How Kevin Cheng Won Over Grace Chan’s Mother

Due to their 22-year age gap, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kevin Cheng‘s (鄭嘉穎) initial relationship was doubted to last. The actress’ mother, Connie, recalled how she was also uncomfortable with Grace’s relationship with Kevin at first, but she eventually changed her mind after getting to know him better.

Initially Did Not Accept Kevin

Appearing as a guest on RTHK radio program Hong Kong Footpath <舊日的足跡>, Connie admitted she did not accept Grace and Kevin’s initial relationship. “It’s true. One, I don’t know him. Two, I heard he is flirtatious. Three, their age gap was a factor. I was worried that he was just playing around, but I couldn’t cut off [relationship]. At the end of the day, everyone was an adult,” Connie said.

Unable to face their growing closeness, Connie did not dare to meet Kevin. However, through prayers, Connie was able to find a new perspective, “I value marriage. Work and friendship can change, but marriage has to be serious.”

When Connie finally met Kevin for the first time, her opinions changed, “The first time I met Kevin, he was very passionate and polite. Honestly, he was a really good man and deserved my respect. We communicated as adults and inside my heart, I knew that I should no feel he would take my daughter away.”

High Praises for Kevin

Connie gave her blessings when Grace and Kevin got married after dating for three years. The family gets along well and feel comfortable with each other. When Connie calls, Kevin would always immediately pick up.

Connie gave her son-in-law a score of 101, “After marriage, I got to know him better. He really values his family to the point that I told him to relax a little. He often worries if his sons have enough money when they grow up, and asks if his wife is living comfortably. I told him that [Grace] is living well, but he thinks it could be better. He would tell Grace to not save money and to spend it if she has to. He would sometimes surprise Grace with a handbag and say, ‘I don’t know how to thank you. I really love you.’”

Full of praises towards her son-in-law, Connie added, “Kevin treats his mother, his family, and workers very well. He is very considerate and very attentive. He is like a red wine. On your first sip, you won’t get the red wine’s flavor if it is not aerated. As the wine gets aerated, the flavor will change and it gets better and better. He is absolutely the best.”

How Grace Gets Along With Her Siblings

In the interview, Connie also shared childhood stories of Grace and her two siblings. Aside from her twin brother Derek, Grace also has an elder sister named Joyce. The sisters have very different personalities–Joyce was active and sportive, while Grace was girly. When Grace was 4 years old, she would rather stay home than go to Ocean Park if she could not wear her favorite dress.

Due to Grace and Derek’s prominent facial features, many mistaken the twins for having mixed heritage. Connie addressed the rumors, “When Grace and Derek were born, they looked as pale as her sister. By the time they turned 14 or 15 years old, Grace’s eyes got bigger and Derek got more hairy. Maybe it’s because my mother is Malaysian. They also like to spend time outdoors…or maybe Canadian food has a lot of hormones.”

Although Grace looks exotic, Connie shared that Joyce did not feel inferior when she was compared to Grace’s beautiful looks. As a proof of the sisters’ strong relationship, Joyce would answer firmly whenever comparisons crop up. Joyce would say, “She is my sister. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Other people can’t use our looks to divide us, or I will stop the conversation.’”

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  1. What about Grace dad? Did he accept Kevin when they first started to date? I didn’t know Grace has an elder sister I thought it’s just her and her twins brother I wonder if her elder sister looks like India too? I still think grace and her twins brother are adopted especially her brother had nothing looks like Chinese but India looks.

  2. @cutie777, Grace’s mother can dispel some rumors by posting some photos of her pregnant with Grace and Derek or Grace and Derek’s newborn baby photos.

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