does represent the country, and as a politician is serving the needs of the public. On the other hand Jacqueline is a public figure but she really does not have any duty to live her personal life under any one elses terms. As much as people may say public figures need to all be holier than thou, they are simply paid entertainers. Trudeau, as a politician has signed up to deliver an expected remit, so will be judged if that is not met. The two are completely different things.

      6. @tankii
        Well done for opening another account to cause trouble! Isn’t it a coincidence the members who have jumped ‘Jacqueline does not deserve hate’ bandwagon are newly signed up members…

      7. @jimmyszeto Actually I’ve been a silent reader until now. I usually read these entertainment news for my 10 minutes of mindless relaxation after a long day. I registered for the first time to provide comments as I thought some of the comments on this topic are really going too far.

      8. @jimmyszeto It’s heartening to know there are other likeminded people out there. The issue has obviously touched some nerves if other usually passive readers are taking the time to register to comment.

      9. @jimmyszeto
        There seem to be more than 3-4 silent readers suddenly opening accounts to defend Jacqueline. Probably about 7 or more. The funny thing is they all deny that they are supporters of Jacqueline. I wonder where all her fans go if they deny they’re her fans. I don’t care what they claim they are as you can see how they react so emotionally.

      10. @kokomo
        Since you mentioned about suicidal thoughts, are you assuming Jacqueline would suicide? Sammi has a history of depression. You care so much about Jacqueline but not Sammi, I feel that you are biased even if you deny that you are a fan or friend or sister or ex or sleeping mate of Jacqueline Wong. Whatever you claim then. Who cares?

      11. @rainbow28 Sammi has forgiven Andy which means she has found her peace. Jacqueline is most at risk with the public confrontation she is receiving. Not everyone will self harm though no matter the circumstance, so hopefully no one will end up in this situation due to a fleeting affair.

      12. @megamiaow
        I think Sammi announced that she has forgiven Andy to try to lessen the damage to Andy’s career. I heard she already moved out of their love nest after this incident. Even if she didn’t, it doesn’t mean she is okay with Andy dating / sleeping with Jacqueline and /or other girls for 2 years. Would you mind if your husband / wife does this to you? I don’t think Sammi actually found peace here. She may deal with it after her concert.

      13. @rainbow28 Of course *I* wouldnt, but its her that claims she has. Obviously, I would totally agree with Sammi if she decides to backtrack on her words. But that is speculation at this point.

    2. @orchid123 i agree with you, especially because this isn’t jac’s personal ig or her own page. i think its not about the money in her job, but just that people should understand that artistes chose to step into the industry where they will get criticised for their actions. so if they mess up like how jacqueline did, there really is no excuse. all they should wish for is that it will all be over soon and people forget it.

  12. It was good to finally see some sensible comments here. Whilst it may seem reasonable to comment on agreement or disagreement on action of a public figure some of the comments on the 2 people involved in this scandal are quite nasty and black hearted. At best it’s a self indulgent waste of time. At worst it’s tantamount to cyber bullying which has the potential to have even worse consequences that the original cheating scandal. Don’t live vicariously through the lives of celebrities. Live your own life! If people have excess time and energy spend more time with your loved ones, exercise more, support a worthwhile charity, volunteer for your community! If you are not KM, it doesn’t matter what you think he should do or feel. That’s his issue, not yours.

    1. @tankii Thank you. Only sensible people like a few of us here will understand and don’t get their heads all wrapped up in this.

      1. @kokomo
        There are all kinds of people on earth and you just have to accept all of them.

        That is the whole point of Jayne having this JayneStar website for her readers to voice their comments, whether they are good or bad. Otherwise, Jayne would have let only good and supportive comments posted on every topic.

  13. hahah funny she thinks she’s going to be able to act again (not sooner or later at least) and is already training in an acting class. i really don’t think people want to see her in tvb dramas anymore, let alone going to hollywood. and tbh, i really don’t think she’s good enough for hollywood as she is not even a fan favourite in tvb. even before this scandal, saw many hk people saying her acting is not good (average at the most).

    1. @emiliachan then people let her disappear and ignore her. don’t focus on her at all. People still talking about her is making her still relevant.

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